Affiliate marketing has a great potential to provide you a very good income if properly done. But affiliate marketing has become more competitive over the past few years, yet, it has not lost its appeal because of the gains from its promotion when properly done.


There are literally thousands of affiliate programs to choose from today. As an affiliate, the question is how do you choose the best one for your marketing needs? There are many factors that would determine whether you will succeed in your affiliate marketing or not.

Unlike in the past, when affiliate marketing was a matter of putting up a website with a few web pages with products, internet marketing has become so sophisticated and competitive that you need to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing for you to make a dime.


The first consideration you need to think about is picking a good product that you have an interest in. This passion will help you to stay focused even when things seem rough and discouraging.
If you pick and try to promote a product that you have no interest in or do not feel passionate about you are likely to give up fairly quickly when things become tough.

It is important to know that you will need to spend a great deal of time to introduce this product to your prospects. You will need products that your prospects would be interested in as well, in order to convert them from prospects to customers.


Niche Research

You will also need to choose products that people online are looking for to solve some problems they are facing. Products that would bring relief to the pains of those you want to promote to, that is, there is a high enough demand for the niche you want to research and promote.


This leads you to niche research and then keyword research. You need to do your research to find a market with enough demand to make your affiliate promotion successful.

After finding a profitable niche, you need to pick the prospects are desperately looking for the products you want to promote. You need to find those who are willing to buy the products you want to promote.


Buyers keywords – Long-Tail Keywords

You at this stage need to find buyers keywords these prospects are using to search for solution online either in the search engines, social media, web directories, feeds and other online searching platforms.

These are long tail keywords that define what your prospects are actually looking for now. An advantage of identifying such long tail keywords is the ease of ranking for such keywords organically in search engines within a short time. You also need to know the amount of search for those long tail keywords  and whether the search for such keywords would generate enough traffic to make your affiliate marketing profitable and successful.


Keyword Tools

Using any of the numerous keyword tools to help you identify what is being searched for the most, and  the volume of the searches is very important. This will not only show you many of the metrics of competition for that keyword or keyword phrase, but also show you the amount of demand of the search volume, and whether you will be able to easily rank for such keywords.

While researching a keyword, if it has very high competition but a very low search volume, there is no point wasting your time on the product. If on the other hand, the search volume stays consistently high over a period of time, and the competition seems to be fairly low or very low, the keyword is likely to be the keyword to a profitable product to promote.


Important Things To Consider On Merchant’s Website

Once you have determined which affiliate program or product that you want to promote, with fairly good demand for it, and you have determined the level of competition, and you are also sure you will be able to compete in the market favorably, you need to take a look at the merchants website of the program or product you want to promote.

There are some of the factors you must be on the lookout for on the merchant website before promoting their products.

  •  Are the merchants reputable, good, and have strong potential for performance based sales.
  • The next big factor would be considering your conversion rate. Is the web copy powerful enough to convert the traffic you will be sending to click through and buy?
  • If their website does not convert, you will not make any money promoting their product(s), you will only be wasting your time. You must be able to determine the percentage of people that complete a desired action on their website.
  • If the product or advertiser you are presenting offers a high commission, or a commission good enough to compensate you for your efforts. .
  • Is the website easy to navigate and user-friendly?
  • Does the site present a clear message with clear calls to action?
  • Are the products properly explained and images clearly shown so that the customers know exactly what they are buying?
  • Does the website have any means of collecting the names and email addresses of the traffic sent to the web site?
  • Are there links that lead to other website(s) on the website? These links may lead to other website(s), a toll-free number, or another program. The result is zero conversions for you without any commission coming back to you for your efforts. Your original traffic has left the affiliate site where you can be tracked for commission for sales or required action taken by the traffic you provided.
    If any of these is yes, this merchant is trying to steal the prospects of his affiliates. Please, avoid promoting this merchant’s products as most of your traffic would end up as their prospects with no commission ever coming to you for your promotion efforts on the long run.
  • Does the website contain website contains any leaks? It is also important to consider if the merchant website contains any leaks. These are links or paths that lead away from the website.

These factors are extremely important when you are choosing an affiliate program.  You just need to take your time in researching and choosing the best product for you to make a profit.

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