Rapid List Maker Review

RapidListMaker is a low-cost list building services that cover many areas list building. This Rapid List Maker Review is to help you make a quality decision when comparing list building services.
With RapidListMaker.com you can be sure of building a list of highly responsive potential customers at affordable rates for anyone.

Whether you are a webmaster or a freelancer or any type of entrepreneur looking for a way to grow your business with customers you can build relationship with and make more profits, or seeking more exposure and customers for your business Rapid List Maker can help your business.


Quality of Rapid List Maker Leads

Rapidlistmaker Responsive Leads For Email List Building

When you join RapidListMaker.com to build your lists with new email leads, you are sure of getting good results.
The quality of leads from RapidListMaker is excellent. All of the leads provided have always been very fresh. Most often, they are less than 48 hours.

In addition, when you load the leads to your autoresponder, the bounce rate would be very low as almost all their leads are with valid email addresses.


Rapid List Maker Broadcasting Feature

The broadcasting feature of the Rapid List Maker is so easy to use with great results. All you need to do is to login and enter your broadcast message into the form of the service. The service will then send out your message to all your leads instantly.

I am in love with this feature as can I can easily send extra messages to all of my leads.



  • Verified high quality responsive leads from the USA.
  • Affordable Pricing Options.
  • Receive Leads Instantly.
  • Easy interface to use for all skill levels.
  • Targeting categories and industry niches.
  • Tracking link with every campaign which enables you to track the results of your campaign.
  • Customized service
  • Great customer support.


Rapid List Maker Pricing Plans

Starter Plan: $10 / month

Fresh USA Leads Per Day (150 Total Leads Per Month)

  • Custom Targeting
  • Text, CSV, & XLS Downloads
  • Broadcast Add-On Optional*
  • Excellent Support


Pro Plan: $40 / month

20 Fresh USA Leads Per Day (600 Total Leads Per Month)

  • Custom Targeting
  • Text, CSV, & XLS Downloads
  • Broadcast Add-On Optional*
  • Excellent Support


Deluxe Plan: $80 / month

40 Fresh USA Leads Per Day (1200 Total Leads Per Month)

  • Custom Targeting
  • Text, CSV, & XLS Downloads
  • Broadcast Add-On Optional*
  • Excellent Support

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Email List Building with Rapid List Maker Leads

Getting Access To Your Leads.

RapidListMaker.com supplies the  in different formats. You can download your lead from a text file, or a comma delimited file, or a spreadsheet format. Downloading the leads is so easy and you can even  import into your autoresponder service without any problem.


Downloading Your Leads.

If you are downloading the leads to your autoresponder, it would be better to download in the CSV file format, since most autoresponder service providers accept the CSV file format.  It's a  breeze importing your leads into your autoresponder system.


With the broadcaster I can pre-schedule my messages and ads to all of my leads. I can specify which day of the week I would like my message sent out to my leads.

So far I have no complaints for using the broadcaster.
RapidListMaker.com also claims they can handle all unsubscribe requests without me getting any problem.


Rapid List Maker Testimonials

Rapid List Maker Testimonials

My Final Thoughts On Rapid List Maker Review.

The quality of RapidListMaker is exceptionally high. Their leads are fresh, their support is great and they even allow you to change your lead targeting any time you wish to.

I therefore recommend this lead service for your list building and affiliate promotion.

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