Xml Sitemap Submission Sites List

Sitemap submission is an important Search Engine Optimization  strategy. Once you create a sitemap for your website, the next step is to submit the sitemap to major search engines manually.

This article will provide you with the information on the best Sitemap Submission Sites List to submit your sitemap to and enable search engines quickly index your posts.

Submitting to Google, Bing, and Yahoo separately is a rewarding exercise and luckily, does not take much time.

The benefit of the Sitemap Submission technique is huge.  The search engines will visit your site to crawl your web pages.

Sitemap Submission is therefore one of the important techniques for Search engine optimization. It will help enable the search engines you to crawl your website.


The sitemap of your web site is an xml file which contains the list of all the pages on your website. When you submit your sitemap, the search engines bots will crawl your sitemap and all the internal links to the pages on your web site gradually.

When you submit your sitemap to these websites, it would help the search engines to crawl your site effectively.


What is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is basically a page containing links to different pages of a website that the search engines can use to crawl your site and index your pages.  Your website visitors can equally use it to find various pages on your web site as well as information contained on the site fast.

In essence, a sitemap is a list of pages on your site. When you create a sitemap for your website and submit it to major search engines like Google, Bing, the search engines will follow the provided paths to index all the information provided on your site. This process ensures that the content on your site is indexed.

Your website Sitemap can also be used to provide various data about your web pages to search engines.

  • The last time each page was modified
  • Frequency of various web pages changes.
  • The pages relative importance due to assigned priority figures from 0 to 1.

The extra information the search engines collects from your site is added to the database of the search engine ready to be served to those making queries and searching for information through such search engines. This automatically places sites that submit their Sitemaps ahead of those who do not.

Creating Sitemap for your website

There are various online sites that help crawl your site and make a sitemap for your website. You can also install and use some plugins to create you sitemap. A good one is Yoast SEO plugin.


Sitemap Submission Of Your Site

However, simply submitting your sitemap doesn’t guarantee that search engines will index all the pages on your site immediately.

You don’t loose anything for sitemap submissions. There are no penalties for submitting your sitemap, rather you can gain inclusion of your pages into search engines index and enjoy free organic traffic to your site.


List Of Sitemap Submission Sites

If you wish to crawl your site better then you need to submit your sitemap on the following websites.  It will enable the search engines to crawl your website. You will have more pages of your website indexed in search engines.