Tips for Outsourcing your Articles that Work.



If properly done, outsourcing can be a great way to save you and your work from home business so much stress needed for researching  content for your site, save you time for other areas of your home based business and time you can spend with your family or and also money.
We all know how tasking it could be to regularly write quality content that would be engaging and even when done right go viral. Quality articles has many benefits. It can bring quality one-way backlinks from those who by their assessment want the information for the visitors on their websites. It can be used for guest posts. Some others may even take the article and share it on social media. The search engines will also reward you for quality content.



These benefits make every blogger or webmaster or website owners to look for articles everywhere. Some use private label rights articles directly while others re-write such articles until they are satisfied with the quality and uniqueness of their content.


Others may decide to write in other to bring the personal touch. While most bloggers outsource their article writing and in many cases tweak the articles to bring their own personal flavor to them.


There are many online plr websites that need to produce certain number of articles weekly or monthly or at specified periods for their members on various niches. The only way they can cope is to outsource to good or professional content writers, those who write articles for money online.

There are many ways to make money from the use of outsourced articles, but  if not done right, you can also lose money with them. Whether you want to resell the content, add it to your membership site, or to your niche website, or submit the articles to article directories, you need to ensure and take some steps of ensuring it is given  to a professional freelance writer for you to get quality content when you outsource your work.

As great as outsourcing article writing sounds, unless you know what you are doing and do it diligently, you can never get the best out of it.



Outsourcing Article Writing


The following should be considered, if you are planning to outsource your article writing:

  1. DO take the time to find good or professional freelance article writers.  There are thousands of either good or bad writers looking for online freelance content writing. To improve your chances of making money with your outsourced articles, it is necessary you hire good freelance web content writers that would deliver according to your needs. You can then choose the best that suits your need from among the freelance website content writers.
  2. Do remember, however, that not all writers produce the same quality content.  Those who will get the job done properly and at the right time with little inconvenience. Go to professional article writing services, internet marketing forums and ask questions. Go through the comments and testimonials of members who have used some article writers in the past in such forum. Do the same thing at, and other freelance article writing sites.
  3. DO make sure that before you hire a writer you assess the samples of his or her past work. This will give you an idea of the quality of what would be produced. With this step, you are in a better position to hire a professional writer who may likely produce quality content.
  4. Do check for the reviews, rating and comments of the past customers and be watchful for any incentive that may induce some buyers to give induced exaggerated or fake testimonials. This implies the reviews cannot be totally relied upon.
  5. DO not assume your writer knows everything you want unless you have been using him or her for a while. Spell out clearly exactly what you what you want from your outsourced writer and the style you expect from them. Tell them the number of paragraphs, words, relevant images, how optimized  you want the articles. Give them the idea of the purpose of the article whether you want to  post them on your website, other web 2.0 sites, or social media sites.  This is the best way to get the appropriate quality content that you can profit from over and over



  1. DO ensure you don’t pay much money upfront for content  if you are dealing with individuals and not freelance sites where you can easily reject poor quality articles and get a re-write.
  2. Do not hire a writer on the basis of their rates.many cheap writers are just starting out with little experience. They would go for low rates to survive. You would need to spend much time trying to correct grammatical errors and improve on the quality of their articles before you can use them. Though, there are exceptions where you have high quality professional writers with good command of English language from countries where labor rates are very cheap.
  3. DON’T assume your writer automatically knows all your need.  You should also realize that not all writers will ask the appropriate questions to get a view of your want.  Do provide them with all needed information ahead of time without leaving any room to your outsourced writer to assume and make a in contrast to to your
  4. DO try to hire a native speaker if need be.  This may be controversial.  Yes, many writers can speak and write fluently  in multiple languages. In some cases, the quality may even be higher but in many cases the quality is lower.  As earlier mentioned, due to different living wages in different countries, a very good writer from another country where wages are relatively lower may be willing to work for a lower rate.
  5. DON’T assume the articles provided by your outsourced writer are 100 percent unique content. That you asked for original content does not guarantee you will unique articles.  It is important that you verify in many ways. For a start, copy parts of the articles and paste the in the search box of Google to confirm if there is any result of indexing on another website online. Though, this is not guarantee as similar articles on other sits may not have been  indexed.
  6. DO check for plagiarized work through CopyScape before processing a payment.  Once the payment has been made, things can become difficult and messy especially when you have been scammed.  Do release payment only when you have verified that your outsourced articles are original and acceptable.
  7. DO inform your writer that you must have exclusive rights to all articles written for you and must not be replicated elsewhere.  If your writer sells your articles to others who use them on their own sites, such articles may end up ranking higher than yours in the search engines. You may therefore fall a victim of duplicate content.