12 Article Marketing Tips And Tricks That Will Help Your Article Marketing For Instant Surefire Results

                                                                                       Article Marketing Tips 

Article Marketing Tips And Tricks That Will Help Your Article Marketing


By the time you’re through this article marketing tips, you will know why do people fail to appreciate the power of article marketing when every day there are online evidence of others who are making millions of dollars because of their mastery of article marketing?

Writing articles isn’t as hard as you may think if you understand the rules of writing articles, you have a word processing software that includes a spell checker.

For instance there are web pages belonging to internet marketers that receive millions of visitors every single month.  Their sites contain articles that attract great interest from viewers.

These tips to article marketing can help open your eyes to the amazing possibilities.

Reasons why some people doubt the power of article marketing

What usually happens to those who doubt the power of article marketing is that they go into it without the necessary knowledge. Many at times, they generate low quality articles quickly for their campaign. Low quality article marketing requires a lot of such articles for make any impact with search engines as audience would immediately click away from such pages. When they post these many articles in numerous article directories and fail to see the kind of response they are looking for they  give up and assume article marketing as a viable and valuable tool for online marketing is a farce or too daunting a task.

Don’t get stressed up on the topic you want to write on. l Look at your product to service you want to sell from a customer’s point of view.  Visit forums where your customers participate and find out the questions they are asking. Base your articles on answering those questions.


8. Partnership with the publisher

Every publisher has a goal. To achieve that goal, he or she wants to provide the readers with qaulity useful information not a sales letter. Every publisher wants loyal and repeated visitors since the readers are the life wire of his or her traffic. Give him what he looking for in your articles, you get your articles published more often. See yourself as a partner. It’s a win-win affair.

Once the article is written, you should distribute it to as many article directories as you can find. You can also send the article to Ezine publishers in your niche to consider for publication.

If you write a press release instead of an article, submit it to http://www.prweb.com as many article directories may reject it with the exception of a few.


9. Active Links

Before submiting your articles for publication check that all links within it are active and working. An inactive link is useless, irritating and frustrating to the readers. They will click away fast from your article page.


10. Sentences and Paragraphs

Make your sentences relatively short and relevant to the title of your article. If a sentence is becoming too long, split it into two. Make your sentences simple to understand by every reader.

Each paragraph of your article should treat not more than a point. Make each of  your paragraphs flow into the next ones. This implies your articles should be in steps.

Use the last paragraph to summarize the points in your article.


11. Spell Checking

Proof read your articles before submission. Read through several times to pick out any error missed out the first time. Make it a habit to run your article through spell checker, unless you are absolutely sure there are no errors. If you don’t have a spell checker program installed in your computer you can access free online checkers at





12. Stay Focused On Your Topic

Stay focused. Make sure your article stays on track if you find yourself writing away from what you originally intended your article to be about make a note about the new article idea you have accidentally found and get back on track with your original plan

13. Write naturally As If You’re speaking to a Friend

Write as if you are talking to a close friend. Don’t use words that your audience may have to look up in the dictionary. It is always better to use your everyday language and let your personality reflect through your articles.

This would help you to build a relationship with your readers

14. Keep the Check list handy

Keep this list handy and follow the tips when you are writing your articles. You would be surprised how fast your articles spread all over the net giving you thousands of one way backlinks free.

These article marketing tips if applied, would endear your articles to publishers. That means more exposure for you and your website without any further efforts from you. Some publishers would even regularly search for your articles to publish on their websites. More free one-way backlinks to your site on the internet, giving you free exposure and traffic from their directories, other sites and search engines.


15. Do not rush to submit your articles immediately you finish writing. Leave it handy and come back to it later. Read it over and make sure that you have written exactly the message you wanted to pass across to your readers. You can also have someone else read it ask for constructive criticism and really pay attention to the comments of your test reader.

Article Marketing Tips Summary

You will find 300+ Article Submission Websites List   you can submit your articles to online. Writing articles yourself can be time consuming and a frustrating task. There is article writing software that can be used to increase creating your articles in only minutes and then edit to any quality. These gives you more time overall to concentrate your efforts on other marketing tasks. One example of this type of software is Instant Article Wizard. You can get more information on the software with a Honest Review Of Instant Article Wizard 


To Your Success,

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