Best Seo Tools For Internet Marketing Business


Top SEO Tools

  • Google Search Console


Google Search Console is one of the best Seo Tools For Online  Marketing Business. It’s a free SEO tool from Google that will help to boost your website’s presence In Google SERP

Offered for free to every website owner. Google Search Console allows you to monitor and report on your website’s presence in Google SERP. You start with your website verification. You copy & add a code to your website header or going through Google Analytics and you can submit your sitemap for indexing.

It helps you to get your website pages indexed. As an SEO checker tool, Search Console can help you understand how Google and its users view your website and allow you to optimize for better performance in Google search results

Best suited for: Marketers. Bloggers & freelancers

Price: Free


Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracks your site Real-Time, including Audience, Acquisition, Behavior & Conversions

Once you install Google Analytics, the tool does a lot of important SEO analysis data and then begin reviewing the results daily.

Best suited for: Online Marketers, Bloggers, copywriters, and freelancers.

Price: Free


Best SEO ToolsSEMrush



Features: Rank Tracking; Keyword research; Backlink research; Website Audit; On-page SEO; Competition Analysis;

Has 3 payment plans: Pro, Guru & Business. PPC research, in particular a CPC Map tool, You can conduct extensive PPC research, seeing, in a convenient visualized manner, CPC data for different keywords across different locales.

Best suited for: Business owners & Marketers running PPC and SMM campaigns.

Price: $999.36/year



Features include: Rank Tracking; Keyword research; Backlink research; Website Audit; On-page SEO; Competition Analysis;

Has 4 payment plans: Lite, Standard, Advanced & Agency

Ahrefs’ has a robust backlink index, which is the largest on the market for now. The plan allows you to export up to 100,000 backlinks per report, and 5 million per month. You can also monitor up to 5 new/lost backlinks and keyword ranking changes on a monthly basis.

Best suited for: Business owners. And with limitations for freelancers and bloggers.

Price: $990/year

Moz Pro

Has 4 Payment plans: Standard, Medium, Large & Premium

Features include: Rank Tracking; Keyword research; Backlink research; Website Audit; On-page SEO; Competition Analysis;

Has A Huge backlink index, one of the industry’s biggest. Allows crawling of 100,000 pages a week

Best suited for: Small-scale SEO work & Small SEO businesses with limited online presence.

Price: $950/year



Features include: Website Audit; Backlink research;

The plan does not provide features for keyword research, or competition analysis, which makes it unsuitable for users creating ranking content.

Has 3 Payment Plans: Lite, Pro & API

Incorporates plugins and third-party apps. Its browser plugin shows the link profile for any given webpage on the go.

Best suited for: Marketers with small online presence.

Price: $499.99/year


SEO PowerSuite

It has both free & paid all-in-one SEO solution. While the free version is limited, it still provides an SEO analysis for a small website to run an SEO campaign. The free version has no limits on keyword research, making it perfect for content-creators.

Best suited for:Bloggers, copywriters, and freelancers.

Price: $299/year



It has the features of Keyword research; Rank Tracking; Backlink research; Competition research; Website Audit; On-page SEO. Has 4 Payment Plans.

Plans are Lite,  Standard,  Advanced & Enterprise

Has extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Opera, which provide metrics and data in your browser for every page you visit. These include On-page data like tags and PageSpeed, to keyword research and CPC information, page’s competitors and more.

Best suited for SEO copywriters, Freelancers and Bloggers.

Price: $662.40/year


Raven Tools

Keyword research; Rank Tracking; Backlink research; Website Audit; On-page SEO; Competition Analysis.

Gives the ability to access different databases for features such as link building and competitor research (Moz and Majestic); also integration of email automation software such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor, as well as call tracking software.

Best suited for: Smaller marketing agencies.

Price: $948/year


Screaming Frog

For Website Audit.

Has both Free Version & Paid Version. The free version of SEO Spider allows you to crawl your  website, discover broken URLs, analyze crawl frequency, and generate sitemaps for up to 500 URLs.

Best suited for: Freelancers and bloggers.


SE Ranking

Features & benefits include: Rank Tracking; Keyword research; Backlink research; Website Audit; Competition Analysis;

Has 3 Payment plans: Optimum, Plus & Enterprise

SE Ranking offers a larger amount of keywords for rank tracking at a lower price than any other web-based SEO software. It also allows you to calibrate the price/functionality perfectly to your needs. Very affordable for most users and businesses, though with some restrictions.

Best suited for: Websites Owners & freelancers just starting out.

Price: $372-660/year


Netpeak Software

Features & benefits include: Website Audit; Backlink research; On-page SEO; Competition Analysis;

Has 2 Payment plans: Standard & Pro

It consist of two apps. Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker, offers functionality for website audit, as well as bulk URL analysis which allows you for only unlimited technical audit & backlink research. You can pay half the price to get the same results elsewhere..

Best suited for: Marketers.

Netpeak software, divided between the separately bought.

Price: $364.80/year



Features & benefits include: Rank Tracking; Keyword research; Backlink research; Website audit; Competitor Research;

Offers extensive competitive research particularly for AdWords. SpyFu allows you to see the entire AdWord’s campaign history of a competing domain. You also get to see all of the organic keywords they ranked for in the last 10 years.

Has 3 Payment plans: Basic, Professional  & Team.

Best suited for: Marketers & freelancers working for businesses with low lower-volume campaigns & online presence.

Price: $399/year


Other Top SEO Tools: Keyword Research Tools For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

KWFinder SEO Keyword Tool

Features & benefits include: Finds long-tail keywords that have a lower level of competition that will help you rank your website even higher. The built-in Rank Tracker tool helps you easily determine your ranking while tracking your improvement based on one key metric.


·         Ubersuggest Keyword Tracking Tool.

Features & benefits include: Daily Rank Tracking, A free keyword tool that can identify keywords and their search intent showing the top ranking SERPs From short to long-tail phrases. Ubersuggest reports give you keyword volume, competition, CPC, and seasonal trends. The keyword tool. Gives you hundreds of suggestions

Best suited for: Smaller marketing agencies. Small Business Owners,

Price: Individual: (Entrepreneurs & small businesses Individual Entrepreneurs & small businesses. Managing 1-3 websites) Business (Small & medium businesses Managing 4-7 websites) Enterprise/Agency (Large businesses & agencies Managing 8+ websites)
Individual: $12/month, Business: $20 & Enterprise/Agency: $40/month

·         Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Features & benefits include: Long tail keywords, buying intent,
Jaaxy’s Keyword metric gives you examples of long tail keywords that are similar to the keyword you put in.
Avg: average number of searches made per month for that keyword, QSR: how many other websites are ranking in Google for this exact keyword, KQI: keyword quality indicator, SEO Score: A measure of how difficult it is to rank for a certain keyword. You can’t compare traffic, backlinks or domain rank for the SERP entries.
Price: Free plan, (limited to 30 searches) Pro $49/moonth Enterprice $99/month

·         Long-Tail-Pro Keyword Research Tool


Long Tail Keywords, Keyword Competitive Analysis, Backlink Analysis, SERP Analysis, Rank Tracking, Spy on Your Competitors,
Long tail keywords research and ranking relative to your domains strength
Annual Starter, Annual Pro & Annual Agency

Monthly Price: Starter $37/month, Monthly Pro $67/month & Monthly Agency $147/month

Annual Price:  Starter $207.90 – $300/year, Annual Pro $375.90 – $540/year & Annual Agency $823.90 – $1,176/year