Jon Leger Instant Article Wizard Review. Write High-Quality Unique Content From Scratch, Fast Even If You Know Nothing About The Subject

We all know writing a blog article is too time consuming and could be difficult. Writing articles regularly most often is daunting to achieve. You still need to research your topic very well from various sources to get a valuable content for your readers.  Researching all details of an article and including important aspects of a subject you may want to write about could be a pain in the neck at times.

An alternative approach is to outsource. Outsourcing content creation has its own setback. It can become very expensive especially for a person just starting out his or her work from home internet business and want to start the business website on a shoe string budget.

Some articles received may be poorly written and have to be rejected, or even when accepted may have to be corrected or even re-written most of the time to make them unique and to add personal flavor.


An easy way out is to use a content creation tool Most of the content writing tools out there are not worth it and can’t even do what the Instant Article Wizard can do. This awesome tool helps you write articles on any subject in just minutes! It is definitely a tool that’s worth taking a closer look at if you want to write articles fast!  Instant Article Writing Wizard is an effective article writing tool, especially if you want to create a unique article from various different sources then re-spin it.
The ease of use is better than most other article creation tools, it takes near enough no work or time to create an article. The result is far better than many others.


If you need to write articles for your blog or increase the content on your website as quickly as possible, this software is especially very useful and handy when needed for research for article writing. Instant Article Wizard Pro Software will help you create content faster than ever for your sites.

Is Instant Article Wizard Any Good Or A Scam?
This software has received hundreds of positive feedback comments from users and many warrior forum members. There is no doubt it is a great product.


Users Rating: 4.46 ( 5 votes)

How To Use Jon Leger Instant Article Wizard Pro.

Here’s how it works:


  • First type in your Keyword phrase to Article Ideas.
  • This tool will visit the first top 100 Google and other 10 different sources depending on your setting.
  • It will write an article based on the keyword/s you entered.
  • The results returned will not include any content that is commercial and irrelevant.
  • It does this just like a normal writer with proper grammar, paragraphs and phrases.
  • More importantly, it will give you the information you need.
  • All you have to do to have a unique content is to read it and rewrite it in your own words, helping you to use some of the sentences, borrow a until you are satisfied with your content.
  • Then test it for duplicate content at copyscape to avoid duplicate content and Google and other Search Engines penalty.


Check out this VIDEO and see the Demo of IAW:





One of my favorite features in Instant Article Wizard is the ability to break my article research down into categories. It does not matter whether I have enough knowledge on the subject or not, , this tool will cover them.

It also has the feature of multiple languages, you can get your articles written in different languages is simply.

Another awesome feature is the rewrite function with the built in thesaurus from The Best Spinner.

This feature let’s you rewrite articles on a phrase and word level with synonyms from The Best Spinner’s database. You can manually edit the content or simply click through the recognized words and phrases to replace them with The Best Spinner’s synonyms.

The built in spellchecker comes in handy when editing content manually.

You can also rearrange sentences easily.

When you’re done editing you can check if your article contains any duplicate content with a push of a button (supports Copyscape). The IAW highlight parts of the content that did not pass Copyscape yellow. You can then edit that part to eliminate any duplicate content.

If you have not watched the video above already to see how it works, You need to go back and  see the demo of the tool.


Summarized Overview

Review Of Jon Leger’s Instant Article Wizard Pro

Product Name: Instant Article Wizard
Sales Page URL:  
Price: $7 Trial, $37 or $47 Yearly
Owner: John Leger
Overall Rank: 89 out of 100  

Customers’ Testimonials:

Pro vs. Cons


  • Scrape Multiple sources:, Google Articles, Google Tips, Google Docs, Google PDF’s,  Google Reviews, Google Scholar, Google News,,, Google US Government
  • Built-in Keyword Research from Google Trends and a Keyword Suggestion tool
  • Capability to run multiple queries at once from as many or all included sources
  • Automated Article scraping function
  • It has Rewrite function
  • Uses The Best Spinner thesaurus integrated into the software. This is a plus and time saver.
  • Copyscape is integrated
  • DeathByCaptcha API support
  • Affordable cheap price
  • Instant article wizard instructions at the forum
  • Multiple language support
  • instant article wizard trial for $7


  • No Lifetime license available. Subscription has to be renewed yearly.
  • Copyscape is integrated has to be separately paid for.
  • Mac compatibility problems. Instant Article Wizard is not available for Mac Users. Mac Users should be able to get the software running with Parallels Desktop for Mac. An app that allows you to run Windows Apps on a Mac.


Instant Article Wizard Pro Price: The content writing software is $47 Yearly.

Instant Article Wizard Discount: Get  the software for 37 Yearly or 7-day trial for only $7


My Final Thoughts:

My conclusion is that this software is a must for anyone who wants to create fresh content regularly for their blogs , or websites or even for massive article submission to web 2.0 sites, article directories for exposure and backlinks.

Any decision to buy Instant Article Wizard is worth the price considering the benefits it offers its users. The software is very good for researching and writing keyword related content even if you have a very little idea on the subject. Some of my favorite features are the spell checker, the ability to break down my research into categories and even sub categories from the retuned content, and check for duplicate content.

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