Affiliate Marketing Business Plan


The 18 Step-by-Step Quick Start Guide to Your Affiliate Marketing Business Plan to Start Making Passive Affiliate Commissions On Autopilot. Why You Need an Affiliate Marketing Business Plan and How To Start Making Affiliate Sales and Profits.


Step 1: Get Into The Right Mindset.

You can hardly ever be successful in life as a person or any business including Affiliate Marketing Business Plan if your attention is focused on the hurdles you need to scale for you to achieve success.

The second fact stipulates you can never go far if you only focus on the returns or profits you want to make in your internet business if you don’t give a proper consideration to your buyers or customers. Affiliate marketing is a form of internet business, so, it’s not all about your profits or how many sales you will make from a campaign.


Step 2: Establish Affiliate Marketing Business Goals

Setting clear goals for your Affiliate Marketing Business will achieve will help you identify the all the necessary factors, resources that you will need to succeed, types of affiliate marketing and affiliate products you will promote, and you will be able to measure your progress.

Short-term or long-term Goals.

You will be able to set immediate short-term goal including the daily and weekly goals, such as writing content, social media marketing, search engine optimization.

For long-term goal how and when to achieve, some level of building your website to authority level, bringing the right amount of quality traffic to generate conversion and sales, monetization of website, tracking of activities in order to know where you’re getting the best conversion and sales, list building and relationship building, achieving high domain authority for your website, to gradually making steady commissions and scaling it up and  getting connected to the best product sellers and affiliate networks and partners that will help you to gradually expand your customer base and revenues over years.


Step 3: Your Customers’ Interest And Satisfaction 

Your buyers’ impression about you and your affiliate marketing is very important and determines their response, engagement and trust. All these factors determine whether they will buy through you or not.

In essence, your customers’ interest and satisfaction determine the level of your success.

  • Therefore, they must see you as a person they can trust to inform whatever decision they would take to solve their problems or remove the pains that made them to come to your website.
  • They must see you as sincere and someone who knows better and can proffer solution that would be beneficial to their needs.
  • The product you offer or you promote must be highly related to what your target audience wants in order to get clicks and sales that result in commissions to you.


Step 4: Affiliate Marketing Business Mentoring and Coaching

  • You must see your affiliate marketing as a business, treat it as such, which it is anyway. You must be committed to the affiliate business until you make your business work.
  • You must also be very careful about shinny objects that would be coming your way online every moment. They are distraction to your success. You should learn to handle these distractions well.
  • If you’re new to internet business or affiliate marketing, it is essential that in order to avoid distractions, frustration and failure you should look out for affiliate mentoring programs that can quickly fast track your success if you can afford it. This will help you to start making some affiliate commissions before you get distracted or frustrated.
  • There are many online affiliate marketing mentoring programs that a craps. You should not waste your time, effort or money on them but a few I can recommend among the best are Wealthy affiliate university and Chris Farrell membership. These are not necessarily the only premium affiliate marketing mentoring programs but a few of the best online.
  • For more information about these affiliate training programs click on Wealthy Affiliate University and Chris Farrell Membership.


  • More importantly, you should consider one-on-one affiliate mentoring that should be added as soon as you start making sales. If possible, you can start right from onset with one-on-one affiliate coaching if you can afford it. They are always a bit expensive ranging from about $997 to $1997 on the average. You will learn the ropes and start making sales within the shortest time. In some cases, the coach would promote you and your products to his list and other successful affiliate marketers. This will give you a heavy leverage into a recognized affiliate marketer very fast.


  • You can also buy some affiliate marketing training products online. The problem with this approach is that most of them don’t give you enough information to make any sales. You will still require a lot of additional information from various sources for you to even get a good start. This may get you frustrated as you buy from one new offer to another without making any headway.


  • But a very powerful affiliate marketing product I came across recently is called Traffic Victory. This is perhaps the best affiliate marketing training product for new affiliate marketers I have ever come across in the recent past. You watch over Marc’s shoulder directly in the videos as he sets up a new site from scratch to making huge commission in affiliate marketing. Nothing is left out. This course is supposed to teach on ranking your web site  on page 1 (Top Ten) of Google consistently with huge traffic to your site but it goes beyond that and covers everything you need to know and achieve on your website. Starting from
  • Setting up your WordPress site from the scratch,
  • Installing the theme and plugins,
  • Optimizing your website step by step for search engines and conversion 
  • Customizing your Theme to make it unique to your site
  • Branding Your Web Site
  • Monetizing the site
  • Social Media Marketing live on the net. 

The creators of this course designed Traffic Victory so that new affiliate marketers can understand the contents effortlessly as they watch the videos. Beyond this, this strategy requires less than two weeks to make your business run on complete autopilot after you launch it.

You also will not have to pay for expensive traffic as it only uses free but highly potential sources. Overall, it gives affordable methods to kick start your affiliate business.


Step 5: Pick A Profitable Niche

If you are not connecting to a mentor from start, you need to choose a niche that you can succeed at promoting. A niche where people are actively buying. Something that is profitable but you’re interested in. You will have a great advantage if you are knowledgeable in that niche.

Lack of interest will hurt your affiliate marketing business, conversion, sales and commissions severely.

  • Picking a niche you like will also make it easier to do a thorough research on each topics of the content on your site. It will continue to improve your knowledge of the target market and the product offer.
  • Evaluate the niches that give you some confidence or excitement or passion as this will help you to move ahead all the time.

This is the niche you should be focused on and products in this niche are what you should be promoting if you plan to succeed at affiliate marketing.


Step 6: Create A Site Around Your Niche

The SEO strategy is to choose a domain name that relates directly to the niche you’ve earlier chosen. Try to make your domain name short and easy to remember to enable your website visitors and prospective customers to remember the name of your site easily.

  • Use domain search tools at domain name registrars like, or to find out what domain names are available and to register your preferred name. I would rather prefer Namecheap. Their customer service is far better than I was formerly using before switching over to Namecheap.
  • Select a quality Web host, such as
  • or
  • or
  •, to host your site.
  • These three are among the best web hosting services online.
  • Their servers will help your site to rank in search engines.
  • All their servers have good uptime of your site over 99.9%
  • Their hosting plans are among the cheapest and best anywhere online.
  • They have hosting plans for every stage of internet marketing or for your new affiliate marketing business, starting from $3.95/month.
  • Their support are top notch, still better compared to other web hosting services although not perfect.

A quality Web host is one with good uptime of your site, good customer support, and good reviews from customers. No web host is perfect but the above three despite any shortcoming are excellent.

I suggest you choose WordPress for your site. Decide on how you will build your WordPress site, Any of the above three Web hosting provider’s Web building software will help you get your WordPress website running online with three steps in less than 5 minutes.

If you purchase Traffic Victory, everything is laid step-by-step on how to use WordPress proficiently and create your site with the clean and free theme that will give your site a professional look.


Step 7: Choose the Right Affiliate Network


The best way to go into affiliate marketing is to select an affiliate network.

Research for the right affiliate programs through any of the affiliate network to find the one(s) you can use in your affiliate marketing campaign. Then, find the products you want to promote.
Six of the main Affiliate Networks are:

ClickBank, is one of the oldest and most popular affiliate networks. Unlike Amazon and ShareASale that  offer only physical products, ClickBank deals generally in digital products like e-books and software, as well as membership sites and also physical products. and specialize basically on digital products.

All six affiliate platforms require registration before you can use and promote products they offer.


Affiliate Disclosure:

The primary objective of this post is to give information that can help you take the right decision and get the best for your affiliate marketing needs. However, some of the links may contain affiliate links which means that if you choose to make a purchase through such links, I will earn a commission.

Please note that any commission made from any purchase you make comes to you at no extra cost.

Please, do understand that I recommend these products, because they are premium, helpful and useful, not primarily because of the small commissions I make if you decide to purchase through any of the links on this page.

You may not spend any money on any of these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your affiliate marketing business goals.