What is Affiliate Marketing And How Do You Come A Super  Affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is the process by which one earns a commission for each sale made from the customer who buys after promoting other people’s (or company’s) products to such.

You find a product you have research would be of value or help to your prospects, then promote it to them, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make


Basically, you as a publisher promote the products or services of other marketers, and are rewarded for your efforts with a commission when the visitor you send to the merchant’s  site makes a purchase.

Affiliate marketing is probably one of the best and cheapest ways to start making money online when just starting out since you don’t have to go through the difficulty of creating, launching and marketing any products yourself for you  to make  money online.

As long as you can successfully link up a buyer who is interested and convinced to buy the product or service you are introducing, you get a commission that is a determined percentage of that sale that has been generated by you.


How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

The first step is to research and decide on a niche you want to promote. Then join a reputable Affiliate program and choose the products that you want to sell. Do your keyword research on the products. The network to the merchant t(The Seller) provides you with a unique affiliate code that would be used to identify your visitors/referral to the product or service sales page.

Most affiliate programs will offer you customized unique affiliate links as text links, banners and other forms of marketing resources you can use for your promotion.

You have to copy this affiliate links and place them on your articles or reviews on your website to promote to your traffic. When interested visitors click on these links on your web site they are redirected to the landing page of the product site.  If they are are converted to customers and make any purchase of the advertised product or subscribe to the service of your merchant, you make a commission as the referrer or affiliate marketer.

The merchant or the network handling the affiliate program on behalf of the merchant has all the necessary resources including affiliate software that tracks your referral through your customized  affiliate ID, produces stats for your promotion and then credits you with commission for all the sales through your efforts.


The main reason for joining an affiliate marketing program is to help you generate an additional income. But you need to know what to do to become a good affiliate seller.

Anyone can join an affiliate marketing campaign and get good results as long as they are willing to learn the ropes and are properly motivated until they start seeing results. This article will give you some useful tips on affiliate marketing.


Steps To Follow

For you to get a good result you must know how to

  1. Choose a profitable niche
  2. Choose a reliable affiliate marketing program
  3. Choose the right keywords (both the pillar and long-tail keywords) to generate targeted buyers’ traffic
  4. And know how to promote your affiliate links to sell the chosen products and make money online in form of commission for your efforts.


Niche Research

This is very important and the first key to your early success in your marketing campaign. If you choose a niche that hase a little or no rabid buyers as a new affiliate marketer, your business may not succeed in time.

If you equally choose a niche with rabid buyers, but is too competitive, and you do not know as a newbie how to research and pick long tail keywords that when combined together may generate enough traffic yet with less competition, you will still face the same problem of not being able toget targeted traffic that can buy from you and make commission for your efforts.

You need to choose a niche that would in a not too distant time begin to bring in trickles of affiliate commission.

This would get you motivated. You can then scale up and make more commission.


Choosing The Right Affiliate Programs

You should do a lot of research on different programs before choosing one. You must continue to test the result of your affiliate marketing campaign. If the result for a product is not good enough and not yielding expected results, you should not hesitate to dump the product and switch to another affiliate program once you are certain that your program is not generating for you a fair income for your efforts and financial investment.

It is important to pay a close attention to the commissions offered by the marketer or merchant whether is reasonable to invest your efforts and money to promote the product. You should also look at the resources in the members’ are available for the promotion of the product. Is it adequate? Are there enough resources for promoting the affiliate program.


If you are a beginner, one of your most important decision should be how to choose a program that will greatly assist you in getting started as a seller and making sales without too much stress, even if this means earning less at the onset.


Keyword Research

The quality of your keyword research will determine the quality and the amount of traffic you will generate to your site. It will determine the relevance of your content to your visitors. It will determine the level of click-throughs and conversion of your visitor

s to buying customers.

A powerful Keyword Research Tool is Long Tail Pro which is one of the best and easy to use in the market and regularly updated to take care of regular changes in Google and other Search Engines algorithm updates.

An alternative keyword research tool is Jaaxy, powered by Wealthy Affiliate for their paid members and free members.

This is a very powerful Free Online Long-Tail Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy

With Jaaxy keyword Research Tool, you can do 30 keyword research as a free member.


Getting to know your audience will help you generate more sales. You should do plenty of research on the customers you want to target, for instance by talking to other sellers or by looking for marketing studies on this niche. Communicating with your customers is another great way to learn more about your niche. You will find that selling products to an audience you have a lot in common with is easier.


Ten Affiliate Marketing Tips To Help You Become A Super Affiliate

Quality Of Affiliate Products

Choosing quality products will help you get more returning sales. Most affiliate marketing sellers earn a large percentage of their commissions thanks to returning sellers. It is in your best interest to select high quality products, even if you are not offering the cheapest item on the market. Test different products before deciding what you want to sell.


Building A Professional Website

You also need to build a quality professional website to promote the products you are selling. This is a gradual process and it cannot be achieved overnight. This is a business, and it must be treated as such. Therefore, it may take quite some time to get things in order. You will get better results if you are persistent and never discouraged. You also have to present products that are perceived as valuable by your prospects or visitors on your web site.


One of the easiest ways to build a website in less than ten minutes even if you know next to nothing about internet marketing business and web site development is to join Wealthy Affiliate or go directly and build your first two websites free through their free WordPress Website Builder SiteRubix

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You could for instance write detailed descriptions of the products you are offering, share some pictures or put together some video tutorials to demonstrate these products.

Share reviews from your customers and encourage potential buyers to send you questions about the items you are promoting. You will sell more products if you put some time and efforts into convincing your audience that these items are valuable.


Developing Relationship

The right communication with your audience will make a difference. People will be more likely develop trust in you because of the confidence they build over time about you. The will be willing buy one of the products you are advertising if you have developed relationship with them first. You can interact with potential customers by giving them the possibility to send you an email or even to call you. Make good use of social networks to find new customers and stay in touch with existing ones.


Create A Resource Page On Your Site

It is important to create a very helpful resource page for your visitors where you with top notch and very helpful tools, services and ebooks. Do not be tempted to fill the resource page with every affiliate product, but strictly with the best, high value products and services you have used and are so confident will gladen the hearts of the buyers.

The resource page should be a win-win affair for everyone. You are providing value that would be highly appreciated by your visitors while making money off them at the same time, yet they are happy to part with their money.


Membership Forum

You should also consider creating your own forum. , This would give your customers the opportunity to  form their own online community around your business where your customers can interact, go into joint venture and make more money while building closer relationship.

Many of the members of the community would be able to  ask questions and receive answers to nagging problems. They would have a community where they can review products, exchange ideas and do a lot of other beneficial things for each other.

If you have the resources for it and think your customers would be interested in this platform, go ahead and do it. It’s a win-win affair for everyone involved.


Importance of Mentoring

Associating yourself with mentors who are already making money online and are willing to help you will fast track your affiliate success. Do not hesitate to get some help from affiliate marketing training programs such as Wealthy Affiliate University, which is free as long as you want to stay as a free member with their Free Affiliate Marketing Training or Clickbank University or Affilorama, which are paid affiliate marketing training sites if you do not know where and how to start. If you are comfortable watching videos and taking action, AffiloBlueprint may  be what you need to succeed in your affiliate marketing business online.


Importance Of Taking Action

Lastly, following these tips, taking the required action and with the determination not to give up when you face some challenges will help you become a successful super affiliate marketer within a short time. Take the time to learn more about selling techniques and about the products you want to sell before getting started.


Treat every product as if you are the owner

Treat every product as if you are the owner or are involved in the product from the scratch.

Explain every thing that would help your visitors to take a quality decision about the product.

If there is any video tutorial demo, or any screen capture of the product in action, don’t hesitate to include them on your site.

Naturally, people want to know the products they are buying inside out before making any purchase.

If any question should come up, do everything to get the questions answered. Be there to offer any help that would assist them in making their decision.

There must be reasons why they must buy through your affiliate link and not your competition.

They will develop confidence in you and your recommendations and would prefer to refer to your site for a guide or an advice before they make purchases.


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