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Unique Article Wizard Review – Product Overview

Creator Dr. Noel Swanson
Product Unique Article Wizard
Official website www. uniquearticlewizard.com
Front-End Price $27
Niche Software, Article Marketing
Rating 4.5 over 5 (9/10 or 90 out of 100)
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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Name: Unique Article Wizard

Owner: Dr. Noel Swanson

Website:  www. uniquearticlewizard.com

Rating: 4.5 over 5 (9/10 or 90 out of 100)


Who is Unique Article Wizard For:

Welcome to my Unique Article Wizard review.

UAW is for Bloggers, content marketers publishing content, website owners, internet marketers, those who want to create content to rank for keywords for their web sites, those who want to promote their content to rank in Google search engine as well as other search engines .


What is Unique Article Wizard?

Unique Article Wizard is an excellent automated article marketing solution, article submission software for submitting your articles to hundreds of article directories. UAW is.a cloud based automated article marketing solution that allows you to upload hundreds of unique articles to hundreds of article and blog networks around the world with different author or pen names to create hundreds or even thousands of backlinks to your website in just a few  days.


Unique Article Wizard (UAW) is a browser-based program designed to help you take your web site promotion to the next level. UAW Pro consists of some Search Engine Optimization tools that can help you, as an online business marketer to fully automate the process of link building to your website.

The program has evolved with better strategies over the years since it was established in 2007, from basically generating and sharing unique articles to various article directories into a professional program that can now handle your content marketing from the ground up and generate quality backlinks, build authority and even track search engine results.


With Unique Article Wizard (UAW) Pro, you can receive Free Content for your Blog with Unique Article Wizard Plugin, with other features such as Content Creation, Content Marketing, Authority Builder, Social Media Marketing, Rank Tracking.


With the program, you can publish unique articles, spin, and distribute these articles to hundreds, or if you like to thousands of online article directories and blogs with just a few clicks of your mouse.

The main objective of Unique Article Wizard gain top search engine positions by submitting  different unique articles to hundreds of article directories, article announcement services, social media platforms, as well as other thousands of ezine publishers in just minutes. This would boost your Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Unique Article Wizard can help you in your internet marketing campaign to create thousands of quality backlinks to your web site. increasing your visibility, credibility, and skyrocketing your web site at the same time to the top of search engines for your chosen keywords.


It contains a huge network which consists of both Blogger and WordPress sites as well as.article directories and submissions sites. Within the network many of the blogs have high page ranks while a high number of sites within the network still have page rank of 0, 1 or 2.

Although many sites within the network may have low-PR, but most if not all will be highly targeted and relevant to your niche. This will help your web site in search engine optimization purposes and get your site ranked high in the search engines.

All articles submitted to the sites within the network are unique! This saves time and effort as you will not need to write hundreds of unique versions of your article.

Unique Article Wizard Pro provides resource boxes and gives you the opportunity of using 1-3 keywords as anchor texts for your backlinks.

There are over 600 to 1000 blog sites and article submission directories you can easily submit your articles to. This means your article will get published on almost 1000 sites!

This advantage alone will instantly give your website 600 – 1000 backlinks with just only one article submission.

The most time you will spend will be writing your articles and then submitting them (which is quick).

If you can’t write your articles, UAW has an article writing service now which can write articles for you in three different ‘spun’ versions.  This makes the upload of the outsourced articles to UAW as simple as the press of a button.


If  you are involved in search engine optimization for you website using building backlinks as a strategy, article submission is one way to achieve this but it takes time and effort to build backlinks that Google loves.

If you are involved  in article marketing,  writing articles and then submitting them to niche sites for your internet marketing campaign, then your site will get ranked high in the search engines over time with consistent free organic traffic. Otherwise you site would be penalized. The only solution is getting good quality backlinks to your site and linking out to high authority sites. When you do it right you begin to see a boost in your overall SEO efforts

This is why Unique Article Wizard is definitely an important tool in your article marketing and link building arsenal and driving highly targeted traffic through to my websites and blogs.


A Detailed Review of Unique Article Wizard: A Great Alternative to Instant Article Wizard

Pros and Cons:


Some of the he advantages of using the Unique Article Wizard are as follows:

  • Interface is very user-friendly and submitting articles could not be any easier.
  • Complete control over how many articles are submitted daily. This is great if you are worried about linking penalties.
  • All articles submitted are unique!
  • The Unique Article Wizard provides resource boxes and the usage of 1-2 keywords as anchor texts for your backlinks.
  • Unique Article Wizard Software allows you to include four links in every article, two in the body of the article and two in the resource box.
  • There is a network of between 600 – 10,000 blog sites and article submission directories to submit your article to. You article will get posted to almost 1000 sites!
  • Unique Article Wizard will will get 600 – 10,000 backlinks to your website for just only one artcle submission.
  • UAW Pro is a complete content marketing and link building tool that offers you everything under one roof.
  • The program is flexible and also affordable.
  • It makes content or article writing, distribution easy while generating unique content is not a hazzle.
  • The tools and services included in UAW Pro software are top notch.
  • Main objective of Unique Article Wizard is to generate and distribute content  exactly the way Google loves and ranks.
  • The backlinks created are Google Panda and penguin friendly links.
  • It gives the advantage of managing all your social media accounts from a single account.
  • You are not under any obligation to hire UAW writers for content creation, you can use your own content.
  • You will also get notification about how many times the articles that you submitted using UAW are showing up in the Yahoo index
  • You can control exactly which of the blogs or arcle directories you want your articles to be submitted to on the network. You are in control of which appropriate niche blogs and directories you want your articles to articles submitted
  • Unique Article Wizard is an excellent article marketing tool to use for massive article submission.
  • The program gives you the details of total number of submissions you have made, and the number of backlinks that have been created.
  • It also indicates the number of articles that have been indexed by search engines.
  • Unique Article Wizard has a built-in system that provides you with daily email reports about your article submissions.
  • The built-in system also gives you weekly statistical submission reports.
  • Whole host of relevant niche directories and blogs.
  • No limit on how many articles are submitted.
  • Easy and time-saving way to create huge numbers of backlinks.
  • A powerful Search Engine Optimization Tool.



  • There is a monthly subscription cost. You need to use it to ensure you get good usage to cover your monthly premium cost.
  • No analytics/stats available for the cloud based piece of software .
  • It has a bit of a learning curve when it comes to creating author resources boxes
  • You need an article spinner to work with it. So if you don’t mind spending some time and effort for a few minutes now, the rewards can be very high!
  • Because of the learning curve, the first couple of times using it will take quite some time to finish your project. It may take you over an hour from start to finish, but now once you get used to the process the whole process become much faster)
  • Many online marketers just starting out may not be able to afford UAW Pro
  • A  lot of articles have to be written to start seeing great results in search engines results. This may take quite some time. Consistence, determination and patience are needed.
  • You have no control over any article submitted to the network.
  • Need to be committed in learning how to use the service in the most effective way. Once you understand how to get the best out of the Unique Article Wizard then it really does work on auto-pilot.


Is Unique Article Wizard a better Instant Article Wizard Alternative?

While Instant Article Wizard is basically a content generation software or an instant article writing software, Unique Article Wizard Pro generates content, publishes, automates content marketing, including providing guest blogging network, search engine optimization tools, social media marketing tools and social signals as well as tracking your results. UAW Pro has so many features that makes it easy to handle various tedious steps of content marketing. From generation articles to distribution for link building and  monitoring results.

Read the full Unique Article Wizard Review


Unique Article Wizard Pro Pricing

UAW Pro has six levels of monthly subscription for different categories of internet marketing campaign. With these different packages to choose from, a lot of interests are well taken care of.

UAW Pro Monthly Prices are as follows:

Unique Article Wizard Price:

  • Pay as you go – $9.95/month
  • Standard – $99/month
  • Social Plus – $129/month
  • Advanced – $199/month
  • Expert – $499/month
  • Enterprise – $999/month



Does Unique Article Wizard Still Work?

Definitely yes. Unique Article Wizard Software generates quality backlinks through content distribution to various platforms.


I highly recommend Unique Article Wizard as part of your backlink strategies.


Summarized Overview

Name: Unique Article Wizard

Website:  www. uniquearticlewizard.com

Owner: Dr. Noel Swanson

Rating: 4.5 over 5 (9/10 or 90 out of 100)

Highly recommended 9/10


Unique Article Wizard is a great solution for any blogger, website owner or site administrator who is interested in not only improving their site’s traffic, but also driving real, valuable organic traffic to their sites using a simple, tested and effective process.

This browser-based, automated article marketing solution helps professionals to solve the problem of the constantly-changing search engines algorithms and and also helps their sites to get the much needed targeted buyers traffic they need to profit.


My final Thoughs:

When you  make use of the Unique Article Wizard, you have an excellent automated and most effective article marketing solution to build genuine backlinks consistently to your website, growing your credibility, great for your web site promotion and increasing your site page rank to the top ten for many keywords in the search engines.

But then, this would only happen when you take action now instead of looking for the next loophole online after another that doesn’t help you in any way!

Go in, test drive to confirm, and turbo-charge your web site promotion. It can’t get easier than this.

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