Dean Holland & Craig Crawford’s
Quick Start Challenge 2018

The Quick Start Challenge 2018 Update

The Quick Start Challenge 2018 Update. The Week 1 challenge for the Quick Start Challenge.  The Journey So Far.

I’m not totally new to online marketing. That’s why I may be able to do some few things faster than some of us who are just starting out.

I already have my affiliate marketing website Apexhomebusiness.com/ with many articles Average Page Authority of 26, Average Domain Authority of 19 and review posts running for quite a while and had my own share of shining objects syndrome. So many products purchased to improve but never added any value.

As usual, I’ve purchased many courses and into various programs this year. Many of the courses are gathering dust in my hard disk. Not following through. Many require further learning from other sources because of the critical missing links. Many were just outright crap.

I have made some affiliate commission intermittently which had always been far below my target and expectation.

I realized I needed a mentor to learn from, a sincere successful online marketer that would put the missing links together for me to start getting better consistent results and passive online income.


I joined RikMort Gold Coaching New Year Program in January this year to enable me learn the ropes on product creation, but couldn’t make a headway with it. I received only two weeks course while payment was made for 8 weeks before I stopped further billing by PayPal.

Why? I couldn’t receive any further course beyond week 2. I even had to write to receive week 2 coaching. Nothing beyond week 2 and there was no response to my persistent complaints from the support for several weeks. This is not unusual on the internet.


I decide never to trust the marketer, but for some reasons I couldn’t explain, failed to unsubscribe from his mailing list. I would just usually scan past his mail fast every time I received them, but on Monday September 10, 2018 I received his usual mail and for reasons I still cannot explain opened the mail.

It was the promotion of “Quick Start Challenge 2018” mentoring program. I thank God I opened that mail.


Update On Week 1 challenge for the Quick Start Challenge 2018.



Why am I committed to “Quick Start Challenge 2018 Coaching Program”? I was challenged by the story and success to stardom of Dean Holland. I could see the passion and sincerity of Dean in the video which really motivated me to fall in love with this program.  I love Dean Holland for his positive and dogged attitude to succeed and his passion to help others online.   


Laying The Foundations For The Quick Start Challenge 2018 Coaching Program

After the Friday coaching webinar and watching all the WordPress videos in the members’ area to see if I could pick some new things I needed to learn on WordPress, don’t forget, I earlier mentioned that I’m not a newbie. So I had in the past learnt many tricks on WordPress and have it powering my site. I love the way way he simplified the WP training and the step by step process.

I was really motivated and inspired by Dean Holland. I’m really thankful to him for all the motivation and the way he put the videos together. We just don’t have any excuse not to succeed after listening to how he got to where he is today from his modest background.


I was motivated to make some changes on my existing contact page in order to increase trust and conversion through relationship building. That led me to writing an article “How to Create a Contact Us Page That Stands Out” and posting it on my site on Saturday. Then improved with additional information on Sunday.

In my candid opinion, this article will help some of us to put a few things right on our contact pages. It has started helping me already. You can check the article here https://www.apexhomebusiness.com/how-to-create-a-contact-us-page-that-stands-out/

This article has reminded me of some few things missing on my Contact Us Page and I’ve started on the improvement. The new article on my contact page has helped me to include a call to action that can make visitors to that page follow me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Thanks to the Apexhomebusiness.com Contact Page.

I’m already feeling the impact of Quick Start Challenge 2018 on my site with these little changes. That Google recaptcha would definitely reduce spamming on my site’s contact page.


Another area of strength of this training program is the regular motivation to us. A Time Planner was included to ensure we take action.  


Success Factors In Week 1 Quick Start Challenge 2018

Two additional success factors that are included in the Quick Start Challenge 2018 Coaching Program that I’m really happy about are:



  1. The Facebook closed group.

This has been the secret of the success of some online coaching programs.  Interaction between owners of the program and the mentees as well as the interaction among members helping each other up the ladder in the training program will help us to receive help from each other.


  1. The required weekly submission of Posts for vetting and Instant Prizes.

This technique is perhaps in my view the most important and the most powerful motivating factor in this Quick Start Challenge 2018 coaching program. It sets a goal and reminds us and forces most us to take action to achieve that goal. Without this single factor, there would be very low commitment  from the students and overall success.

Without this technique, it should have been impossible for most of us to take action. Most of us should have bought the coaching program as usual and decide to take action at the appropriate time which in most cases may never come.

No committed member would ignore this call to action challenge. This is something that is reminding the participators of the goal that must be achieved within a specified time. No committed member can afford to ignore the call to action warning and reminder.

I really have to thank both Dean Holland and Craig Crawford for this vision.


This challenge is the main propelling factor that will bring success to many of the students of this program.


My Final Thoughts.

I have invested money on various programs in the past without seeing any results.

I’m really excited about the “guidance” I’m expecting over the next five weeks which I believe is the main attraction to most of us who signed up for this coaching program.

The strength of Quick Start Challenge 2018 is that it requires some specific action within a specified time while working towards a common goal.

With our concerted effort, taking action as we make progress and interacting and helping each other while the coaching is going on, I expect a high success rate.



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