Instant Article Wizard Review


Instant Article Wizard Review Overview

Name: Instant Article Wizard
Price: $37, $47
Owners: John Leger
Overall Rank: 89 out of 100
Who it’s for: Bloggers, Webmasters, Internet Marketers.


Introduction To Instant Article Wizard Review

Welcome to my unbiased Instant Article Wizard Review. Instant Article Wizard  is one of Jonathan Leger premium products.  It is designed to enable you create high-quality articles on virtually any subject within a short time.  . It can help you write your content or articles faster than you ever imagined.

Jonathan Leger Instant Article Wizard 3.21  is a content research tool and a writing automation tool, all in one package that helps you to write quality articles very quickly, even if you don’t know anything about the subject you are writing about. It has made researching niches and coming up with content for such niches or article marketing campaigns a lot easier than ever. In fact,  It can actually make you look like an expert in whatever niche you are researching for content.  You can easily create articles from those research results. It is one of the best article writing software.



Instant Article Wizard will enable you to create multiple niche websites and give you a way to continually post new content to them. You can create as many articles as you want in a short time and submit to your websites, web 2.0 sites and article submission sites in order to generate as many backlinks a you want to your websites. .

Your various articles online would brand you as an expert in your niche, even if you know next to nothing on the subject.  You can also use Instant Article Wizard to start your own work from home business writing articles as a freelancer. It supports writing articles in English, as well as other six languages.
Instant article wizard is an extremely efficient and versatile content writing software that can help you generate articles fast if you know how to.  Compared with outsourcing article writing. it is cheaper and often a more effective alternative for producing your articles since you are in total control of the quality of content you produce.

Instant article wizard will take the keyword phrase you provide and uncover various keyword phrases that can serve as relevant subtopics to that niche.  It’ll then pull back topics and paragraphs relevant to those keywords.  It is one of the best ways to produce premium quality content for your website.

With Instant article wizard you can easily increase your content output with ease and fast.  This means more quality articles for your website within a very short period. Search engines love websites with fresh updating content. They will reward you for your fresh content. This means you can rank organically for many keywords phrases and make money faster in less time.


Instant Article Wizard Review Pros & Cons


Simple And Clean User Interface

The user interface is so simple which makes it very easy to use even for a beginner. When you open the software you will see a clean user interface that is very easy to navigate and use.
There are three different ways you can follow to create articles with Instant Article Wizard.
1.    Copying your content from hundreds of summarized research results
2.    Allowing Instant Article Wizard to auto generate your content from the researched keyword phrases
3.    Picking sentences from over one thousand extracted sentences based on your keyword research.
Whichever method or combination you use, your article writing would still be a lot faster than writing without the software.


A Time Saver

Instant Article Wizard is an easy-to-use and a time saving article writing tool. Version  3  of Instant Article Wizard saves you so much time in putting your articles together, checking for plagiarism and posting the content to your blog

It substantially reduces the time it takes you to research your content online and write articles on most topics. With Instant Article Wizard you can  write articles on topics you don’t even know anything about. It can pulls content from eleven different sources.All you need to do is just to pick what is most relevant from the research

Instant Article Wizard Review


Researching Content

Instant Article Wizard   is an easy-to-use software application that substantially cuts down the time it takes you to research and write articles on any topic. You can now even write articles on topics you know nothing about as the software pulls together all the research and you just pick out what you want to use. The user interface is also very easy to use and Jonathan Leger provides easy to follow video tutorials that walk you through each step and how to use each feature.

Using the IAW helps in researching for quality content within a short time, breaking down the steps into easy to follow sections. The data is saved for the every keyword research and can be retrieved if there is any need of repetitive niche writing.

Instant Article Wizard  can actually make you appear as an expert with the content you produce in any niche. It helps you to create articles from your research results. This is why you don’t even need any prior knowledge of the topic you are researching when you are using Instant Article Wizard, although this gives you an edge and advantage.


It Creates Content Fast

Instant Article Wizard  creates content fast. You can then simply go through the researched  content, make as many changes as you want.


Research From 11 Different Sources

Instant Article Wizard  3.21 is now able to access multiple index sources for gathering your  research At the time of writing, it presently supports researching Google, Bing, ArticleBase, Google Tips, Google PDF,  Google  Docs, Google Blog Search, Google Articles Reviews, Google Scholar, Google News Archives and Google US Gov index.

This feature alone can significantly increase your research to a much wider scope, particularly when you need information from authoritative references.  IAW gives you the capability to research in Google’s Government index and Google scholar index which are authoritative.


Unlimited Content Without Breaking The Bank

I can easily create unlimited articles in a short time and refine them until they are unique. This alone allows me more time to do other things and scale up things for more profits.

The advantage is that you can create keyword rich content that would be readable for your visitors and also optimize your articles at the same time for search engines.

If you are a blogger or a person who writes articles for others (freelancing), IAW can be extremely useful for you.  Instant Article Wizard gathers content from so many sources. Since new content are being published  online every day, Instant Article Wizard can retrieve it almost as soon as it is indexed. That means you can do a search for the same topic within a few days and still find new information that are totally different for the same topic or keyword phrase you are researching., The synonyms tool allows you to generate multiple, unique versions of each article you create.


You Are In Control Of Your Article Output

This software gives you several ways to generate and modify the content you are creating according to  your personal need and preference.

It can be very useful when you are researching a subject or a product that you don’t even have much information on or knowledge about. You can research from various sources online and get pieces together that would give you all the information you need.

You can then select any sentence(s) or paragraph(s) that helps you to create your article. If you are interested in getting more information from a particular extract paragraph, you can see the source of the extracted content and then click  through to read or get more ideas from that source


Unique Content:

Instant Article Wizard 3.21 is designed to allow you to compose unique articles on any subject within a  short time.
It also has a built in CopyScape feature that allows you to check for the uniqueness of your article and make any necessary adjustments if it is showing you any duplicate content within the article you are creating. This is a very important handy feature on the interface.

It has a number of powerful features which include spell check, Copyscape check, synonymns tab powered by the Best Spinner, sentence reorder tab to help you produce a unique content or article that can pass copyscape verification  when you finish. It has the capability to automatically research the internet and bring results from Google, Bing, Artclebase directory, and eight other sources for you and show you any sentences that are duplicated on another site

With Instant Article Wizard, you can produce variety of unique articles on exactly the same topic. That alone would enable you to post to as many blogs as you want, publish to article directories as often as you want on any subject you want. The would give you the opportunity to post many content online. You will have many unique pages indexed by the search engines all over the internet  with numerous backlinks to your websites.


Quality Of Articles Produced

Is Instant Article Wizard A Scam? Definitely Not!

The benefits of IAW 3.21 software are such that  you can create several unique articles quickly and easily if you can follow the tutorial. The quality of the articles are top-notch due to the level of control the software allows you to exercise over the article creation process.


Different Languages

One of the powerful features of instant Article Wizard is the ability to write in different languages. This is helpful to those who write in languages other than English. You can also write your content in Spanish or Portuguese.

I personally like the opportunity to write in different languages, as I also want to cater for the Portuguese and Spanish communities in the nearest future.


Content Grouping:

Instant Article Wizard Associates, Arranges and Groups Related Keyword Together
Another powerful feature of Instant Article Wizard is that it was created with the capability to group together closely related content. It was created with a complex algorithm that extracts closely related content of research from hundreds of online indexed pages depending on keywords phrase you entered.. This research is grouped and arranged putting associated research together. This makes composing your articles much, faster and simpler than trying to do the research from scratch.
It does this also for each of the  subtopics.


Guiding Against Plagiarism

Instant Article Wizard has a built in CopyScape feature which allows you to check your created content for uniqueness and then make any necessary changes with the built-in synonyms where duplicate content are found. This is an excellent feature in the software.



It’s one of the best software to create many articles in less time. The best option is that you can create keyword rich content and  then optimize your site for search engines. I think that Instant Article Wizard is worth 47$ and it comes with 8 weeks money back guarantee. Buy Instant Article Wizard



Non Recognition Of Some Keyword Phrases.

From my own experience, Instant Article Wizard returns no results when researching some keyword phrases, which I believe is a minus for the powerful article writing software .

Even where such keyword phrases produce some results, one cannot use auto content creation feature in such instances.


Online Chat  

The online chat is very poor. Most of the time, the online chat is offline. This is a minus for the support of the software


Annual Subscription

Unlike some other tools that you pay for once and for all, Instant Article Wizard has a yearly price tag of  $47 as your purchased price depending on how you arrive on their order page or instant article wizard discount offer for $37


Duplicate Content

You have to check created content for to avoid penalty of duplicate content on your website or plagiarism penalty from article directories if you don’t want rejection of your articles when submitting to article directories.


Built In Copyscape Feature

This is not free as you will need to subscribe to CopyScape to make use of this feature.


Instant Article Wizard Download & Video Tutorial

Though the demo is explanatory enough to walk you through most of the features of Instant Article Wizard, the video tutorial for the software is not provided on the download page after purchase. Though, I was able to locate it through the private forum.


Who is Instant Article Wizard For?

Pains/Challenges Of Bloggers And Website Owners

Article writing is one of the most herculean tasks for webmasters yet essential not only to keep fresh content on your website but also to advertise your website all over the internet . A lot lot of website owners or webmasters don’t bother to regularly publish new content on their websites as it is regarded as too time consuming and a pain in the neck. But Instant Article Wizard is a great way to overcome this challenge. The extra traffic generated through your articles will also on the long run more than pay for the cost of the software.

Creating content regularly and publishing them is vital for the survival of every blogger, internet marketer, freelance content writer, article writers, website content writer, website content writing services, article writing services, freelance article writer, seo article writing services, seo article writer, those writing web articles, article writing companies or any one with website(s) online. Content is the lifeblood of search engines, social networks and in general of the internet. Content is the queen while quality unique content is the king if you are ever going to make any profit online, or trying to make money from affiliate marketing.

However, creating quality content or articles regularly is one of the most difficult challenges that most marketers face unless you have enough money to outsource to expensive writers. It could be very difficult and time consuming unless there is a proper system put in place to generate content regularly. This problem makes many marketers to either give up on article writing or outsource content creation where they can afford to pay good writers.

One of the fastest ways to move your website up the search engine rankings to top of the first page is to write unique articles regularly and post them all over the internet with backlinks to your website.

I have a few websites to maintain. This means I have to write different articles regularly for my different sites. In the past,  I could be struggling for days online to come up with ideas for my articles and since I had always wanted to create a quality content. After purchasing Instant Article Wizard, I can easily generate enough content for my articles in less than 10 to 15 minutes and then create a quality article in less than 30 to 60  minutes.

I am able to create articles easily without any writer’s block with this software. Instant Article Wizard is also helping me to get more targeted traffic to my websites which increases with every additional article I publish.


 Training  & Tools 


Video Tutorial

There is demo which is explanatory enough to walk you through most of the features of Instant Article Wizard. There is also video tutorial for the software provided through the private forum.



There is an online chat for those who need urgent attention. There is also a support desk to take care of various problem. There is also a forum of users who help each other online. ‘


Instant Article Wizard Review: The Price

There is a yearly payment of $47. To use the copyscape tool in the software, the user would need to subscribe for their service.


My Final Opinion on Instant Article Wizard Review

Review Summary

Instant Article Wizard is an article writing software that provides you with an extended capability and very powerful features that would increase your content output.

I bought this software a few months ago and I have no regrets. I produce more premium quality content faster now and even free of cost of outsorcing at times. I can quickly remove, add or change the content the way I want it to suit my own style of writing There is hardly any other faster and better way to produce articles faster. It is worth the price.


Summarized Overview

Name: Instant Article Wizard 3
Sales Page URL:
Owner: John Leger
My Overall Ranking:  89 out of 100
Read Real Testimonials:


Final Note

I have been using Instant Article Wizard for quite a while now. I would want to say it  is an incredible time saver when it comes to researching content for your articles and putting it together. This software really makes research incredibly easy. Just by typing in your keyword it retrieves so much research information you can use to write even more than one article on any subject from one research. You can can help you to write quality articles quickly using it if you follow the tutorial or demo even if you have no prior knowledge of the subject you are researching and writing about.

I give Instant Article Wizard thumb up if you want to save money on outsourcing, or time on writing articles yourself  and you are proficient enough to edit the generated content to make it unique. This is the solution for you if you want to save time or money on outsourcing.

There is one of the best ways to produce articles faster. In addition, it is worth every cent spent on the purchase when you consider the pains of writer’s block or the time alone that you will save using the software

I therefore recommend that you try this product, it is worth the price. Download Instant Article Wizard


If you need any help or further information in connection with anything I have discussed here, please feel free to leave a comment below or you can still also get in touch with me through my profile at Wealthy Affiliate.


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