Why Blogging Is Essential For Search Engine Optimization

Blogging is one of the most efficient ways to increase your website rankings on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Therefore, blogging is Essential For Search Engine Optimization. It also works best for the Search Engine Optimization of your site as it is the one of the most effective tools to make your website popular among the people.

When yu post your website links to blog sites using white hat methods to avoid Google or other search engines penalty it will increase your website rankings in search engines.

You can follow these simple rules for SEO and your blog will definitely rank much higher in search engines.



Keywords Tags

When you use keyword that are relevant to the content of your web site, Google and other search engines will reward you with higher rankings for the keywords and your content will show over time in Google rankings if they are not too competitive, backlinks are built with social medial signals. You have to use unique keywords that will lead searchers to your site.

That is why you have to include relevant long-tail keywords and phrases that people may use when searching for in search engines in your posts. You cannot put too many keywords as these would attract penalties. Give your reader valuable information that answers the problems bothering their minds, they will trust and share your content. This will make Google and other search engines to rank you higher.


You should use your primary keyword most often in your blogs. The URL that you post on the blogs should contain a primary keyword to optimize your website. You can also use the main keyword in sub domains to get better results. In case your website is about automotive parts then you can use the keywords “Automotive Parts” in your website. Also it is necessary to use your main keyword in the title of your posts and the titles of your web pages. Also use the main keywords and key phrases in your H1 and H2 headers to make them more searchable.


Next you can use your secondary keywords in the body of your post in the blog. The more times the keywords are found in the webpage or post, the better are the chances of the search engines will be able to pick up the keywords. However it should not look like spam. You should refrain from posting the same keywords again and again in the same post as then Google will ban your site for some time and your rankings will fall drastically.


Fresh Content Higher Ranking

All search engines love unique fresh content. Ask yourself this question, How often do you post content on website or update content? You have to keep your site with a flow of a steady content filled with new information regularly.

If your web site has outdated content, search engines will rank other websites with fresh content higher than yours in their search results.



When your blogs are shared clicked all over the net, search  engines move your content up in in the search rankings. When you provide quality content, your readers will want others to get the valuable information. They will share the content of your blog. This will directly contribute to your website’s popularity online.


Building Relationship

When you are blogging with fresh content that add value to your readers and visitors to your website, you build relationships with your readers, position yourself as an expert in the niche, and you also provide new content for Google to index.


Social Media

When you use search terms in your titles and meta descriptions in your posts, it will help you to boost your SEO through social media listings.

Google also returns social media search results. If you connect your blog to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts, search engines will also help people to locate your website easily.


Higher visibility

Higher Visibility will bring you more traffic.  This will bring more people will visit your website, who will be exposed to your products and services. This also means an increased likelihood of converting them into real customers



Including images that are properly tagged with your keywords in your blog gives you a powerful way for search engines to rank your content high. It is important you name your images according to the keywords in your content. You also do make sure the alt-text for your mages contain the same relevant keywords. Since search engines cannot read your images, the alt-text is meant to describe what image stands. For this reason, your alt-text must be done to serve two main purposes, for Search Engine Optimizaton and also to  provide information.



Google owns Youtube and Google ranks videos very high these day. Most of the people online are easily attracted to videos for information. It is important to include videos in your content.  When such videos are syndicated they will show up in search results.

Be sure you tag your videos with appropriate search terms before you post. Let readers know exactly what’s going on in the video so they can find your content in a search.



Google believes that if the quality of your content is high other websites owners and users will link back to your website. You can therefore benefit greatly from being linked to and linking to other high PR sites.

Good quality links from high PR popular, well-respected sites can definitely help your SEO rankings, but only if you do it right.



Internal Linking

You should also use your primary and secondary as much as possible in the anchor texts for linking the text to other blog sites or other blog posts. Also make every effort to make your site easier for search engine to track. Also it is very much necessary to make your navigation bar of the whole website on every page of the website. All your previous posts should be linked to all pages so that they can be easily searchable by search engines.


External Backlinks

You should also create back links to your website on as many blogs as possible. This is because it will help a lot in getting the rank of your website higher in the search engine pages. The more links you have created the higher will be the rank of your website on search engines. You can get back links to your website is to submit your blog and RSS feeds to as many blog search engines and blog directories as possible. Exchange your links with other blogs and network with as many people as possible on the blogs. If you find any interesting information on a blog then don’t forget to link it. The track back will become a link to your blog after some time. In the end to optimize search engine results for your website you should update your blog frequently.


Blogging Converts

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to add new visitors to your list as well as website sales funnel. It attracts and converts website visitors.

With blogging is very easy to offer free information, free resources, and free content for your prospects. People love valuable freebies.

This helps your blog readers to click though your posts moving from one page to another. This reduces your bounce rate on your blog. increases


List Building

With various plugins and powerful theme to enhance your blogging, your visitors can easily see and take action on your email sign-up forms or your sales and order pages.

Finally, blogging “relates.” It keeps building new relationships with new visitors AND enhancing relationships with existing customers. If you blog frequently, you’ll have great content to offer your new visitors as well as your returning customers.


Higher Profits

If your website becomes popular, it will generate more revenues as more and more people will visit your site. You will continue to see increase in sales