PointRank 2.0 Review



PointRank 2.0 Review


PointRank 2.0 Review – Product Overview

Vendor Tom Yevsikov, Gaurab Borah & Yogesh Agarwal  
Product PointRank 2.0
Launch Date Sunday, December 20th, 2020
Launch Time 10:00 AM EST
Front-End Price $37
Official Website Pointrank.net/special
Bonuses Yes
Product Type Software, Video Marketing, Youtube Marketing
Recommended Highly Recommended
Support Effective Response
Skill Level Needed From Newbie To Experts Levels
Refund 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee


PointRank 2.0 Review – Introduction



Welcome to my PointRank 2.0 Review. It’s no secret that traffic is the lifeblood of any website. Video marketing is hot and a primary driver of high quality traffic online today and for a long time to come. We all know that Youtube search engine and Google (the owner of Youtube) are dominating video traffic online and are primary sources of massive traffic.

But as a small or new online marketer who may even be a complete beginner with shoe string budget, how can you  compete in generating targeted traffic to sites competing with the seasoned marketers and big companies with millions of dollars in budgets for ads every year?

One of the best ways to achieve this is video marketing. Many affiliate marketers and online business owners are making a killing with video marketing on Youtube and Google.

But unfortunately, creating a video, ranking it, keeping it on top of Youtube and Google, for targeted keywords of your choice for your niches could be a pain in the neck.

It requires an enormous set of skills:

  • Your video has to be unique from all others
  • You have to make a video content of high quality than others in your niche
  • If you don’t know how to go about it, you may end up spending a big budget
  • You have to rank your videos and also make it stick to the top

So what is the solution for average online marketer like you and I, who need traffic without all the above challenges or breaking the bank?

  • Is there a search engine traffic software that can be a game changer?
  • Is there any way you can avoid burning your budget in software for backlinks, and all these so called SEO freelancers, SEO services that many at times prove ineffective?
  • Suppose there’s an application that can change the system completely in your favor and .and rank your contents on the first page of Google and Youtube for several keywords and keep them there for a long time?
  • Is there any way you can get massive targeted traffic from these two search engines with no stress and heavy budget?.

There is a revolutionary cloud based software with modern technology that can easily help you to get page #1 rankings on both Google and YouTube in minutes for keywords of your choice. You may even rank for difficult keywords with simple little Live Videos, without backlinks, without video creation, and without any SEO experience.

This software is PointRank 2.0.

I would advise you to read carefully through my PointRank 2.0 Review and find out all information about PointRank 2.0 below

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PointRank 2.0 Review – What is PointRank

PointRank 2.0 is a new, all-in-one, cloud-based software that helps you optimize and promote your videos on Youtube and Google in just a few minutes.

It is a software that automates Live Events for many weeks in just 2 minutes. These Automation Events can be created on multiple YouTube accounts to drive Free, Fast & Highly Targeted traffic to any niche, or offer of your choice.

With PointRank 2.0 , you ca n also find & extract Key Ranking Factors from Top Videos

Upload a pre-recorded video or find a video to use legally

And also use Multiple Videos or a Single Video with its feature that makes aach Video Unique when it goes Live

This tool makes it easy for you to achieve page #1 rankings in just a few minutes without any backlinks, video creation or any SEO experience.

PointRank 2.0 has the power of accelerating the number of your video viewing, leads and sales.

With PointRank 2.0, it is easy for you to automatically set up and schedule anytime your live events on YouTube for month with no more than 2 minutes. So it means that you will have the chance to enjoy free and highly-targeted.


PointRank Review – The The Product Creators

PointRank Creators

PointRank 2.0 was created by Tom Yevsikov, Gaurab Borah & Yogesh Agarwal who are popular, experienced online marketers and product creators who have teamed up to launch some products including  EasyRankr, ProfitEagle, Newb, Ranksnap, Email Pro Tools.

Tom Yevsikov and Gaurab Borah his partner are both 6-figure marketers in their niches.

Tom has produced cost-effective solutions to traffic generation, list building, Make Money Online tools which have been some of the best-selling products for a long time. His products are always top-notch and affordable.. He has made over 51,000 sales on JVZoo and over 15,000 sales on WarriorPlus.

He has launched a lot of different products such as Vidinflux, Live Event Blaster, StorieBot .

Gaurab Borah has launched many online marketing products including List Cash, Invisible Optin, Local Sales Lightning, Newcommerce Suite, and many others.

Learn More on PointRank 2.0

PointRank 2.0 Review – PointRank 2.0 Features & Benefits

Add To Multiple YouTube Account (From 1 to 5 depending on your purchase option)

 Some Automations Every month (From 4 to 10 also depending on your purchase option)

 Plan A number Single Events (From 10 to 100 depending on your purchase option)

One Time Payment with No Recurring Fee.

You pay for PointRank 2.0 once and it’s yours without any future recurring fees.

Up To Date Google Algorithm Compliance.

The software complies with the latest Google Algorithm.

Go LIVE with Pre-Recorded Videos.  

Get ranked  fast with Live Events or Live Streams. With PointRank 2.0, and its This Live Event Automation feature,  you can create content without showing your face in front of the camera..

 Rank Your Video Fast.

PointRank 2.0 helps you to rank your video fast with Simple but Unique Videos  because both Google and YouTube love unique videos.

 Long Term Rankings With One-Of-A-Kind Sticky Live Technology.

This feature sets your videos to go live again and again in a proven manner, which helps  you to get long term rankings all the time

PUSH” Tech That Keeps Your Videos Rankings 

The Push Tech uses social backlinks to help your videos remain ranking,

Multiple Formats

With this feature in this video marketing software you can optimize your video quickly with a variety of templates, video gallery, thumbnail gallery, and image editor. This is another powerful feature of PointRank.

 Find and Extract Data From High Ranking Videos.

You just simply enter your keyword, PointRank 2.0 will then find the top ranking videos for your keyword. It will extract the Title, Description, Tags of Top Ranked videos for you to select, edit and add your own variation.

 Leverage On Super Ranking Videos & Use Legally In Seconds.

This feature is highly effective and helps you to remove all guessing and working hard. Within a few seconds you can get essential SEO elements from big super ranking videos for your own videos.

 Make Your Videos Stand Out With In-Built Video Revamp Tool and Thumbnail Editor.

This can be very useful if you want to make your own mark on the videos. The revamp tool and thumbnail editor features are enough to cover the cost of the software.

 Set Your Campaigns Once And Forget It For Weeks.

You can schedule your Live Events for next 2 weeks or even a month with a few clicks. PointRank 2.0 will ensure your video is ranked at the top.  It will continuously do Live Video on automation to keep your video ranked at the top on a daily basis

Lead Collection & Follow Up System For Recurring Passive Income

Collect leads and send them Unlimited emails using the in-built Autoresponder. With this feature inside the PointRank dashboard, you can get leads from the traffic generated to to your videos in a few clicks.

You can make your visitors to sign up to your email list with the built-in 1-Click Facebook Lead Generation System and instantly follow up with them with email marketing for days or even months.

The system automatically follows up with them using pre- set emails, builds a relationship with them, and allows broadcasts.

Enjoy Free Traffic & Sales 24/7.

Once you schedule a A Live Event, PointRank will start to work behind the scene to bring highly targeted traffic every single day on autopilot. If you invest in the upgrade version of, PointRank 2.0, this will increase your traffic by reposting your video Every Few Days to social media. This will give you get more traffic and link juice

High-Quality Traffic Promotion

PointRank contains a feature that can help you to receive thousands or even millions of views on your videos. If you can drive a lot of views to your video, this will help you rank  high on the search engines with higher traffic and connection juice


PointRank 2.0 Review – How It Works STEP BY STEP:

PointRank Has It’s Engine Built Based On L.G.R.L Formula.  The 4 Step Formula To The Success Of The System.

Step 1 – Leverage Million Dollar Videos

This step is all about Leverage.

Leverage Million dollar videos, the SEO titles, descriptions and tags that the high ranking videos use to Rank

In a few seconds, it will take exactly what makes those big super ranking videos that make as much as millions per months, reverse engineer the seo elements that make it rank, and grab it for your own Video

This is drop dead simple and amazingly effective. This is not the engine to boost your rankings, but it is the foundation of which without it you cannot rank at all.

Step #2- Generate/Upload Video

Google and YouTube like unique videos

Generate a video of your own in 1 second, to rank in your niche.

This software will create for you in seconds a super simple video that is loved by Google and YouTube.

You can even go deeper, and edit the video with more depth and add extra elements, but you don’t need to, if all you seek is Traffic

Step #3 – Rank The Video

It is no secret that live events are popular. Youtube and Google promote live videos over standard videos and their rankings are usually higher.

But there are a few challenges.

Issue #1 – You need to go live without being live or else it’s a waste of time and difficult

Issue #2 – Even as you go live, you need to make sure everything is fine without you being present

With PointRank , you can Rank the video using an automated live event submission without actually going live and do it to multiple videos at once,

This is the Engine that drives your traffic in the first place, and pushes everything upwards quickly.

This function of the software does it for you and gets you insane rankings in minutes..

Step #4 – Long Term Rankings

Long Term Rankings with Sticky Technology that ranks the video again and again by going live again and again in a proven manner.

This feature gives you an amazing automation.

So now your video is live and gets rankings. After some time the ranking begins to drop, and you won’t rank for hard keywords as well.

The PointRank Version 2.0 is more Powerful, Easier to Rank Videos and Profit Long Term. It will keep bumping your live video on page #1, and so you always get long term rankings for months and even years. This will help you rank for harder keywords.

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PointRank 2.0 Review – Pros & Cons


  • Newbie & User-friendly software
  • No previous advanced technical skills and experience required
  • All in one platform to generate, optimise & rank videos in minutes
  • 100% free traffic from Google & Youtube
  • Sticky rankings technology for long term results
  • One Time Payment
  • Very Reasonable price for the benefits
  • Saves you time and money
  • Nothing to install or download. So No need to install any other software
  • The support desk is always ready 24/7
  • Promote your video traffic within seconds
  • Limited time only – get a commercial license to work with high paying clients!
  • Finally tap into the massive potential of seo without actually knowing seo
  • Works on both Mac and PC
  • 3o Days Money back guarantee


This is not push button software as hyped. Some hard keywords may not be easily ranked at the top but even with this, the overall performance is very powerful.

PointRank 2.0 Review – Who Should Buy PointRank 2.0?

This software is for online marketers whether newbies or professionals who want to generate massive traffic with low-budget and minimum efforts.

PointRank 2.0 is a powerful tool that can change the of fortune beginners.

  • Local business Owners
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Online Business Owners
  • Bloggers
  • Video Marketers
  • Product Creators
  • Freelancers
  • Video agencies
  • Offline Marketers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Marketers with eCommerce stores

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Take A Sneak Peak At The  Detailed Demo Video:

PointRank 2.0 Demo Video




PointRank 2.0 Review – Earning Proof

RESULTS Of Our Customers

Already Getting Ranked & Making Sales In Less Than

24 Hours After Launch




PointRank 2.0 Review – Testimonials



Pointrank 2.0 Review – Pricing Funnel

Front End – Pointrank (Pointrank 2.0 Lite & Pointrank 2.0 Elite)


PointRank allows you to set Up An Automation Live Event For  Months In Just 2 Minutes resulting in  Free, Fast and Highly Targeted Traffic.

How Does It Work?

When you Go Live, Youtube & Google reward you With Higher Rankings and Traffic, But once the Live Event ends, you lose The Rankings.

Pointrank 2.0 allows you to Schedule A Live Event. You can Schedule a Live Event for 20 Days in Advance which allows you to Rank For 20 Days, with Free Traffic while you are Collecting Leads with the In-Built Autoresponder.

But once the 20 Days expires, Pointrank will automatically make your video unique and start a new live event every time you lose your rankings.

So you keep getting Traffic and Leads.

With Pointrank Software, you can:

  • Create Single Live Events
  • Create Automation Live Events
  • Add Multiple Youtube Accounts
  • Find & Extract Key Ranking Factors From Top Videos
  • Upload A Pre-Recorded Video Or Find A Video To Use Legally \
  • You can use Multiple Videos Or A Single Video – Our Technology Makes Each Video Unique When It Goes Live

New – Social Links Booster

  • Boost Your Rankings Automatically By Using Backlinks.
  • Indexes Your Sites, Videos & Links Faster On Search Engines, Giving You Better Rankings, Faster!
  • Automated Traffic From Social Media
  • Unlimited Accounts In Social Media
  • Ability To Configure Data Posting Format In Social Media
  • Automatic Repost After 2-5 Days
  • Ping All The Links Of Social Media
  • New – In-Built Autoresponder With 1-Click Facebook Lead Generation

Front-End Offer has 2 Options:

·         Pointrank 2.0 Lite: $37 (For Personal Use Only)

1 Youtube Accounts

4 Automations Every Month

10 Single Events

·         Pointrank 2.0 Elite: $47 (Commercial License Included)

5 Youtube Accounts Instead Of 1

10 Automations Every Month Instead Of 4

100 Single Events Instead Of 10

Premium Support – Response Within 24 Hours

Commercial License – Run Clients Campaigns With Pointrank 2.0.

Pointrank Front-End Price:  $37-$47

Upgrade 1 – Pointrank Pro

  • Unlock The Power Of Unlimited Youtube Accounts & Unlimited Automations. Drive Unlimited Traffic To Your Offers.
  • Add Unlimited Youtube Accounts
  • Create Unlimited Live Event Automations
  • Create Unlimited Single Events
  • Add Unlimited Social Media Accounts
  • Pure Automation, Repost Your Social Links Every Few Days
  • Video Spinning. Spintax Support Included
  • Full Hd Quality Live Stream – 1080p
  • Dfy Promo Campaigns To Use With the included Autoresponder

Pointrank Upgrade 1 Price: $67

Upgrade 2 – Pointrank Local

  • Creates Videos For Yourself or For Your Clients & Everything Happens With Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse.
  • Lands High Paying Local Clients & Gets Them Page #1 Rankings For Multiple Keywords At Once In Minutes.
  • Help Them Rank For Their Local Business In Multiple Cities, Areas For Multiple Keywords At Once.

Pointrank Upgrade 2 Price: $47

Upgrade 3 – Pointrank Agency

  • With Pointrank Agency Upgrade, you have Access To Add Up to between 50 – 200 Sub-Accounts.
  • It Comes With A Fully Designed SEO-Ready Website
  • You Can Just Upload To Your Host and start Marketing As A Video And Lead Generation Marketing Agency.
  • You can also Your Clients 1-Time Fee or Recurring Fee for this service.

Pointrank Upgrade 3 Price: $197-$297

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PointRank 2.0 Review – Bonuses

Once you purchase PointRank 2.0, you will receive exclusive bonuses worth $1000s from the creators.

These bonuses include the following:



PointRank Review – My Final Thoughts

I want to thank you for reading through my PointRank 2.0 Review. . I do hope by now you have discovered the power of this tool and it’s usefulness to your business.

I do hope my PointRank 2.0 Review has helped you with making the right buying decision.

I highly recommend that you give tool a try and have the opportunity of  generating massive profits.

As earlier indicated, your investment is at no risk as the software comes with 30 Days money back guarantee. There’s also a discount and many bonuses for the early action takers.

Take your action now to enjoy the best deal.

 To your success.

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