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WordPress ping service list is an important tool that helps to extend your new blog posts to major search engines.

The WordPress ping services list below are the comprehensive Update Services that you can use to alert the search engines and make people online know you have just updated your blog with fresh content.
Once you paste the list into the Update Services box, WordPress automatically notifies all Update Services on the list that you have just updated your blog. WordPress automatically sends a XML-RPC ping each time you create or update a post.

The Update Services then process the ping and updates their proprietary indices with your update.

People searching for information online can then find your most recent posts on search engines and sites like Technorati, Sphere and the rest.

The list below is an updated list of the comprehensive current list of ping services.


Common Usage By Bloggers

Many WordPress site owners use only while others use services such as
Others still do add a few other ping services.


Steps To Add To Add The Updated Ping Services

  1. After your WordPress installation, go to WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Then click on “Settings”



  1. Then click on “Writing” under Settings





  1. Paste your “Ping List” on the “Update Services Box”





  1. Click Save and you're done..

Anytime you update your posts, WordPress will automatically ping all the services on the ping list. This may lead to many of these sites penalizing you for spamming.

To avoid being penalized for spamming these sites, you should install “Ping Optimizer” plugin.  With this plugin, WordPress will only ping these sites when you post a new content.





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