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  A brief Review of Instant Article Wizard.

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Instant Article Wizard is one of Jonathan Leger products on Internet marketing. It is an article writing software that goes online, researches and then selects snippets of high quality content from eleven authoritative search engines database and websites using any keywords you input into it. With instant article wizard write quality articles on any topic.

It takes those snippets collected from these eleven (11) sources to create a single unique article. With the help of other tools like The Best Spinner and CopyScape, Instant Article Wizard will identify all relevant keywords and phrases in the new article. In other words, you will be able to create a new article as well as multiple unique versions of that particular article while the article will be unique.

Besides these features, you also have the option to rearrange the order of sentences and paragraphs in just a few clicks until you are satisfied with the result of the content produced.

You can check the uniqueness of the article through plagiarism software, Copyscape, and make all the necessary adjustments before posting the article to your blog.

With Instant Article Wizard, you can create your very own unique and relevant article without researching through various search engines and websites yourself or writing.


Overview Of Review of Instant Article Wizard.

Product Name: Instant Article Wizard 3
Sales Page URL:
Product Creator: Jonathan Leger

Instant Article Wizard cost:  $77
My Overall Ranking:  89 out of 100
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Who it’s for: Bloggers, Webmasters, Article Writers, Content Freelancers, Internet Marketers.



The Article Writing Wizard Was Created By An Expert Software Developer      

Instant Article Wizard was created by Internet Marketing Software Developer Jonathan Leger. Jon Leger has released many powerful software products for the internet marketing niche. One of the best spinning software online to date, The Best Spinner, was created by Jon.

Other Jonathan Leger products include The Best Spinner, Article Builder, Social Multiplier, Keyword Titan, NicheJet, Keyword Snatcher, AccurankTracker, ContentFerret software and others. 


How Does Instant Article Wizard Work?

There are three different ways that you can research and create articles fast with Instant Article Wizard.

With the instant article writing software you can easily create articles on topics you have no idea about.


The first Method:

With this method you can create articles with Instant Article Wizard by putting your main keyword for your article and place it in the appropriate field in the top left corner of the article writer.


With the help of the drop down menu beneath you can then select the sources you would like instant article writer to collect this data from. You (currently) have the choice of Google, Google Docs, Google PDFs, Google articles, Google reviews, Google scholar, Google news and Google US gov’t. You can research all of these if you want and add them all to your article.


Once you have chosen your search destination, simply click on the “Research” button and IAW 3.0  will then go online, search for this information, scrape and bring back all the results containing your keyword phrase from the sources you have chosen to research from.

Instant Article Wizard finds common topics within the articles it scrapes, group them together and help you organize your articles.


Once you are satisfied with any of the scraped results that Instant Article Wizard has gathered, all you need to do is to click on the sentence that you would like to include in your article.  The next step is to click on the ‘Copy to Article’ icon and IAW will automatically transfer the sentence to the ‘Article’ tab.


You do this for all the sentences you want to include in your article until you have gathered enough information.

You can even repeat this process for sub topics.


Once you are through with gathering information for your article, you can then simply go through the finished article, make any necessary changes to ensure your article is properly optimized and user friendly.

The software has a built in CopyScape feature. With this feature  you can check your article for uniqueness and make all the necessary changes that are regarded as duplicate content within the article.

This is a very powerful and helpful feature to have right there in the software.


The next method to create an article with Instant Article Wizard is to use the ‘Generate random article from selected topics’ feature. You use this by selecting topics and keywords on the left side screen, then click on the ‘Generate random article from selected topics’ icon. This will then open up another screen and deliver the results in this new screen. You can choose how many sentences you want in each paragraph too. You then just go through the article, click on the sentences that you want included in the article and they will go to your final article.


The Second method – Auto Create Content’ feature

With this feature, you can  create an article with IAW using the ‘Auto Create Content’ feature. To use this feature, you make a research of some of the keywords you want to use for your data. Once this is done, you can  quickly generate an excellent unique article. This feature makes writing an article incredibly fast.


You click on the ‘Auto Create Content’ icon, then a small screen will pop up.

With this, you can decide on many of the things you want in your article. At this step, you decide the length of your article,  how many words you want in your article, how many sentences for each paragraph, you can even make use of the pronoun replacement feature.

This will help you to replace your main keyword with other related keywords so that your main keyword phrase is not repeated too often in your article.

Instant article wizard will then produce an article for you.

You then go through the article produced and delete any sentences that you think is not appropriate for your article. It can get simpler than ths.


The Third method.

This method scrapes thousands of sentences containing your keyword phrase. You can then pick all the sentences that are useful to you and use them to form the various paragraphs of your article.


How Is Instant Article Wizard Helpful To Me

It’s main function is to create articles for you so you don’t have to face the following  problems:

Don’t have to face the problem of Writer’s block

Don’t have to Spend much time writing articles

Helps to research for articles from eleven (11) different sources. These include Google Search engine database, Bing database, Google Articles Reviews, Google Scholar, Google News Archives and Google US Gov index and many others.

You don’t have to spend so much money on outsourcing article writing to freelancers.  Outsourcing your article writing to freelancers can become a pain in the neck if you don’t know how to properly outsource your article writing or especially if you are just starting out.

With this article writing software you don’t have to outsource article writing every time.

Eliminates time wasted on topic research.

Generates real articles that can pass Google’s strict content guidelines.

Excellent support and frequent updates

It’s cheap. It is currently only $77 per year. Get instant article wizard download here.


How Often Is Instant Article Wizard Upgraded?          

Not only does Jon create top quality products like Instant Article Wizard and The Best Spinner, but he also updates and upgrades them on a regular basis. He also encourages his customers to post their thoughts and suggestions on his forum and he regularly upgrades his products to meet his customer’s demands. That is why his products just keep on getting better and better and also amazing value for money.


What is Instant Article Wizard cost?


The annual premium of Instant Article Wizard pricing is $77. Though, you can get a discount on some sites as well as the 7 day Instant Article Wizard trial for $7.

Click here to enjoy the instant article wizard pro discount Forum

Instant Article Wizard customers post their thoughts and suggestions on Jon Leger’s forum.  Jon regularly upgrades his products from the various feedback to meet his customer’s demands. This is why many of his products are top notch and are getting better and better. This helps to give value for money spent on such products.


IAW Easy To Use Nice Interface

When you open the software you will find a nice clean user interface that is very easy to navigate and use.


IAW Researches From 11 Different Sources

Instant Article Wizard gathers information for your  research from 11 (eleven) different sources. At the present time of writing, it supports researching from, ,, Google Tips ( ), Google PDF Search ( ),  Google  Docs ( ), Google Blog Search ( ), Google Articles Reviews, Google Scholar, Google News Archives and Google US Gov index.

This feature of researching from eleven different sources alone can appreciably help you in your research to widen the scope of available information for your readers, making your articles more informative and authoritative.  With IAW you can easily research and get information from Google’s Government index and Google scholar index which are authoritative.


How Do I Get Instant Article Wizard Discount

Normally IAW is sold at a price of $77 per year, but you can get a discount price of either $47 or $37 per year on some sites when available.

It is very easy to get instant article wizard discount though this link.

You can also get a 7 day trial of instant Article Wizard pro for $7 after which you beginning to pay $77.00 annually.


Where Can I Get Coupon To Purchase Instant Article Wizard

There are many sites that claim to have coupon to buy instant article wizard pro, but to the best of my knowledge are not valid in most cases.

In the alternative there is a 7 day Instant Article Wizard trial for $7.00. Click here for the 7 day trial.


How Do I Buy Instant Article Wizard Pro Software.

You can pay with your PAYPAL account, or mastercard, visa, or any other internationally accepted credit cards or even pre-paid cards.

Can I Use The Generated Articles Created By InstantArticleWizard Directly On My Blog

My suggestion is NO!!!!! Though the quality of the generated articles are high, but they are scraped from various sources. To make it unique and pass any google content duplication penalty test, I suggest such articles should at least be re-written to some extent. Such articles should be proofread before use. You can use some online free duplicate content checker tools.

Besides some sentences or paragraphs may not be very appropriate where they are placed within the article body. Such sentences and paragraphs should either be removed or relocated to other sections to give a very good user experience.

I also suggest, that such articles should be properly optimized to avoid search engine penalty where some keywords are repeated too often.


I Don’t Have Much Experience In Article Writing, Can Instant Article Wizard Pro Work For Me

Yes! You don’t need much experience in article marketing as long as you have the basic principles of what is needed to generate optimized articles that can as well give very good users experience. Once you know how to research keywords for your articles, combine them to make sense for each paragraph, which is the basic for any article writing, you can use the software.


Quality Of Articles Produced

Is Instant Article Wizard A Scam? Definitely Not!

The benefits of IAW 3.21 software are such that  you can create several unique articles quickly and easily if you can follow the tutorial. The quality of the articles are top-notch due to the level of control the software allows you to exercise over the article creation process.



Different Languages

One of the powerful features of instant Article Wizard is the ability to write in different languages. This is helpful to those who write in languages other than English. You can also write your content in Spanish or Portuguese.

I personally like the opportunity to write in different languages, as I also want to cater for the Portuguese and Spanish communities in the nearest future.


Content Grouping:

Instant Article Wizard can Associate, Arrange or Groups Related Keywords Together
Another powerful feature of Instant Article Wizard is that it can group together closely related content. Jon Leger created the article writer with a complex algorithm that extracts closely related content of research from hundreds of online indexed pages depending on keywords phrase you entered.

This result is arranged and grouped putting associated research together. This featurewill help you to quickly compose your articles much faster and simpler than trying to do the research through the search engines your self from scratch.
It can also arrange and group together each of the  subtopics.


Guiding Against Google Content Duplicate Penalty

If you are subscribed to, Instant Article Wizard has a built in CopyScape feature which allows you to check any article you create for uniqueness. With this feature, you can then make any necessary changes with the built-in synonyms where duplicate content are found by copyscape. This is an excellent feature in the software.


Instant Article Wizard Pricing

Instant Article Wizard is $77 a year or at a discount of $47 per annum. I think that Instant Article Wizard is worth $47 a year and it comes with 8 weeks money back guarantee. Buy Instant Article Wizard


My Niche Is Very Difficult To Research, Would The Instant Article Writer Work For Me?

Instant Article Wizard is not going to work for everyone. There are some obscured topics that the software may not be able to gather enough information or any information at all from its sources.

If you’re writing about an obscure niches that are hard to scape much information from the 11 sources, then you’re going to have it difficult to generate enough information or even the article writing wizard may not return any information.

However, if you write your own articles most of the time, the time it takes you to do research for your topic is worth more than $47.  If you outsource your article writing most of the time and you spend more than $77 a year on article outsourcing, then this software is perfect for you.


Success Stories Of Instant Article Wizard

Instant Article Wizard’s ability to produce quality content is better than many of the alternative article writing software. After using it, I can honestly say it’s light years ahead of many of the other article writing software out there


Are there other instant article wizard alternatives I can Use For my Article Writing?

Yes. Other instant article wizard alternatives among other Jonathan Leger products are Article Builder and Content Ferret software

There are a few other good article writing software online which include unique article wizard and a host of others. You can get a full review of unique article wizard, the subscription  as well as unique article wizard discount here


Summarized Review of Instant Article Wizard

Product Name: Instant Article Wizard 3
Official Site:
Vendor: Jonathan Leger

Instant Article Wizard Price:  $77
My Overall Rating:  89 out of 100
Read Users Testimonials:

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