Why This Free High PR Video Submission Sites List Is

Important To your Website Promotion.

Video Submission Sites are very important to every internet marketer for the role they play as Video Sharing Sites to millions of viewers are gaining increasing popularity online. Generally, people are more inclined to watch videos or graphics materials because of the the visual effects they have on them than they would respond to reading document texts.

The reason submission of relevant videos to Video hosting services must be incorporated to your website promotion. In addition, you can get very good traffic to your offer and backlinks to your websites.


Just adding videos or visual effects with a great content on a website post would make viewers to stick and stay longer on the content.

So many people find it difficult to concentrate for too long to read the text document but if video is played in front of the same people, they would naturally become glued to the same content without having much trouble to stay and view. I have therefore provided some of the best and top high PR video sharing sites list below to assist you.


With this list, you can submit your videos to top high PR video sharing sites like Youtube for free video submission, free video hosting and video promotion for seo.


These Video hosting services allow users to share their video clips through their websites. Video hosting services can be grouped into several classes, such as user-generated video sharing websites, youtube is a very good example of these websites. Others may come in form of white label providers or web-based video editing.


Some of these Video hosting services and video sharing sites like Youtube and Vimeo, allow free unlimited video hosting. Some video submission services may charge a fee, but most submission are available for free.

Some of these Video hosting services have features that allow their users to monetize their video views. They form partnership programs with the users to offer pay-per-view for their videos.There are also some services that are basically private video sharing sites.
There are other kinds of websites that may also support video submission and video sharing in order to enhance the original primary objective.


Users can generally upload video clips and share them with the millions of viewers online. Many sites place restrictions on the file size allowed for uploading, the duration of videos, format of the video files allowed to be uploaded as well as the niches. Many video promotion sites do not allow adult content, content that may be qualified as hate or inappropriate content, as per their Terms of Service.

Some video submission sites may screen every content before such is approved for publication. There are some other sites that would approve and then allow the community features to filter out any content that is deemed to be inappropriate content by the community.


This is one of the best ways to boost your Google Rankings. Create a new account for your video promotion on these free video hosting sites. Then upload your videos to the Top Video-sharing sites.


Free Video Submission Tool To Upload Videos to Video Sites



Below is a list of High Pr Video Sharing Sites List where you can easily upload, share, and promote your videos. If you are searching for such free video hosting sites, this list is absolutely for you.


Top Free High PR Video Submission Sites List

  1.     PR 9
  2.   PR 9
  3.   PR 8
  4.   PR 8
  5.   PR 8
  6.   PR 8
  7.  (now IBM Cloud Video)   PR 8
  8.   PR 8
  9.   PR 7
  10.   PR 7
  11.   PR 7
  12.     PR 7
  13.   PR 7
  14.   PR 7
  15.  PR 7
  16.  PR 7
  17.   PR 7
  18.   PR 6
  19.   PR 6
  20.   PR 6
  21.   PR 6
  22.   PR 6
  23.   PR 6
  24.   PR 6
  25.   PR 6
  26.   PR 6
  27.   PR 6
  28.   PR 6
  29.   PR 6
  30.   PR 6
  31.   PR 6
  32.   PR 6
  33.   PR 6
  34.   PR 6
  35.   PR 6
  36.   PR 5
  37.   PR 5
  38.   PR 5
  39.   PR 5
  40.   PR 5
  41.   PR 5
  42.   PR 5
  43.   PR 5
  44.   PR 5
  45.   PR 5
  46.   PR 5
  47.   PR 5
  48.   PR 5
  49.   PR 5
  50.   PR 5
  51.   PR 5
  52.   PR 5
  53.   PR 5
  54.   PR 4
  55.   PR 4
  56.   PR 4
  57.   PR 4
  58.   PR 4
  59.   PR 4
  60.   PR 4
  61.   PR3
  62.   PR 3
  63.   PR 3
  64.   PR 3