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Stream Store Cloud Review


Stream Store Cloud Review – Product Overview

Vendor Ariel Sanders
Product Stream Store Cloud
Launch Date December 22nd, 2020
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $19.90
Official site
Product Type eCommerce, affiliate marketing, Amazon Store
Refund 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Bonuses Yes
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed From Newbies To Pros
Support Effective Response


Stream Store Cloud Review – Introduction

Stream-Store -Cloud-Review

Welcome to my Stream Store Cloud review. I suggest you read my StreamStoreCloud review to get the necessary useful information for your buying decision.

With the current global financial constraints, knowing and making use of the right strategies for your online or offline business have become very important. The uncertainty everywhere has become more prevalent than ever.

There’s no doubt, Amazon is the leader in eCommerce. In spite of these difficulties, Amazon’s turn-over and profits went through the roof generating more than $135 billion in revenue last year.  While some Amazon affiliates made a killing and higher income,  it hasn’t been easy for many of Amazon Affiliates, to make good sales and income.

But with the new Amazon rules, the affiliate business becomes more difficult.

Creating an affiliate eCommerce store in profitable niches and feeding it with regular relevant content is one of the best ways to make money from Amazon’s huge store.

StreamstoreCloud gives you the opportunity to cash-in on Amazon’s success by creating an Amazon affiliate store in three steps in a few minutes.

This is why, the Cloud Stream Store software solution developed by Ariel Sanders is a game changer for many affiliates who have been struggling to make money online. The software. created by an experienced Amazon Affiliate and a seasoned product developer has been developed to solve most of the problems faced by newbie affiliates and take care of Amazon rules.

It is created to empower affiliates with tools that help them to create professional online stores that can bring fast commissions with little efforts and technical knowledge.

If you are an Amazon affiliate, looking forward to building an Amazon Store in any niche and Automate your Amazon Affiliate business then Stream store Cloud may be the solution that you have been looking for.


Stream Store Cloud Review – What Is Stream Store Cloud 

Stream Store Cloud is “stream” technology that allows you to build a fully automated, self-hosted Amazon store with unlimited products on demand and SEO article generator to rank of Google without any need for Amazon Keys.

With StreamStoreCloud you only need 3 clicks to build Amazon online stores with very little maintenance from you to generate a consistent income from your eCom site.

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Stream Store Cloud Review – About The Creator


Ariel Sanders who is a software developer, with his partner, have made 14 launches in the last 5 years and created several product launches on JVZoo and Warriorplus.

One of their best launches was “Stream Store” with 15,861 sales in JVzoo and WarriorPlus together, paying their affiliates a total of $266,196 before creating the latest version Stream Store Cloud.

Ariel Sanders is a digital product creator trusted by many buyers for the premium products he has developed. Definitely, StreamStoreCloud cannot be an exception.

With over a decade of experience in internet marketing products creation, they have produced several best-selling offers which included some of the following products: GoNews, Stream Store Cloud, BuzzPress, Absolute Jacker, Graphics Empire, Lead Octopus Complete Pack, Lead Octopus, Absolute Jacker Complete Pack, Absolute Jacker – Funnel, Writing Kindle Fiction Made Easy, WP Chat Live, BuzzPress and others.


Stream Store Cloud Review – Features & Benefits

Below are the powerful Key features of Stream Store Cloud:

100% Cloud Based:

Stream Store Cloud is cloud based, so you don’t need to install anything on your computer to use it. You can access StreamStore Cloud once you’re connected to the Internet, even with your mobile phone.

Unlimited Products:

Unlike other store builders that severely limit you, StreamStore  allows you to build an Amazon Store that lists all the entire products available in any niche or Category of your choice on Amazon.

StreamStore Cloud Streamlines products directly from Amazon. This allows you to get  complete products in your niche, and show them in your store.

Autopost Article Generator

With Stream Store you can generate thousands of content within just four clicks.

Hands-Free Content

Instead of spending hours or days to create content manually, StreamStoreCloud does the hard for you. It provides you with and creates thousands of Articles automatically.
With this feature, there won’t be any need to complain about lack of content on your site. Your automated Amazon store will keep adding fresh content and growing for a long time.

With this feature you can also create video contents, to keep your visitors engaged and get higher conversion rates.

Amazon Keys Not Required: 

With StreamStore, You Can Start Building A Fully-Automated Amazon Store Without having to get the first three sales to generate your API key. StreamStore provides you  with its own API key that you can use to create your own site quickly then easily Start Earning Affiliate Commissions immediately.

Get Started Instantly

With The above feature, You Can Get Your Automated Store Up And Running in less than twenty minutes.
This Ultimate Time-Saver helps you  To Start Building A Reliable Passive Income Store fast.

Fully-Responsive Design:

The mobile responsive design feature gives you the advantage of additional 22.6% of Internet traffic. Your site will look attractive to visitors who visit with their mobile phone.

Permanent Connection:

Once you have set up your store with Amazon Stream Store Cloud, your store will be permanently connected with Amazon.  This means your store will be staying up-to-date with any trend going on on Amazon. You won’t have to lose sales just because your store is displaying out-of-stock products.

Free Traffic

Stream Store Cloud also comes with with Article Spinner feature to Make Each Article on your site Unique and Article Translation to Any Language to get traffic from any part of the world.

Google rankings algorithms give more preferences to Unique Articles. This feature will help rank your store high in Google Search and will send you free traffic 24/7.

Unlimited Choice For Visitors

Your visitors will get an unlimited choice of products when they visit your store. They will receive dynamically generated content streamed directly from Amazon, so they’ll have unlimited choice.

The Real Set & Forget

Everything on Stream Store Cloud is automated. So, you don’t have to refresh the products on your site manually. Once your site is up and running, all the entire products will always be up to date. Once you complete the setup, the site continues to generate commissions for you on autopilot.

Stay Up To Date

StreamStore allows you to create an instant 24/7 streamlined connection with Amazon, so you can always stay up to date with what’s happening on Amazon.

Any time an event takes place on Amazon, it instantly reflects on your store. You wouldn’t have to do any of those frustrating manual updates.

Always Stay On The Trends.

Your visitors will get newest products, daily deals, discounts, and even free giveaways. This means, whatever happens on Amazon, instantly happens on your store. This feature alone takes you ahead of your competition  couldn’t achieve this with other store builders.

Keep Your Visitors Engaged.

This powerful feature that makes Your Amazon Store Stays On Trend, will not only make your life easier, but it can also make your visitors bookmark your store and come back again to check out the latest deals.

Country Detector

StreamStore will automatically match your store with the country of origin, as well as the language of your visitors.

StreamStore automatically detects the country of origin of your visitors and automatically transforms the Store to match the country of every visitor.

Sell To Amazon Customers Worldwide

Now your store can sell to every single person anywhere around the world. The purchase will be made in their local currency, and the items will be sent from the nearest local branches of Amazon.

Generate Higher Profits

Stream Store Cloud removes the limit of 60% market share that US traffic provides. With this feature, you can easily tap into the other 40% of traffic worldwide, and reach millions of potential buyers from all over the world.

Cool Landing Pages

StreamStore allows you to easily create an attractive, professional, high-class landing page.

Convert More Visitors

StreamStore landing page is designed to grab the attention of every single visitor, compel them to quickly search for the best offer you have on your store.

Let Them Stay, Search And Buy

You can choose from video, image, search capability, discount slider, and other powerful array of premium features to create the perfect landing page that entices your visitor to stay, search, and Buy.

Easy-To-Use Web 4.0 Technology

Stream Store Cloud uses advanced technology, that includes visual editor and templates created to help you get your site up and running within a few minutes.


Stream Store Cloud Review –  How To Use It

Step 1: Log in

Step 2: Create an account by filling in the required boxes of information

Step 3: Create an Amazon ID

Fill in the ID in the countries you want to have a market

Step 4: Choose Category Layout

Choose each category for each block in each market:

And see the store by choosing the Globe symbol:

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Stream Store Cloud Review – Pros & Cons


  • Easy To Use & Newbie Friendly
  • Start Your Affiliate Business Right Away
  • Proven Method To Promote Amazon Products
  • No Software Install Needed
  • Require Nothing, Specially No API Key Needed
  • No Content Writing Skill Needed
  • Low One-Time Price
  • No Technical Skills Or Experiences Needed
  • Variety Of In-Built Themes For Your Selection
  • Autopost Generator
  • Builds And Grows Your Online Business
  • Fully-Responsive Design
  • Accessible With Any Devices
  • Amazon Income From Multiple Countries
  • Highly Responsive Online Help Desk
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee



 There Is None Yet


Streamstorecloud Review – Who Should Buy Stream Store Cloud?

This product is suitable for those who want to earn passive income online by running Affiliate business.

If you belong to one of the categories of people mentioned below, Stream Store Cloud will be very useful for your business.

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • CPA Maketers
  • Online Maketers
  • CPA Maketers
  • Bloggers
  • Video marketers
  • eCom marketers + Amazon Stores Affiliates
  • Product Owners
  • Freelancers
  • Website Owners
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Local business Owners
  • Any other kinds of online business

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Stream Store Cloud Review – Pricing Funnel

Front-end: Stream Store Cloud


Stream Store Cloud Allows You To Build Fully automated Amazon Stores, without need of Amazon Keys, with Unlimited products on demand.

  • Doesn’t Requiere Amazon Keys: Get started instantly with StreamStore as it comes with its own API key that you can use to create your own site quickly and easily.
  • Unlimited Products: You can add the entire product in your niche directly from Amazon with StreamStore, and display them on your store.
  • Autopost Generator: Allows you to create video content, so you can keep your visitors engaged and get higher conversion rates.
  • 100% Cloud Based: You don’t need to install anything.
  • Permanent Connection: Once you’ve set up your store with StreamStore, your store will be permanently connected with Amazon and up to date with what’s really happening on Amazon.
  • Multiple Countries: You no longer have to stuck with a 60% share of the US market. StreamStore allows you to sell products to anyone all over the world.
  • Get Started Fast And Easy: Within just 10 seconds, your store will be up and running. No need to be hassled with any technical challenge.
  • Maximum Conversion: With the included landing page templates, you can make your store unique convincing your visitors to stay, search, and BUY.
  • Fully-Responsive Design: Your site will look awesome for visitors who visit with their mobile phone and get the 22.6% of Internet traffic.

    Stream Store Cloud Front-end Price: $19.90

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OTO 1: StreamStore Club


  • You can build unlimited stores.
  • 10 store Dfy templates are added to the user dashboard every month.
  • Database is updated each month with the trending products
  • SSL is added to all your stores and domain to give you higher ranking

StreamStore ClubPrice: $27


OTO 2: StreamStore Traffic


  • Easy-to-use software can bring thousands of targeted visitors to your store.
  • The fastest and easiest way to magnetically attract thousands of targeted visitors to your Amazon
  • Autopilot traffic autoposter, you can build a social audience for your amazon store.

StreamStore Traffic Price: $47

OTO 3: StreamStore Agency


  • Sell store-service to online or local businesses
  • Create an agency Amazon StreamStore access
  • Allow you to register your own accounts with StreamStore.
  • Easily charge $97-$497+ per client which will add up fast.

StreamStore Agency Price: $47


CloudStream Store Review – Bonuses

These bonuses will be delivered to you immediately after your purchase of Stream Store Cloud.



My Final Thoughts

I want to thank you for reading my Stream Store Cloud Review. I do hope the information did help you to make the right buying decision.

Once again, this software gives you an opportunity to start making passive income online.

The product comes with many bonuses for the early bird.

Also, there’s a guarantee of full refund of your investment if you’re not satisfied with the product.

If you miss out this launch event deal, you may have to pay more for it later.

I suggest you take your action now while the best deal is on. I wish you success and good luck.

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