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Web CEO is one of the best SEO solutions that is available online for managing and tracking the search engine optimization results of your website. The tools offered in Web CEO will help you to find and optimize the right keywords for your campaign, build and manage links. With the built-in tools you can also analyze your competitors’ SEO.

Web CEO is among the most complete SEO software solution and package anywhere online for Keyword research, Competition research, Link building, Tracking Rankings For Your Website and business.

Check Out, download and Test Drive Web CEO SEO Solution Tools

There are a lot of free tools on the net that will help you to create an excellent and effective optimization campaign.

Some will even give you almost all you need to promote your campaign without paying a cent.

Some include how-to, step-by-step guides of what you should do to optimize your website effectively. They contain solid information on search engine optimization.


What is Web CEO?

Web Ceo Review – Top Notch SEO Tool


It is an online suite consisting of 15 enterprise level SEO and reporting tools. As mentioned above, Web CEO’s functionality includes keyword research and internal link optimization, site auditing, link building, social metrics and marketing analytics. These allow the users receive a more profitable keyword suggestion, and understand how the site responds to semantic searches.


Pros of Web CEO

  • The tools built into Web CEO give you the ability to find and optimize keywords, build and manage links, and also analyze your competitors’ SEO efforts.
  • You can easily use Web CEO, to easily reveal and use the keywords that are being exploited by your competitors. That gives you the advantage to do it a little bit better than your competition and beat your competitors.
  • The use page authority analysis of Web CEO will help you to increase your landing page visibility online. You can also create XML sitemaps and at the same time view the optimization reports in order to detect the issues found across the desktop and mobile search.
  • You can check the health of your site usability or indexability.
  • Web CEO is solely designed for those who want to promote their websites and products effectively online, by properly optimizing their websites.
  • With all these functionalities, Web CEO is one of the top notch and very few SEO software that can fulfill your SEO needs.




  • Keyword Research, Rank Tracking SEO routines:
    automated rank tracking, keyword research and SEO audits.
  • Dedicated Social SEO Tools
    for link detox, Local SEO and Social Media Tracking.
  • Competitors’ Analytical tools
    for competitor research and performance tracking.
  • Branded Automated Reporting
    Schedule report emailing to you or your client

Here is a free, but yet powerful program that gives you all you need to promote your business using search engines. It is also accompanied with a $97 certification course.

There are over 1,200,000 businesses that rely on Web CEO Software Online For The Optimization Of Their Websites.

You can download the tool WEB CEO here.



Plans & Pricing Standard – $99/mo
Medium – $149/mo
Large – $249/mo
Premium – $599/mo
Startup – $99/mo
Corporate – $199/mo
Agency Fixed – $499/mo
Agency Unlimited – flexible
buy 3 months – 10% off
buy 12 months – 25% off;
extra 5-25% OFF for Agency Unlimited subscribers
Free Trial YES
30 days PRO account ($99) for 1$
14-day Free Trial
no credit card required
Number of websites 5, 12, 30 2, 5, 25, 50, unlimited with the Agency Unlimited plan
Multi-user access From 2 users ($99/mo) to unlimited (with the $599/mo plan) Unlimited starting from the $99/mo Startup plan
Custom domain NO YES
Use custom.domain.com
for extra $20/mo
(with the $99 Agency Unlimited plan)
Branded reports YES
Logo, title, description, notes (starting from the $149 plan)
Logo, header, footer, color scheme, custom cover page text, images and background (in ALL pricing plans)
Scheduled Scanning Rankings and site audit: once a week Ranking checker
Website audit+SEO
Link partners
Web Analytics
All tools: daily (in the Agency Unlimited plan), weekly, monthly, quarterly
Scheduled Report Emailing YES
Custom mailing schedule (Ranking, Site Audit) weekly, monthly
Custom mailing schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly), for all tools
Report Export to PDF, CSV PDF, CSV PDF, CSV
Complete SEO report which combines data from all tools YES YES
Help & Tutorials Basic Beginner’s Checklist
Video at starting point
Help Hub, Learn SEO block,
Questions & Answers forum,
Webinars and events,
SEO Blog
Help Center,
SEO Roadmap,
Detailed DIY SEO Checklists,
Quick Start Guide & Videos,
API references,
SEO Blog
Competitors investigation Track competitor rankings
Track competitor backlinks
Term Extractor – detect for which keywords competitors optimize their pages
Off-page parameters comparison to competitors (according to Moz parameters)
Rankings: track competitor rankings (3 report views);
Backlinks: find pages that link to your competitors,
compare the backlink metrics of your site and those of your competitors;
Keyword research: enter the URL of your competitor and find out for what keywords the site is shown on the search engine results pages;
Buzz Tracker: track your competitors mentions in social networks
Rank tracker: local search engines and query language selection Google, Bing, Yahoo. You cannot select a location or language, only a country Google, Bing, Yahoo +
other search engines –
ALL countries,
ALL languages
* Filter websites from the country you target
Rank tracker: scanning using the customized Google location NO YES
Locations customized down to city level, using the integrated Google Customized Location feature
Mobile rank check: Google, Bing, Yahoo NO YES
Rank tracker: scan history YES
A graph that lists position changes by keyword, for your site and for competitors.
A graph that lists position changes by SE + an average listing position history graph (last 30 scans) for your site and for competitors
On-demand ranking results NO
Once a week
Keyword research: Keyword data sources Google Adwords,
spy on competitors
Google Adwords,
spy on competitors
Backlinks quality analysis data sources Own database Powered by Majestic
Traffic analysis data YES
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
SEO Audit: On-page and Off-page SEO factors influencing rankings analysis YES YES
SEO Audit: Site health and usability check YES YES
Social Reputation Mentions of your page in Social networks NO Social tracker: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest engagement.
Monitoring of search engine news results for targeted keywords.
Facebook Insights tool
Content Submission NO Sitemap submission, submission to 210+ resources, including search engines, local places, shopping search engines, download sites and blog search engines, RSS feed directories and affiliate directories
Sitemap Generator NO YES
Email support YES YES
A dedicated Support Angel is assigned to each customer
Live chat support NO YES


Web CEO Pricing Plans: How Much Does Web CEO Cost?

Web CEO offers different pricing plans for various webmasters needs. These include the Startup Pricing Plan, Corporate Pricing Plan, Agency Fixed Pricing Plan and Agency Unlimited Pricing Plan tailored to the needs of different businesses.

A 14-day free trial to test drive the Web CEO SEO Solution Package is also available. Check out the details below, and choose the most suitable pricing plan for your business needs:


Startup Plan – $99/month

  • Perfect for individuals and startups
  • 5 projects
  • 200unique keywords
  • 3 SERP scan depth
  • Weekly automated scanning
  • 5,000 pages audited
  • 10,000 backlinks analyzed
  • Branded SEO reports
  • 5 SEO leads per day


Corporate Plan – $199/month

  • Great for smallbiz and freelancers
  • 25 projects
  • 500 unique keywords
  • 3 SERP scan depth
  • Weekly automated scanning
  • 125,000 pages audited
  • 150,000 backlinks analyzed
  • Branded SEO reports
  • 5 SEO leads per day
  • SEO audit button on your site


Agency Fixed Plan – $499/month

  • Fits agencies with fixed budgets
  • 2000 unique keywords
  • 5 SERP scan depth
  • Weekly automated scanning
  • 1,250,000 pages audited
  • 2,500,000 backlinks analyzed
  • Branded SEO reports
  • 15 SEO leads per day
  • SEO audit button on your site
  • White-label SEO tools
  • on your own domain
  • SEO tools API Read-only


Agency Unlimited Plan $99 /mo +scanning fees

  • A flexible plan for a growing business
  • pay as you grow
  • Estimate your spend
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited keywords
  • 10 SERP scan depth
  • Daily automated scanning
  • Unlimited pages audited
  • Unlimited backlinks analyzed
  • Branded SEO reports
  • Unlimited SEO leads per day
  • SEO audit button on your site
  • White-label SEO tools on your own domain
  • SEO tools API Full functionality
  • White-label support & training
  • All advanced features
  • You only pay for what you use


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