Success with Anthony Review


Product Name:  Success With Anthony
Initially $49, ($7), $147, and additional $1,000 are in upsells. Unethical marketing tactics.
Anthony Morrison
Support: Virtually none (1000s of negative complaints about none response of support after payment online.)
Overall Rank: 1* out of 5 stars


Success with Anthony Review – Introduction


Welcome to my Success with Anthony review. Success with Anthony is a product created by an internet marketing entrepreneur called Anthony Morrison with the claims that a newbie who enrolls into the easy-to-follow program can make money online within a short time if he (or she) properly implements the training.


Honest Review of Success with Anthony – What Exactly Is Success With Anthony? Is Success With Anthony A Scam?

Success with Anthony is an internet marketing training and coaching program developed by Anthony Morrison that claims to possibly make a newbie thousands of dollars in a very short period of time.

The program is expected to be “the perfect formula for driving traffic” to your offer or website.

It consists of workbooks, videos, and quizzes. Done for you campaigns and personal coaching are some of the upsells.

The Success With Anthony program makes a number of claims some of which are true while many are blatant hype.




Success with Anthony Review: Pros &  Cons


  • The website is well laid out and quite easy to navigate.
  • The program contains some training modules for internet marketing, with good information
  • The course covers a vast amount of subjects on internet marketing.
  • The quick start guide is very detailed and gives you a plan to easily implement.  The other e-books and the training available seem to be fairly basic but are adequate for you if you have never done Pay per View or Cost per Action before.
  • There are some pretty graphics.


  • The original version of this product was banned in May 2012 by Clickbank from its marketplace because CB had a very high refund rate and hordes of scam complaints. Anthony is now using his own payment processor and affiliate script for SWA Program. He handles the refunds and affiliate payments himself.
  • Immediately after you make your payment for the Success With Anthony program, you’re bombarded with other upsells running into $1000s. These upsells can add up to five thousand dollars including a $3,995 upsell. In addition, you still need to set some money aside for testing your campaign.
  • Besides all these payments, there are still other partners who are pitching their own products.
  • As you attempt to leave their website, Success With Anthony Pricing keeps going down until you hit $7. You may end up reducing the discount to $7 but if you’re swept off your feet, and you buy immediately to get to their offer, you will need to pay $49.
  • Dishonest tactics are used in the Success With Anthony product marketing.  They claim that you can get “FREE websites”. Don’t be fooled by this “free website” gimmick  – It’s a hoax! It’s not free at all as advertised. There are hidden costs involved. You have to spend $300 for a couple of months of hosting in order to get these. They trick you into making more money off you unethically. With $300, you can get over four years’ worth of shared web hosting from more reputable companies like or in addition to various free tools and free domain registration, which you can enjoy as part of your signing up with them.
  • SWA program is not meant for beginners
  • Anthony Morrison’s Success With Anthony and Anthony Morrison Profit Agency have a bad reputation of scam complaints online. Many online marketers spent thousands of dollars being hyped by their hyped-up sales tactics.
  • So many customer complaints, as well as dissatisfied customers reviews, are being made everywhere online.
  • They have very poor support and it’s hard to get a refund.
  • Once you make the initial payment, you will be bombarded with so many upsells up to five of them.
  • The sales video is lengthy and the duration makes it tedious for easy learning.
  • Hidden costs for marketing and emailing which he keeps hidden before purchasing his program. There is no mention of Traffic Vance that will gulp $1000 minimum in advertising costs and Traffic Media which also requires at least $200.
  • Lessons are largely focused on promoting Anthony’s products rather than helping the buyer.
  • There is a section for pre-made campaigns that are Anthony Morrison focused on and not the specific course.
  • The system comes with pre-recorded videos many of which are impossible to either fast forward or rewind.
  • Misleading marketing tactics. The sales page emphasizes how people made money within 90 minutes. This is not true with the program; you actually have to wait for at least a few weeks to make money if at all. During this period, you’ll have to spend more money on the other upsells, which is another dishonest strategy.
  • You have to part with your phone number. You  will be bombarded with up-sells that turn to harassment
  • The information given is not adequate for beginners.
  • Anthony or his associates may not respond to your complaints if you have any.
  • There were so many complaints and requests for refund, they never got their money back nor his $100 “guarantee”
  • Some of the information available is poorly written.
  • The same 5 free squeeze pages are for every member. The saturation of these squeeze pages over time will make them ineffective.


My Final Thought on Success With Anthony.

From various complaints about this product online, and with 1000s of people who have purchased Success with Anthony but later request their refund, I wouldn’t recommend the program.

Whenever the customers submit a ticket, no one ever answers them.

So many people have been asking for help online to recover their money without much success.

Clickbank has blacklisted and discontinued the sale of this product in their marketplace since May 2012. This points to one thing, has distanced itself from the marketing of the program because of negative feedback.

Unethical marketing tactics are involved in the marketing of this product.

My honest advice to you is to keep away from this product. 

Success With Anthony Scam?

Finally, I wouldn’t agree that Success With Anthony training program is totally a scam, but Don’t Buy Success With Anthony by Anthony Morrison. Many things about the program are totally wrong and unethical.

Otherwise, you may soon be asking for help online on how to get your money back from Success with Anthony support very soon after they had refused to answer any of your mails.


I would rather recommend either Chris Farrell Membership or Wealthy Affiliate University. These are two of the best affiliate marketing training programs online. Though, you have to pay a monthly due to learning all you need to start making money online. 

Chris Farrell the owner of Chris Farrell Membership is a very honest coach with a passion for his members. He is well respected on the internet and is one of the most sincere online marketers.

Kyle and Carson, the co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate University on the other hand have a very powerful online affiliate marketing training community which is the largest on the net. Wealthy Affiliate University Starter Membership is free as long as you want. You only upgrade to the WA premium program if you are convinced it’s good for you.

There are also thousands of other willing members who are seasoned internet marketers who will be helping you on your way up in either of the two programs.

It may take quite a while for you to make your first check-in your online business, but you must stick to a very good program until you succeed.


If however, you are just starting out as a newbie, on a shoe strings budget and you can only afford the one-time payment, I would recommend these other two programs to you.

You will have to do it on your own, but with the assistance of any of the two honest internet marketers who are not holding anything back in their programs unlike most of the gurus.

You should check out this product, The Ignition as a newbie to wet your feet and start your online business for $1 only if it’s still available at that price. You will thank me for it later.


Summarized Overview of Success with Anthony:

Name: Success with Anthony
Price: $49 (or $7) + $5,000+ in upsells
Owner: Anthony Morrison
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100 points

VERDICT: Success with Anthony is a ripoff.