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Instant Video Wizard Review


Product Name: Instant Video Wizard

Jonathan Leger Instant Video Wizard - Launching October 2nd, 2017 Jonathan Leger

Owner:Jonathan L Leger ·

Launch Date: Launch Date: Monday, October 2nd, 2017.

IVW Pricing:What is the cost of  Instant Video Wizard

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Instant Video Wizard Lifetime Discount License: $1,497  

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Instant Video Wizard Lifetime Discount  Split Pay Option  

If you can’t afford to pay for a lifetime license at all once for any reason, there’s No problem! There’s Split Payment Option. You can split up payments across 6 months.

Lifetime Discount  Split Pay Option: $297 / month for 6 months

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Launch week: 50% YEARLY Discount License: $497/year  (Monday, October 2nd 2017 – midnight EST Friday, October 6th, 2017)


Post Launch Annual Pricing License: $997/year after midnight EST Friday, October 6th, 2017

Recommended: Yes


Watch Jon  As He Creates A High Quality Video In 60 Seconds Below with Jonathan Leger’s Instant Video Wizard!


Instant Video Wizard, the Best Video Creation Software online.

Online videos drive billions of visitors and huge revenues running into billions of dollars every month to bloggers, online marketers, many small businesses, and big companies that have the resources to properly harness the power of video marketing.

Many small businesses that do not know how to tap into video marketing get left behind.


Making professional quality videos is either too difficult or very expensive. We know that creating any high quality videos on your own requires some complex tools that may take you hours of learning curve and hours to produce each time.

Then the alternative is to outsource. Outsourcing even simple videos to professionals is equally very expensive.

This is why instant video wizard was created to help both the big and small businesses and newbies to leverage the power of video marketing without ever going through the techie involved in video creation. Creating a high quality video with instant video wizard is amazing and a breeze. You can create a high quality video in just 60 seconds.


Instant video wizard has a huge catalogue of over 100,000 royalty-free music tracks for you to use.

With the Wizard, you have access to PLR articles in hundreds of categories. You can just make a few design choices about how you want the video to look like in a few seconds .
You then click the generate slides button and the wizard starts building your video for you instantly. The video wizard automatically narrates the video using cutting-edge next generation text-to-speech technology.


IVW also finds images that match the article text from a database of half a million royalty-free images and puts everything together in a way that’s visually appealing very display of the slides, highlighting keywords and phrases and the result is a high-quality and highly professional video just like the one you just watched above on this page.


These four different videos below were produced with  Instant Video Wizard!

Just watch the videos below to give you an idea of amazing things Instant Video Wizard can do for you with just a few extra minutes invested into each video.

Take a look at the first Instant Video Wizard demo video created by Jon Leger himself and the other three videos created by beta testers to ascertain the quality of Instant Video Wizard before launch.


1: Instant Video Wizard Demo by Jonathan Leger

2: Local Business Promo Video


3: How-To Video


4. Next-Generation Text-To-Speech Video


As I’m sure you may imagine, Josh and the other beta testers must have spent quite some days putting each of these videos together. Starting with the gathering all of the images and videos, cutting, splicing and the rest of it.

But, it took Josh just about 20 minutes on the average to create each of the demo videos with IVW!


With Instant Video can create a video on any subject you want.
You can add add pictures, you can add narration automatically. You can even add your own videos, You can also add your own voice over. If you prefer to narrate your own videos rather than using the text-to-speech engine it’s easy. Adding your own voice is a breeze with IVW slide audio recorder. You can record your own voice too if you prefer your own voice.


You can auto generate videos in 4 different languages: English, Spanish, French and German languages. You can equally auto generate Slide narration in 15 different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Icelandic, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish.


When your video is complete, it takes just a few seconds to upload the video to YouTube and quickly distribute them better than any other tool on the market can do.
The video wizard makes it so simple to create professional videos and start generating traffic and revenue without any stress.

Get Instant Video Wizard Now And Test Drive


How Does Instant Video Wizard Work?

IVW is a web based video creation software.

You copy and paste articles into the software, or import any of the articles from the database of 100k PLR membership or from Article Builder content into the app.

The images are then pulled from a collection of 85k database of copyright-free images.

The video creation  software automatically selects the images to use, but you have an option of using any other images you may prefer to those in the database. You have the option of uploading your own images as you deem fit.

Can you believe it? Yes, the video demo above was produced with Instant Video Wizard by Jon!




  • Video Auto-Generation and Image/Video Search Supported For English, Spanish, French and German.
  • Slide narration can be auto-generated in: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Icelandic, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish
  • Of course, the software has the features that allow you to record your own voice too!
  • It has the ability to add and use your own images  or any product images from your vendors  URL. Although, this is not demonstrated in the video, but it’s already built in.
  • With IVW, there’s no limit to length the script can create. So far, its been tested it with scripts that are up to 15 minutes long without any hitch. Jon is still running some more tests to make sure it can handle an even larger load
  • Instant Video Wizard allows you to add videos you already have into it.
  • Get Discounted Early Bird Jonathan Leger’s Instant Video Wizard, The Best Video Software On The Market Launching October 2nd, 2017 When You Act Now!
  • The Test-To-Speech in IVW is excellent, one of the best in the market.
  • You can even use your own voice recordings for your slides
  • Far better than some video creation services with monthly subscription.
  •  Both text and image watermarks are supported.
  • Originally a few thousand stock videos were included for video creation free.
  • 485,000 more royalty-free images has now been added from

  • 115,000 more royalty-free video clips has now been added from

  • 100,000 more royalty-free music tracks has now been added from

  • This makes the number of free video clips, images and music tracks that are now included in IVW (Instant Video Wizard) to move from a few thousands to over 700,000 which I believe is absolutely amazing.
  • Much faster than using Powerpoint, Audacity or Camtasia to make my videos, as they are time consuming.
  • Better than most services and with more  features  than similar online video creation services that charge between $67 upfront followed by $97/month.
  • It’s very easy to transform text content into videos with Instant Video Wizard.
  • It’s easy to create videos that sound professional with IVW.
  • Supports background music and voice over.
  • Makes video creation very easy
  • Finished video very impressive.
  • Excellent for converting PLR articles to video, for your blog posts or to build your YouTube channel.
  • There is no maximum time limit set for the videos created.
  • There’s no restriction on number of words of the articles that can be loaded into instant video wizard for video production.
  • Instant Video Wizard has built-in background music features with dozens of music files available, thousands of video clips, the ability to slice up an existing MP3/MP4 file into separate slides, image filters.
  • You can record from your microphone on a slide-by-slide basis and render the videos.



  • It cannot add text from audio.
  • Some of the images from the Image/Video Search feature may not be totally relevant or the best choice but I hope it would be easy to change such images with something more relevant.
  • At present it doesn’t generate tags for Youtube but I expect Jon to include this important feature before the launch.
  • May likely be pricey to many internet marketers.
  • There’s never going to be a monthly subscription unless Jon changes his mind in future.
  • The lifetime License is only available during the launch week between Monday, October 2nd, 2017 to Friday, October 6th, 2017, which may not favor most people who may not have the opportunity to pay for the lifetime license within those 5 days of launch.




Instant Video Wizard Testimonials: Hear what users and the beta testers have to say about IVW.

I rely on it for all my video needs!

I spent a lot of hours playing around with Instant Video Wizard over the last few days. The bad news is I’m my own worst enemy; everything has to be just right… just the way I want it.

The good news is IVW has no problem complying with my demands. In fact, the output is better than what I envisioned. Imagine that.

The time it takes to edit slides is minimal. Selecting from the various layouts is a breeze. You just click on the slide you want to change then click on the layout you want and it’s done.

I generally avoid text-to-speech programs because they all sound tinny and robotic. But not Joey. I’m convinced it’s the best text-to-speech program ever!

There are a gazillion audio files to choose from. I finally settled on music appropriate to my video. Didn’t much care about how long it was as I was expecting to spend hours manipulating the file to sync to the video. Since it’s not my forte I was dreading it.

I added the audio and, to my amazement, when I previewed the video, the music and the video ended simultaneously. The music faded out appropriately. You could have knocked me over with a feather… and I was thrilled!

I love Instant Video Wizard and will rely on it for all my video needs.



Instant Video Wizard is a solution to your video creation woes!

Intuitive, “out of the box” is often a trite statement but when talking about Instant Video Wizard it is a fact. Creating several dozen videos in multiple niches has proven IVW is a winner.

Do you find you are frustrated after using multiple video creation tools and being disgusted with the time sucking learning curve.

Instant Video Wizard is a solution to your video creation woes.

Literally, after a 6-minute introduction video you will be able to create incredible unique videos “out of the box” the “Big G” absolutely adores.

Desire to kick it up a notch and make a few tweaks. Great, simply watch the complete 30-minute walk through tutorial, and you are a Pro.

Your new “channels” are amazing!

Steve Melton


Instant Video Wizard is “great fun”!

I have had great fun using InstantVideoWizard. It would be fair to say that I have not used video much in the past, even though I followed an online tutorial for the major provider for nearly a year, I just found it too complicated and I never got a single video up online with it. BUT, with IVW, I have created 15 videos so far.

One of the web pages on which I put one of the first videos I made has had an estimated 25% increase in visitors since I put it up and there has been an increase in the amount of adsense income from that site also.

I can see that this tool has enormous potential, it is easy to use, has lots of options, but is not complex and it makes it really simple to upload to Youtube.

Meg Learner


Pricing of Instant Video Wizard. How Much Does Instant Video Wizard Cost?

  •  Instant Video Wizard Pricing would be in two categories.
  • There will be a lifetime license during the launch week (single payment option during launch), though not yet decided, it may be a bit on the high side.
  • Instant video wizard Annual Price: There will also be an annual subscription option for those who can’t afford the lifetime plan payment.
  • Monthly Price Payment: There won’t be a monthly payment option.


Final Note:

This is another awesome product from Jonathan Leger. It beats every other video creation software anywhere online. It’s going to be the most amazing video tool ever created at the time of launch. Internet is always changing. There may be a better product later. This is therefore a must tool for your content creation now if you are serious about beating your competition and taking your video marketing to a higher level.

It beats hands down virtually all the other video creation software. It even has more features than both Easy VSL and Content Samurai, although Content Samurai is still pretty good.

 NO other Article To Video Creation product on the market matches the features that are built in Instant Video Wizard.


Instant Video Wizard Best Video Creation Software

Check Instant Video Wizard, Out here.


Summarized Overview:

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