The following are Article Marketing Tips & Tricks For Instant Surefire Results that will get your articles approved for publication very often if adopted.

These article marketing tips will not only get your articles approved for publication very often by article directories and other websites that are in need of quality content but will also give you free backlinks, traffic and increase in your search engines rankings.

Article Marketing Tips and tricks: Little Known Secrets To Success
Article Marketing works with a large number of Internet Marketers in wide array of niches. It has been a repeatedly proven method. However, those who have not ever attempted article marketing tend to believe that it’s harder or even more frustrating than it really is.

If you are good at writing, you can write your articles. If on the other hand you re not sure of writing high quality articles, you can hire a freelance article writer generally for less than $10.00 for a 300 to 500 word article. It is very important that the article be informative and related to your niche.

The article should not appear as if you are trying to sell to your readers.. At the end of the article, you include your ‘resource box.’ A source box is just information about the writer, and it always includes a url to the author’s related website, a url to sign up to a newsletter, and possibly even an email address to make contact with the author.

12 Article Marketing Tips & Tricks.

1. The Headline

Make the headline of your article captivating to your readers.
More importantly, your headline must contain the keywords of the subject of your article. This will enhance search engine optimization.

2. Article Length

Keep your article to between 500 and 900 words long. Never less than 350 words. If you have more words count than 900, you should break your article up into more than one part.

3. Search Engine Optimization

This brings us to one of the most important rules in article marketing.  It is very important that you choose keywords that are not too competitive and the ones that will give you a chance to win traffic directly from search engines. This is the kind of guide to article marketing that should make a major difference in the results that you get.

Keywords Optimization

One of the powerful article marketing tips is optimizing your articles for search engines. The publisher needs optimized article pages for search engines. Your chosen keyword(s) should be placed in your headline and in every paragraph. Preferably, place your keyword(s) once in every twenty to thirty words on the average. That gives between 3% and 5% density for your article. Never more than this to avoid spamming the search engines.


4. Formatting Your Articles

Improperly formatted articles stand a very high risk of being rejected. Formatting your articles unless otherwise stated in the articles submission guidelines of an article directory should be an integral part of your article marketing. It is one of the conditions for acceptance and publication in most article directories.
The lines of your articles and your resource box should be formatted to between 60 to 65 characters per line. The following free online tool will not only format your articles to any line length you want, but will also give you a total count of characters, words, and lines. You can access the articles formatter very quickly at

5. Resource Box Length

When writing your resource box, keep it between 3 and to 6 lines long. Never more than this. Your resource box are basically to make the readers take some specific actions. Lead them to more information, not to sell them something. Secondly, to give you a keyword targeted backlink. If you want anthing beyond this, buy it or go to free classified websites.


6. Publisher’s Guidelines


Article Marketing Tips


Always follow the publisher’s guidelines when submitting an article. Anything below the standard of the

publisher will get your article rejected quicker than anything else. He has his vision for the look of his web pages as well as the quality of the content provided on his website.

Comply with his/her demands, he/she gets excited to publish your articles. The publisher has not much time to modify your article which is just one out of hundreds he/she has to approve daily.



7. Quality of your article

Your articles must be high quality. This is one of the most important rules in our article marketing tips. It is important that the quality of your articles must always be of the highest quality possible. There is no other way out and if you cannot develop quality articles then you can be sure that your article marketing will never give you the desired results.
Readers are looking for information they can use immediately. Give them what they are looking for in your articles. Make your article relevant to the keyword they are using for their searches. Your articles must proffer solution they can immediately apply to their needs. Not abstract information that gets your readers nowhere. Quality information would earn you their respect as an authority in your chosen niche. They will also bookmark and refer your site to their friends. That means more loyal prospects and traffic to your site.
Every publisher wants to provide their readers with quality useful information not a sales letter. If you write a sales letter or press release instead of an article that provides quality information that solves some problems, it will be rejected most of the time. You are in a better position when you submit your press release at

Factors that can ensure high quality articles

Focus on the most pressing problems facing your target audience. Always remember that your prospective audience come online in order to get some problems solved and not there to be advertised to. They are actually looking for solutions to their problems. It is therefore obvious that they will stick to any articles that they anticipate would solve their problems. Three known source of quality articles is feedback from your list or questions you receive from members of  your facebook group or your business email. In the course of running your business you will have received questions and questions from your prospects on problems they are facing through these platforms. Chances are that you will have answered these questions in great detail.


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