Importance of Email List-Building To Internet Work At Home Business Owners And Marketers

The money is in the list. How many times have you heard every internet marketing guru drumming into your ears that you can profit from your list building traffic.? Perhaps, hundreds or even thousands times. But they are right.

With good reason, the money is in the list! They make more money through the backend than the original promotion and front-end sales.



Your Customers’ List Is A Gold Mine.

List-building is the process of continuously collecting a growing number of subscribers for the purpose of disseminating important information to them. This could be in form of news, services, products or events. The main objective of any business owner is to profit from the information delivered to the subscribers. In essence a responsive list is a gold mine.

It is therefore important to adopt some form of List Building Marketing Strategies that will continuously grow the list of your Subscribers on autopilot.


Mail Order Companies Email Strategies.

Have you ever sat down and reflected on how all the mail order companies make their money? Very simple and straight forward process. They regularly buy quality leads from lead companies. They make use of the lists of reputable solo ads companies.

They then launch their marketing assault. They send baits that are irresistible to these leads, get them hooked and then send their offers out to these large lists of prospects.

Then, they get some buyers from the lead capture, and their list in the process and start milking them making money from their growing list non stop. You can call their list cash cow since that’s where they tap into over and over again smile to their banks with millions.


Once they get the buyers in their database, they build a relationship with them. They keep sending their offer to those buyers and even those who have not purchased yet in their database over and over again and continue to make repeated sales and profits from those customers while making new customers at the same time.


Their marketing weapon is the customer list in their database which makes them their big money. Once you succeed in turning leads into your customers, it’s easy to build relationship and sell to them over and over again with your new offers.


Five Other Powerful List Building Methods

There are other list building methods. You are not limited to buying leads all the time, since you cannot compete financially with those big companies.

  1. For example one of the most powerful list building techniques is list building joint venture giveaways if done right. It’s list building on steroids . You can leverage on this system, build a large list within a short time if your offer or gift is attractive enough to make people to opt-in or subscribe to your newsletter.
  2. Another very powerful method of list building is through your affiliates efforts and list.
  3. You can also build a very huge list of subscribers in a very short time when you enter into a joint venture marketing with and leverage on a marketer with a very large responsive list
  4. There are great methods of list building using social media, including list building using facebook ,list building using youtube and the other social media platforms.
  5. There are also other offers of list building done for you services, or list building companies on the net. All you have to do is due diligence to ensure that such list building service is not a scam, excellent service and the list generated would be appropriate for your niche profit. Check Rapid List Maker Review for more information on this low-cost list building services that cover many areas list building.


The Mistake Of Not Building A list Of Subscribers For Your Business.

If for any reason you fail to keep the record of your customers, they are gone for ever. It would be impossible to make the future contact with them, build relationship, make repeated sales from the same customers.

All you are doing is just throwing real fortune down the drain.

That’s basically what you are doing when you fail to combine email marketing with your other marketing

strategies. You are simply throwing easy, repeat sales and money down the drain.


It has been confirmed from experience and marketing research that, most people don’t buy the first time they come in contact with a product or visit a website because of various factors including online scams.

Most people want to sit “on the fence” until they are sure of the claims on your website or about your offer.


Most even forget or could not be bothered to bookmark your website since they may not be convinced, or have any immediate need for product or service at first contact.

when they eventually realize they need to revisit your website in future,  they have no opportunity to come back and worse still may never be able to type the appropriate keywords or keyword phrases they used the first time that would land them on your website again.

Other websites may have overtaken your position in the search engines or social network.


Can you remember how many times you have visited a website, left, and later realized you needed to revisit the same website for additional important information that would help you to arrive at a most appropriate decision? Many a times, you only came to realize it was impossible because you failed to bookmark the site at the first contact.


This happens all the time, and the only way many of your visitors are ever going to come back to your website is if you capture their names and email addresses to build relationship with them and build trust that makes them to buy over and over again.


Money Is In The List

At the appropriate times, the marketers with responsive list, send surveys to their customers to know their wants and needs. They then tailor their next products to meet the demand of such hungry niche or customers.

This is the secret and the main reason some advanced marketers and gurus with large list are able to launch their products and make six figures within 48 hours. They are able to exploit the benefit of the power of their list and the lists of their joint venture partners as well as their affiliates or the large number of prospects of their membership sites.


List Building Management System

You must from the beginning of your business, you must have a list building management system as a matter of necessity, create a landing page lead capture form or lead capture page with optin form on your lead capture page and autoresponder connected to your opt-in form.

You may also have opt-in form created on the widget area of your wordpress site, blogger or any other platform you adopt for your website. There are some wordpress lead capture page themes and plugins that are readily available free or paid. With these types of themes you don’t have to worry yourself about the techie of creating a form from the scratch.


Autoresponder Services & Companies


There are also some autoresponder companies that give free lead capture page with their autoresponder service once you subscribed. You only need to fill in the necessary information and you are set to start collecting the names and the email addresses of your prospects.  These c autoresponder companies include Getgrespose, Eweber, Mailchimp and many other great ones.

You can also create a lead capture page on facebook.


So, if you want to maximize both your front-end and back-end sales and profits, set up a process that harnesses the power of email marketing. Then build relationship and regularly contact your list until they get into a buying decision.

Once you build trust and good rapport with your list, the trust would propel them to buy continuously from you.


It’s a lot easier to get them to buy from you in the future than a new visitor/prospect that is just knowing you or seeing your offer for the first time.


The Importance Of List Building.

In summary, with good reason, there s money in the list. Your list is a powerful marketing weapon that can give you repeated income. You can make more money through the back end than the original promotion and front-end sales most of the time. Once you succeed in turning leads into your customers, it’s easy to build relationship and sell to them over and over again with your new offers.