Raiid Review


Raiid Review

Raiid Review – Product Overview

Vendor: Mark Bishop, Venkata Ramana & Nakul N
Product: Raiid
Launch Date: Wednesday, August, 26th, 2020
Launch Time: 11:00 am EST 
Front-End Price: $16.93 (Starting Price)
Official Website: https://www.raiid.co
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: Affiliate Marketing 
Recommendation: Highly Recommend


Raiid Review – Introduction



Welcome to my Raiid Review. Affiliate marketing is the easiest method to make money online. It is fast and effective when one has learnt the ropes. Affiliate marketing can be so lucrative when one has mastered affiliate marketing and can make big money right off the bat; without weeks, months or years of hard ‘grunt work of product creation, getting everything set up and the necessary support after sale.

The reason why I like Raiid system is, it’s designed to auto create assets that make passive income on Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Platform where affiliates earn between 50 and100% commission per sale while promoting digital products on ClickBank Affiliate Markrting platform.

With Raiid, the tedious work has been removed. So no or guess work.


Raiid Review – The Creators

The Raiid software , is a cloud based system that has just been released by 3 online marketing experts, Mark Bishop, Ventaka Ramana and Nakul Niwaskar to automate affiliate marketing  and get affiliate commissions within a short time.



Raiid eliminates the need for monthly hosting fee which may be a problem for a new affiliate marketer  on shoe string budget. The App takes the stress of putting an affiliate site together from the ground up off you as a user. Everything is automated and Done-For-You as you follow the automation steps.

Essentially Raiid is designed to automate the building of affiliate marketing sites using Clickbank affiliate marketing platform.

Content generation is automated with your affiliate links embedded in every post generated.

Then Raiid allows you to syndicate the content, in order to get buyers traffic to your site as quickly as possible. With Raiid, there are no additional costs involved to get your affiliate site up and running.

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Raiid Review – Features and Benefits of Raiid

What Is Raiid?

Raiid is a cloud based Affiliate Marketing System that automates a proven affiliate formula. It’s an automated affiliate marketing system that creates complete ‘automated profiting’ CBA Hubs.

This  allows anyone to instantly generate affiliate results and daily affiliate commissions from any niche on ClickBank affiliate platform without cost or experience.

Raiid builds fully hosted assets while generating profits in a very short time. Users of the software can generate real results and affiliate commissions within the first 7 days of use in addition to the potential of getting passive results over time when they  continue to use the software.

Training: Easy to follow and understand video tutorials are included inside the member area to make it easy for you to leverage the benefits from Raiid.

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How Does Raiid Work?

Raiid Review: Raiid is activated to be fully operational In 3 Steps

Step 1: Research: You can instantly research and find the best selling ClickBank products in any niche using keywords with one click. Select the product you wish to promote and generate relevant keywords.

You can get the products based on various CB provided filters such as Gravity,  popularity, Earning %, avg sale, Recurring, without having to do it manually.


Step 2: Create Asset – Use the content creator to find and create content posts to match chosen products. Raiid helps you to select posts from the displayed posts and you also have the option of adding your own posts.

Built-In Links: Your affiliate links are automatically embedded by the app when it’s creating content for your site.

This affiliate links is automatically embedded in each post.

 Spin: With the Spinning capability, you are allowed to spin the content generated automatically.


Step 3: Syndicate and Generate Free Traffic. Syndicate each ClickBank content post across 5 high traffic platforms with built in links.  This feature allows you to syndicate your site Posts across 5 high traffic platforms for free traffic.

Raiid generates affiliate profits in the short term while building assets for passive income.

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Raiid Review – Who Can Use Raiid?

  • Affiliate Marketers,
  • Online Marketers
  • Video Marketers
  • Cpa Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Product Creators
  • List Builders
  • High Ticket Consultants
  • Students
  • Work At Home Moms
  • Pensioners
  • Authors
  • Coaches
  • Content Creators
  • Youtubers
  • Email Marketers
  • SEO Pros
  • Business Owners
  • Freelancers

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Raiid Review – Pros & Cons


  • Newbie Friendly. ‘Low-Tech’, Easy To Understand And Apply System.
  • Raiid Is A Cloud Based ‘Self Contained’ Affiliate System
  • Easy To Use Interface
  • No Hosting Or Any Additional Running Costs After The Initial Investment Except Where you Buy Additional Upsells To Fast Track Your Results.
  • Automates A Proven Affiliate Formula To Generate Affiliate Commission.
  • Generates Real Results And Passive Affiliate Commissions
  • Raiid Builds Fully Hosted Assets While Generating Profits Today.
  • Instant Daily Affiliate Commissions From Clickbank Without Cost Or Experience
  • You Can Add 1 Unique Domain.
  • Step-By-Step Training Videos Included
  • Dedicated 24/7 Support Team



The Front-End is restricted to promoting 10 products per month without any recurring fees


Watch the Demo Video

Raiid Demo Video

Raiid Review – Raiid Users Testimonials & Feedback

What Early Users Are Saying

Art Flair

Raiid Is NOT Going To Make You Rich Overnight  

I was lucky enough to get early access to Raiid.

First of all, I will say that Raiid is not going to make you rich overnight when you push one button.

The whole method inside the software is set-up around a Tried and Tested ClickBank / Affiliate Formula which has been around for years.

It works because instead of promoting the latest launch /software, what you actually do, is promote products in other niches.

And there are hundreds of them, for example you might promote a product about weight loss, or you might promote a product in the survivalist /prepper niche.

As I said, there are hundreds of niches here and they all make affiliates commission  every day. But unlike the product launch market, most of the ClickBank products stay in the marketplace and stay relevant. So they continue to sell. That means affiliates can make consistent commissions over a long period instead of short term spikes followed by nothing.

The formula works, and Raiid semi automates the formula for you, so why wouldn’t you try it?

Art Flair


Mike Mckay

The trick here is not the system itself

It’s pretty simple really. 1. Login 2. Pick  a product 3. The software creates the post and embeds your affiliate link for you, you then check through and tweak here and there , and then 4. Syndicate the post.

And do it again. The trick here is not the system itself, we all know it works, it always has done, and it always will.

The trick is the speed in which you can complete all of these steps.

Don’t overthink it, just pick a product, get it out there and move onto the next one.  Simple!

Mike Mckay


T. Praveen

These Products Have Been Selling For Years

Raiid is really quite different from most of today’s products. It’s not all about the latest thing, doing what everyone else is doing, and trying to compete in an overcrowded space.

You can find and promote products in any niche, some with hardly any competition, and the results are evergreen because many of these products have been selling for years and will continue to do so.

T. praveen



I Don’t Get Accepted As An Affiliate

One of the first things that I like is that I can pick a product with Raiid and I get my Clickbank link to promote product straight away. Just this part makes it a great thing for new marketers, because I don’t get accepted as an affiliate normally, or it might take a long time. It’s also good because it is a different way of doing affiliate marketing so I  don’t need an email list or have to spend more on other things.



Kapil G

I Used To Do This Personally

I would say Raiid is a modern spin on a Clickbank affiliate marketing plan that lots of affiliates have used to make money over the years. I used to do this personally and it has always worked well, but it was time consuming.

If you do it the old way, everything needed to be done manually or you had to pay people on fiverr to do some parts, so it takes some time. With Raiid, each part of the plan is included in one place and it does most of it for you. The other neat thing is the built in syndication (traffic). I have no hesitation in recommending this software.

Kapil G.


Raiid Review: Product Pricing & Funnels

Front End  Features: RAIID – CORE


Research: Raiid includes market research module for clickbank. Users can instantly research and find the best selling product in Clickbank using keywords with one click. Users can filter products by various filters like their popularity, Earning %, avg sale, Gravity, Recurring etc without the need to log-into ClickBank.

Promote: Users can choose 2-3 products to promote at a time. Raiid automatically selects posts in the same category/sub category/Niche and displays them.

Create: Users can then select posts from the displayed posts and can even add their own posts

Spin: Users can spin content automatically.

Built In Links: Users affiliate links are automatically embedded by the software as it creates content.

Syndicate: Users can then syndicate CB Promo Posts across 5 high traffic platforms for free traffic

Training: Video training included

FE monthly quota (no recurring fees)

  • 1 Sub domain
  • 1 Domain – Cname mapping
  • Promote 10 products per month
  • 5 platform syndication

Raiid Front End Price – $16.93

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OTO 1  – Raiid Heist

  • Same features as FE with the following additions
  • Unlimited use
  • 3 Sub domains
  • 3 Domain – Cname mapping
  • Promote UNLIMITED products per month
  • Syndicate across 12 high traffic platforms

Raiid OTO 1 Price: $67


OTO 2 – Raiid Smash & Grab

  • Same features as FE with the following additions
  • Automate: Users can set keywords enabling the Raiid system to check for related posts & content according to set schedule and then create with users embedded affiliate link and post.
  • 5 Sub domains
  • 5 Domain – Cname mapping

Raiid OTO 2 Price: $37


OTO3 – Raiid Smash & Grab (Pixel added to sales page)

  • User Pixel is added to Swarm sales page enabling them to build a large targeted audience.

Raiid OTO 3 Price: $97


OTO4 – Raiid AGENCY (Reseller package)

  • Reseller package

Raiid OTO 4 Price: $67


OTO5 – Raiid – 1k Week V2

  • 1k Week V2 video tutorial with Done-for-you products. 6 Products
  • All the user needs to do is fill in the blanks, generate and give away high quality pre-configured products. Each product becomes unique to the user after filling in the blanks.
  • Users benefit from an inbuilt promotional structure.

Raiid OTO 5 Price: $127

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