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SiteRubix Reviews Overview

Name:              SiteRubix Website Builder

Website:             http://siterubix.com/

Ease of use:        Very Easy With Good Interface

Owners:              Kyle And Carson

Price:                  Free

Overall Ranking: 95 out of 100 or 5/5 stars

Who is it for: Bloggers, Webmasters, Internet Marketers, Work At Home Moms, Business Owners.


Siterubix Website Builder Reviews.

In this SiteRubix reviews, I will be going into the details of a site builder that uses the WordPress platform, a content management system (CMS) to build premium websites.

WordPress today, powers more than 25% of the websites on the net, and therefore considered as the most popular and versatile.

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What Is A Website Builder? Siterubix Website Builder Reviews.

A website builder is an all-in-one website building tool that let users build a site quickly, without the need to know any coding or have any site design skills.

Types of website builders

There are two main types of website builders: Online Website Builders and Offline Website Builders. Siterubix falls into the category of Online Website Builders.

They can be online website building tools provided by web hosting companies or offline website building software which is installed on a computer, that can create web pages and which can then be published on any host.

A good website builder is supposed to deliver a professional looking site that is also mobile-friendly, integrates with social media and e-commerce tools, and seamlessly updates to stay current and secure.

For most people, especially those who are setting up their first site, Siterubix Website Builder offers a low-stress, no-cost option for creating a highly professional site.


What is SiteRubix?

SiteRubix is an online all-in-one web hosting platform with Website Builder that makes creating a website with wordpress very easy and fast. It is an integral part of Wealthy Affiliate University.

Undeniably, one of the best affiliate marketing training community and the best online marketing training platform.


In this review, we will be exploring the features and benefits of SiteRubix compared with other website builders.


The online builder operates on WordPress platform. It is so easy and very fast to set up your site. It is designed by those who know about internet business to help you build a website in 30 seconds.


The goal of the owners, Kyle and Carson, is to have the best internet marketing training community online with SiteRubix for web hosting that would have virtually everything you will ever need to make your business website succeed on the internet unlike other web hosting companies.


The plaform is to make the process of building websites so easy, while at the same time allowing users of Siterubix to have all the necessary tools required for their business in one place. The process of building a Website is really streamlined  from selecting your website template to adding multi-media. Everything needed to run an online business from 1-on-1 support, to domains names registration ( a new feature that has just been added in January 2016), to email features, hacker protection are all included on the platform.

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Although, you can buy your domain name anywhere and point the name server to their server if you so wish.


SiteRubix has been improved over the years to make it a breeze to create your own free website online without any hazzle.


Every form of techie has been removed to make it so easy for a newbie to veteran to build or create a professional website. With this tool you can create a website in a few steps. You put in your domain name, choose a design with any of the top-notch responsive themes, and let the site builder do the rest for you in less than a minute,or at most a minute or thereabout for a newbie.


Benefits Of Siterubix

Having your own website is very important if you are starting your own home based internet business, or any business to earn money online. Then, let’s see what this website builder can do for you.

Do you want to create your own business website but don’t know which online website builder to use?

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Free Hosting

Have you been dreaming of your own work at home business and you are thinking of the cost or how to host your website? You can host it for free at siterubix.com. The company gives you the

opportunity, as a free member,  to use their free website builder, free hosting to a maximum of two websites on their server as sub-domains with free interactive training.


As a premium member, you can host many websites on Siterubix with your own domain names registered anywhere you want, in addition to the top-notch training and support by the owners of the company, Kyle and Carson as well as other members of the community who are more than willing to help other members succeed.


Professional Looking Websites

Your websites will look very professional and responsive when finished.


You are about to start home business and you are not sure of how to start your website hosting. Web hosting is free to try with siterubix.


No matter, the type of work from home business opportunities you have discovered, you need your own web site to succeed online, this is where site rubix comes in handy to help you get started. You can build a website in 30 seconds or there about free of cost, or on shoe string budget.  Even the best online business no matter how good cannot succeed without a website.


With the easy to use Site Rubix, you can make your site unique by choosing and customizing any of the numerous themes and other tools provided on the platform.


The Advantage Of Buying Your Domain Name And Getting Your Website Live Online In Minutes

Domain name Registration At Siterubix

It is now possible to buy your domain name directly from Siterubix.com from January 2016  .

This gives you the advantage of getting your domain DNS pointing automatically to your website.

This means you can have your website up and running in minutes. You don’t have to wait for up to 48 hours for your Domain Name Server from another company to migrate.

The domain price for a year is $13.99. This price includes your privacy protection and email accounts.


Your site layout you would be proud of can be finished in a couple of minutes.


Another benefit of SiteRubix is that An Online University Course on Affiliate and Internet Marketing comes with the program. It is supported by Wealthy Affiliate (an internet marketing training platform) where you have access to step-by-step interactive training on setting up your site until you start to make money online.


When you sign up for your free domain at SiteRubix.com you also get the FREE starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate. The Starter membership training gives you 10 free lessons each supported by step-by-step video tutorials. These tutorials take you by hand from the scratch as a newbie, choosing a niche, to buying a domain name step-by-step, hosting, website installation including pages and legal creation, menu creation, content creation and posting, search engine optimization and social engagement.


Another benefit is that it is hosted on Wealthy Affiliate Servers, with 24/7 monitoring of the security.


The vision of incorporating Wealthy Affiliate and Site Rubix together is to help you over time learn everything you need to know to make as much as want to online.

The Wealthy Affiliate comes with all the tools you need to run your work from home business in one place. This implies you can from anywhere in the world have access to your own membership dashboard and have the ability to build websites on the go, update your websites anytime, anywhere, go to training section to learn from one of the few best ever training I have come across anywhere online, research keywords from your dashboard, go to webinar section for 100s of past webinar video training, have access to other 1000s of training from other expert members on anything that has to do with internet business, various platforms to ask questions or even asking the whole community questions you want answers to from your own profile, ability to chat with others real time to get answers and make friends and associates, ability to follow others you want to learn from and opportunity for others also to follow you in other to gain from each other.

From site rubix reviews of over 100,000 members all over the world, this combination makes this internet business training program the best online .


Membership to Wealthy Affiliate as a free member is $0 while premium members have to pay a monthly fee of $47 at present.


The Features of SiteRubix

Site Manager

The site manager is the back bone of Siterubix. This is where you access all the tools needed to  build and maintain your website (The options of building, editing, managing, and other features are all included here)


In-depth Site Analytics – Website Health Analytics


In this section, Site Rubix focuses on your website and rates you with the graphics of statistical data of the health of your website. These statistical data include:

1. Your Publishing Frequency,

2. Content Quality and Engagement

3. Visitors Engagement (Comments)

4.Your Engagement With Visitors

5. Number of Plugins on your Website (To ensure they don’t interfere with the speed of your site)

6. Site Trust

7.Google Ranking

8. Website Feedback

9. Premium Hosting For Up To 25 sites

10. Mobile Friendly Themes  

11. Unlimited Bandwidth

12. Wide Selection of Themes 

13. 100% Secure Website Host

14. Detailed Website Management & Back Up
15. 24/7 Support

This gives you an idea of what you need to do on to improve your website.


Site Comments

This feature of Siterubix helps you to get quality comments from members of the community. The system is automated, you leave acceptable quality comments on other members’ websites. Your website would automatically be shown to others to leave comments according to the points you have earned. Comments from various ips would lead to better rankings by the search engines and more trust from visitors to your site.


Site Feedback

This feature allows you to request for feedbacks on your site from members of WA. This gives you the opportunity of knowing the minds of the visitors to your site about your site. These reviews would help you  to improve your site and give your visitors what they want. These would increase visitors’ engagement on your site.



Who is it for?

Site rubix website builder is most useful to beginners in online business. You learn the ropes fast as you are taken through the process of setting up your own website in easy to follow tutorials.

Siterubix will also benefit the intermediate online business owner and even experts one way or the other

It possible for you as an intermediate or veteran marketer to  have the framework of your website online in less than 60 seconds and the site layout in less than 10 minutes.

I have watched an expert member, Magistudio using Siterubix during webinar training building a fully functional professional website framework with pages, a post and necessary plugins that got indexed and ranked by Google and Bing generated traffic within 7 days with less than 2 hours of work.

Build Your Free Website Now!


Help and support

siterubix-support-Build A Profitable Website In 30 Seconds

Site rubix members have unlimited 24/7 support and feedback from ever willing community on any issue concerning your website. Sometimes, the response can go on for months as members continue to add their own opinion and help.

For Hosting Techical Support, the service is excellent and second to none. Once you create a support ticket, a member of staff would reply within a short time, at times within a couple of minutes. The staff are very courteous and ensure you get the solution fast.


When I mistakenly configured my wordpress website for any user online to act as an administrator, someone online registered over 120 times with a bot. As soon as I raised an alarm thinking my website had been hacked, the technical support traced the source of the problem immediately which I was ignorant of then, informed me and assisted in restoring normalcy and secured my website all in less than 25 minutes.


Pros and Cons


  •  User Friendly interface
  •  Website Auto Login
  • Step-By-Step Tutorials
  • Domain Names can be purchased directly from Siterubix
  • DNS connection to hosting is automated and instant
  • Your Website can be up and running in less than 1 minute.
  • Easy To Use In Building Professional Looking And Unique WordPress Websites
  • WordPress Optimized server
  • Secured Hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Disk Space Usage
  • Daily Backups of sites
  • Very reliable Cloud Hosting with up-time of 99.9%
  • Over 1600 Responsive Premium Themes
  • Auto Database Install. No need To Mess Up With Database Configuration
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring
  • Email & Forwards
  • 24/7 Website Health Analytics That Gives You The Necessary Information About Your Website For Further Improvement
  • Opportunity To Ask For Comments For Your Posts and feedback for Your Site from the Community Members  of Wealthy Affiliates (WA) and even the Owners Kyle & Carson
  •  Competitive domain name pricing
  • 24/7 Support from the Staff and the Wealthy Affiliate members



  • Some Functions Of A Typical Control Panel Not Accessible
  • Free Members Can only Create 2 free websites
  • For Free Members, Any Site Created Is A Sub-Domain Of Siterubix.com. This implies your site is a Sub-domain Of another website. Although these Sub-Domain Websites Still Rank Very Well in the search engines.
  •  Free Members have No access To Siterubix websites FTP


How much does Site Rubix cost?

Setting up your site is FREE with Siterubix. No credit card information is required.

As a free member, you can host up to a maximum of two websites as sub-domain of  Site rubix, with access to the best training you can find anywhere on the internet. If you decide to scale up your afilliate marketing or internet business, you can at you own satisfaction sign up  for premium membership.

The Wealthy Affiliate premium membership costs $47 per month.

With the premium membership you can host 25 sites with your own domain names an additional  equal number of free sub-domain sites (25) you can also host


My final opinion On Siterubix Website Builder Review

If you are newbie planning to start your own work from home business, you need to build a website to earn some money online. Siterubix website hosting is designed to remove all the website design techie while training  newbies to own their own online business they would be proud of from the ground up. You create your WordPress website as you follow the interactive video tutorials.

You want to start free or on a shoe string, it’s free to get started.

Fill Out You domain Name Details And Get Started Now.

You receive

  1. Free hosting
  2. Step-by-step training to create your own professional website
  3. Excellent technical support from the staff as well as the community
  4. 4.  24/7 interactions with other willing and ready to help members

Get Instant Access To SiteRubix Here Now.

Enter Your Domain Name Here Now To Build Your Free Premium Website.



Do you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I would love to hear your testimonial or opinion.


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