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If you check your email, or your Facebook account Or Twitter, or Pinterest, Or check out any of them And you’ll see, literally, two related things. For as long as there was huge content, Since Güntenberg pressed the presses At the time when some were? So simply marketing content A nice term and many people advisers wander around saying: “Oh I know what this means” It was enthusiastic, important and effective With a footprint for over a century now.


It is as if someone Do not shout an advertiser for his goods in the market But it offers nice things to its consumers already. You might be surprised to hear this, But I think it’s too strong, right? I mean, it’s one of the things that I really think, You know Seth Godin said that Content is the only remaining marketing, I strongly believe that. It’s really the only way to get business going, To make it distinguished and differ in the market Crazy and my noise. But until it reaches its true essence which is: Where and who the consumer is involved in, And what does this make? I think it’s some kind of hmmm, who cares Now while we are sitting in this meeting Massive sales people use all the amazing sources of audio and video And even colorful animated cartoons To help them sell masses of people What they would like to sell the way they like.


The trademarks are established It is an industry started in the sixties, seventies and eighties. It happened when we had huge media, TV dominated everything. All family members meet in the evening To watch TV. Commercials came and what we did was We have created a series of public participation in the sense that the family in the next house will see The same TV ad that I’m going to see Here is where you recognize the products And new services in the market, Here is where you know about new brands Which may have been wonderful and appropriate, For your home or your car and others. So for a long time it was marketing Centered around the province. Now I have to interrupt you every day Display an ad on TV while Watching your favorite game, series, or Maybe I’ll put you an ad While flipping pages of your magazine or newspaper, which will cause Btovq to read it or God forbid I’ll call you on your home phone or maybe an unwanted message; I’ll pay you the ad continuously Marketing has always been this way.


I mean this is the history of marketing, If you go back to the four rules in marketing The product, price, place, promotion are all controlled by them Marketing system We decide what product to offer, How many will we produce? And how we will sell it and where And all these things. I made all this and now I have to push all this into the open I have to convince you to buy, So it’s all about persuasion.


It is when we go out and try One way is to convince someone Be our best product or service. We’re half the value, and that’s what it’s all about Traditional marketing training If you notice how marketers are trained at the university Since eternity really on how to describe The value of your product or service We do it in every smart way possible And to do that You have two things to do One is advertising You buy space to advertise and you know You will expect a certain amount of material return For a certain amount of investment In good days you will meet well In bad days, the situation will get worse but over time You will learn the metrics that will help you You make it happen.


Marketers fall in love with the media Because at that time it was probably the best way to market It was flourishing and blooming everywhere in the newspapers And magazines and on TV That would probably have reached everyone, in a way we weren’t used to Someone owns the audience So that’s usually the traditional way of publishing In a newspaper or in a magazine. So to communicate with these people you have to Used mode. You have to look for a way to show up In front of that audience. The deployment was in that period Let’s say closer to A man with two lovers: There’s an audience on his first side The one who loves him so much but in fact He loves advertisers Who loves them with the same passion if not more true? So that was really the whole process Exist in the principle of distribution. He has the publisher who has the power Distribution at that point.


The ads were great in attracting our attention, right? That distribution, which suddenly emerged. And then what are they doing with that attention? nothing at all, He’s hanging there It was great when you had to see it. Companies and the media have all the power Because we have a lot of channels Consumers have a large number of Ways to access the information they need With the advantage of the Internet all disappeared Suddenly he could Advertiser and audience reach each other Or until the publisher and advertiser compete across The same channels try to reach the audience.


That’s really when they became brands In their hands to discover “We don’t need a third party to reach the audience, We can try to do it directly. Rather than the need to advertise In someone else’s channel; I have the opportunity to create my content Values, product-related and integrated In our own channels, we build a direct loyalty relationship With what we call our subscribers Instead of going out And try to get attention. I think we have to change the way we think Concerning entry to mind The customer that we would like to have a relationship with. And one of the best ways to do that today is Across content. Content marketing, I think, already Advertising.


When we go back in time, the first An ad has already been related content People around values. At one point, I think it’s in the 1950s, We decided to impress and shine by talking About everything we do instead of what they need. And while they explain content marketing, He was communicating with potential clients to do behavior A definite exists, from time immemorial, right? For millions of years, since the first cave man tried to He sells a room to another cave man, right? He was making a flyer for stones. We’ve always had content marketing, We just repeated it differently, From there he came. Back in the 19th century there were several Companies are trying to find a way to build Permanent relationship with customers by not talking About their services and products.


This is not the oldest example in the world, But my favorite is probably the Foro magazine Of John Deere. [Music] My name is Pratt, I’m 37 years old. I’ve lived on this farm all my life, And I remember when I was five or six, We were dairy farmers back then, We used to feed the calves from the bucket and from the bottles. And so we started. I bought this farm from my father, a second generation Ten years ago, And we planted corn, soybeans, and wheat, We also took care of cattle. I will say I got the Foro and I have been reading it since About five years. I think the articles in The Foro Very neutral. I mean, to the point that I always wonder Whether this is John Deere magazine or not. The Foro appeared in 1985 When our company was under management Charles, son of John Deere.


He noticed that farmers need to get A true and neutral source of information. Anything we think farmers can use to develop Their operations is something that will reach The Foro. I try to focus my efforts on healthy soil And fertile soil Fertilizers became expensive over time, And the way we use it is very important, Not only for the economy, but also for the environment. I don’t know where a company like John Deere could be a leader in the field Save the soil by not cultivating it Versus being a more traditional company. For me: I think a company like that will gain more When people work more on earth. But you know the Foro isn’t just talking about it, And if they do, it is on Quite the opposite. If you go back to The full history of magazines, I would be very surprised if I saw in those editorial spaces Words mentioned by John Deere For more than 15 or 20 times and that goes back To 120 years.


That veil of secrecy revealed marketing. People know when they are marketed. The John Deere brand still represents something. It represents quality, honesty. This was an important element, not For the success of The Furu, but for John Deere in general. Customers always face difficulties. What really worries my customers? What problems do they face? What information are they looking for? What kind of problems they face And how can I help them to solve it? Focus on being good to a certain audience. Many companies need to devote resources And talents to serve a very small audience And customized.


Understand the buyer you’re trying to reach Deeply. And the people you’re trying to reach. Name them if you like, And who you’re trying to reach. You need to unite yourself somehow With valuable and important things for them, And then you need to deliver those things to them And show your interest, not just in words And in beautiful pictures – even though things are very important – But also because of things of value. I think the brand that really understands it Focus on being part of the information That you want to consume. They focus on producing higher quality content And who would inspire people to buy something They didn’t know they needed it.


This is the work of P&G. What I mean is that they’re trying to sell more soap. How will they do that? They said, “Well, who are we targeting?” “We target women.” “Women are trying to build their homes.” “And what do they like? They love certain kinds of programs. ” They wanted to be luxury, but they were busy Mostly the women we were working for Around the house So they wanted to be entertainers both when they work Or when they have a chance to sit down And take rest. We started working and we started to understand, Let’s give them these stories, entertainment, In a very impressive way That they will come again tomorrow, The next day, that follows. So the deep and rich characters, And stories that really make sense For these people, something they can link to. And so we entered the field of soap opera. There was nothing he had created from within this sector, It was created by consumers For the sake of themselves, this is what they call it. What is the return on this investment? I’m sure there are people in business They ask that.


You can try selling your story Or you can simply tell. And that’s what we were doing, Brands were doing a good job. The longest in all we have produced, Such as The Guide Light and The World Trans, They all started on the radio. Then came the 1950s, the invention of television, And they did this transformation. We never started as program sponsors, But now all our own And we were inspired and we started Our own production company. We were hiring them to hire the book, And recruit representatives.


I also don’t think the company is putting Specific directions or, you know, that the characters must do this Or the story should be like this. But I think we hired creative people We also worked very closely with By Irina Phelps. She is a legend in the field of soap opera writing It was written for The Guide Light For a number of years. It’s like any P&G trade, We want to hire good people who know what they can do And leave them comfortable to build that trade. And that’s exactly what Philips and others have done. I don’t think there’s a way other than that, right? That’s the strange part about this Work that constitutes art more than science.


There is no way other than possessing talent. Good journalists have it, Good scriptwriters own it. You should know the good story when you see it. This is something that publishers have always done, So they do it in a good way. And when they think about their customers, They think about the audience. If you look at Europe, where they call this Inform customers, publish customers. In the past, seven of the top ten Publications in the UK newsstand area They were custom publications and branded vehicles. [Music] Germany was a country of magazines. We have a lot of publishing houses People still read a lot of magazines.


When you look at the airport newsstand Or at the train station there are still many magazines About sports, football and stuff like that. With a small audience, magazines print around Only 10,000 copies, but very, very sophisticated Regarding the design of the setting and content. German companies that need Content of their products, I think they also notice that with complicated things Any complex products and stuff like that, They need more content, more stories to tell On what they do. By 2000 or 2001 we had a term for it, We were talking about different media channel tools With phone channels With the Internet and stuff like that. We, as corporate publishers, were the first to Use tablet magazines, for example. We invented corporate codes Podcasts (podcasts) and stuff like that. And so we were doing Marketing content already.


– He was called all sorts of names. It’s called Custom Publishing, Custom Media, Promotional Content, Customer notification was common in Europe. Everyone was talking about him but they were They all use different languages ​​to talk about. I think there are many things that are not content marketing Which people think is, which is really very simple It is very partial and does not connect anywhere. Many advertising agencies Think of things as content marketing Not really content. And many content agencies Think of things as content marketing It is not really marketing. This is complicated, I think. If you go to someone, let’s say, The executive director or director of an organization, And I told them: “Are you better than Anyone else in your domain at Solving people’s problems? ” This is a question that will interest them But if I tell them: “Are you the best content marketer in your industry?” They will not care for the question If we don’t start linking this In the same way, we will never grow as a sector.


As in 2007, mark the ground Say, “Look, we will call it content marketing.” And you’ll see this wave of activity. (Nice techno music) Obviously, content marketing has existed since time immemorial, But there is something completely new when content marketing collides With the Internet and the digital world. There was a pandemic transformation In the way customers get their information today. I remember when I started doing content marketing, I could see the numbers and say, “There were 20 million people online And I was telling myself, “20 million people online? That’s nothing ”when you absorb that day there Billions of people online. ” So, if I’m trying to attract their attention, It’s better for me to create amazing information Constantly to get their attention. I can only rely on a few channels that We had it in the 1990s, now we have it Hundreds of channels.


How will we attract the attention of our audience? One time I seriously thought that: “Wow, these are amazing things,” she was when she watched program clips “Will it fail” old on YouTube YouTube had just started. YouTube has been around since, I don’t know, Months or something. The company Blendtec Smart said: “Damn, we can use this new media To market our new electric blenders. ” So they created this series “Will it fail”. I’ll put about 50 glass balls In a bowl.. And I’m going to run an ice cream course, It is the slowest cycle we have. This glass dust, do not inhale. I had no idea that this innovation would turn out To a monster like this A good monster. Always wanted to own the fastest And the strongest ever. As a marriage gift in 1968 I got a mixer. And I thought, “Man, can you make this thing better” Therefore for years we had the opportunity To create a blender that won’t fail.


We are an engineers company. We have 40 engineers. No other mixer company has 40 engineers. I’m an engineer, and this was a real problem Because we didn’t have any experience In advertising and sales I thought that if we had the best mixer in the world. Which will make people eager to buy it And I thought, if people went to an ice cream shop Or a juice shop or a cafe, And they got there those wonderful drinks Which makes them think, “Wow I should get one of these mixers I can not wait” Please, “Can you tell me what the name of this blender is?” And people literally, they will register the name And I thought this was the way of selling, Someone buys something from you and explains how to use it In an advertising session, this is the best way to sell.


It didn’t work. Eventually we decided That we need to hire a real salesman, Man Ads. “Man of Ads” saw a pile of sawdust one day, and someone asked, “What is that on earth?” And he answered, “Oh it’s Tom, Mixes two pieces of wood ” Then he laughs, “Really?” “Yes, it’s real.” He then bought a grilled chicken from Cusco And six cans of cola and a number of glass balls And some wooden tools and other things He came to me and said “Take these things and mix them” And I answered “OK” Then we filmed and we mixed these things. Then he came to me five days later He said, “Tom, we hit our target.” “We have six million views on YouTube!” I answered “YouTube?” (Buzz Mixer) My name is Holly Jackman, My husband and I own four of Rexbury’s juice shops.


Carrots, celery, cucumber, beet, ginger Lemon, we make it delicious. Food rich in nutritional values ​​has never been so delicious. We conducted many researches. I had many home blenders that I wasn’t happy with So we were very excited when we learned about the existence These blenders. We saw all the ads “Will you mix them?” We watched them mix iPod and many crazy things Like golf balls and more, and we were very surprised. – [Tom] We uploaded many videos on YouTube, I think we have 145 videos. In total the number of views, not only on YouTube, but other views We have almost half a billion views, 500 million views. I said, “Wow, that’s great.” What an opportunity to sell a product without you Money exchange (laughter). It was great. So in a short time, our sales rose 1000% We continued making videos At that point, we were telling people “watch this video” You know, I’m mixing the iPhone. The answer is “Oh! In the mixer? That was it. Now it’s like that people come to us They say, “We have no doubt what to do We’ve become addicted to your videos, you know? ” We want your mixers.

hands woman laptop notebook


Our job now is to take that confidence, And not misuse it We must not try to reach our customers, They are already doing this. – [Julie] That’s a big difference. That’s direct contact Open a new world of relationships With consumers, content is the fuel that creates That opportunity. Since we have this contact with them “consumers” About something they value, we shouldn’t To pay to reach them, because they are the ones who come to us.


Sign up to receive our emails, follow us on Facebook The content at this time is a type of currency, Which companies use And content writers to deliver what they want to the consumer. – [Doug] If marketers will use communication channels New directors, to do the same work they did before. Like: Press the Like button, share it, follow us Watch our videos. And then they market their products. They misuse the communication channel, In fact, they are losing the channel They deny it because the consumer is no longer He wants to hear more This is the same problem that emerged when Some new technologies are emerging In the 1920s, so was the radio How do people want to interact? How companies are supposed to publish Its messages to consumers? Challenge in today’s marketing world Is to stand out from your competition What usually happens is the process of producing a product Or a service, Like thinking about the external production of services The products are printed in three-dimensional technology.


They become essential goods So it becomes more and more difficult for product companies And service companies for excellence among All other competitions in the market. Advertising content allows you to do this, That’s the biggest opportunity. – [Jay] Look for a product Does not create a demand for it It meets the pre-existing request No one is going to Google and writes: Hi there, I would like to buy something I don’t really care why he’s, just surprised me, right? Oh sock, okay hamster, whatever What you consider appropriate.


-But nobody cares for your product, They are trying to solve a problem. What are the problems facing consumers? What keeps them awake at night? What is important to them? Marcus Marcon Sherden is a good example Over the power of advertising content Some years ago, it was Marcus Owner of swimming pools company The company was not successful. So Marcus decided to create a blog, Quite simply, he answered questions that customers had Based on their searches In addition to his conversations with customers Twice a week he was writing blogs Which are intended to answer a specific question.


He talks about many things that swimming companies do not like Talk about her. In 2008 as most people know The market collapsed, and for pool companies This was a difficult time For three consecutive weeks We over-withdraw from our bank account I didn’t know what to do Every counselor I spoke to told me as I expected That I have to stop my work That’s when I discovered what is known Today marketed content. All right Beginning of the next chapter For swimming pools and that big red and bright thing And what you see behind me is what is a template A template is what is used to produce Fiberglass pools We always felt that we would move on to this way Of manufacturing and printing This is what we have reached now.


When we started building the swimming pools we had Two supermarkets, one in Richmond, Virginia. And the other in Warsaw, Virginia. Both stores were great and both had tanning machines Hot tubs, pool table and all these things But it did not generate profits I said: Well, what can the best in this world? Well we know we can give lectures on fiberglass pools Better than anyone else This is our specialty Let’s focus only on fiberglass pools Forget about other things like having a building Let’s feel accomplished. And so we got rid of retail stores We got rid of the lease early and paid, you know We paid the fees and all those things And because we said, “We must focus” We moved to a large warehouse And today the way people see your home Is the information they see and feel Through the computer screen When he noticed that we could Attract people to the site for free By doing what you are good at It is an education Let’s bring everyone with us Let them participate All company members are teachers Let’s do it Jason: We learned to think like a consumer And so We knew their questions We asked the questions ourselves We’ll meet one day We will be asked a question When we get it, the first thing comes to mind “Oh we haven’t written about this yet” Or “Oh this topic will produce a great video” This forced me to do more And I learn how to write and I learn This whole skill set Marx: We wanted to reach a certain point within Approximately 6 months Produced by River Pools We have developed a global brand So connect with people from around the world And the country on a daily basis I know that consumers want to learn more about swimming pools Well, why don’t we give them what they want? Why not become Wikipedia in Fiberglass pools This is what we have become People will start evaluating you They will also stay They will search for the site And they will browse it They will say, “I want to have a good feeling about my decision I would also like answers to my questions And to get an idea about this company.


” This will happen as long as we have it The so-called Internet The moment we stopped saying, “We’re building pools,” We started by saying, “We are the best teachers in the world On fiberglass pools and happened We were riding them too “This was one of the most days Prosperity in our lives The consumer has enormous information Marketers were not used to it They used to control System control and control Activities This, I think, creates the problem Marketers cannot step down from their control They don’t want to They don’t want to get rid of it Andrew: I think marketing collapsed Honestly I think if you’re a marketer today You are stuck with what he called the “Chief Marketing Officer” of the pizza You basically have a fixed budget It is the pizza you own every year And what you do is keep cutting it in different and different ways, right? You have the budgets “SEO” and “production possibility curve” And own …


I do not even know shortcuts ads! is not it? You end up with this huge pizza cut in a million A different way that I hope to have a greater impact From last year Robert: The idea that marketers are like knowledge workers Being busy is different from being successful This is how we have equated jobs for a long time This is a traditional organization for the department Marketing is considered as technical and new channels Come together and what we do is we assign a team to them We create a new process with the same old hierarchy You can access content marketing like a program Or you can treat it as a culture Programs thrive and then end It is usually imposed on us and we do not enjoy it But culture becomes what you are See this shift in sections Marketing that has long been established In the days of these media it has turned into Sections for publication And that’s what we’ve really seen It is a great corporate challenge Because we must remove the Mapnina during The last 30, 40 and 50 years The brands you get must transform the brand They have become something else And part of them is giving up the idea “We have everything about the brand” And trust it if a large group participated Some of the values ​​of this brand were given to your customers A good thing will happen It’s a good thing you can’t expect Yes Red Bull is an amazing brand Well certainly (Red Bull) is an example They are frontend to market Content these days I think from the beginning it was Red Bull.


A brand to tell stories I spent 6 years at Red Bull and we were a marketing team In fact I think most of the content and activities Stems from communication tasks Within the marketing team We made the content a tool to tell our stories And to show people amazing things That we do and great athletes With whom we worked Many of the things we worked on at Red Bull were in The world of sporting events so it was visible And wonderful and it makes sense to document it And share it with the world Perhaps – with a little vanity – we felt that the mainstream media Not particularly good at covering And portray this kind of sport And things involved So we took the lead At Red Bull, we’re always told to focus On the public and what they consider important What makes them passionate about the scenes About their sport and their favorite players And think of them as individuals And not too worried about it They crossed the border So I think that unique mindset And focus on a few audience They were one of the things that put us in the lead We were able to say, “What will amaze BMX pioneers about this event? Instead of thinking about “what young people think From the 16th to 22th about the BMXer event? They target young people through their passion Whether it’s music or sport Or culture, these fields enact laws and have stories And stars and have (Red Bull) super Respect for these scenes and these audiences They don’t treat them like demographics They treat them as passionate people and that’s important to him And give them what they want At Red Bull we felt we had a real role to play We can contribute to these scenes.


As we look for ways to help progress, Create new things and help facilitate cooperation. It feels really good to add something To these scenes instead of just talking about them. I think this is the essence of the way he felt People around us as a brand operating in these places. When I started working with Red Bull they had a lot Of opportunities and free domains. We were allowed to do what we wanted to do All stores. But of course, giving quality is a major responsibility. When the Red Bull Media Platform was created, The entire company began to carry out its media activities professionally, To move from just about regulations, contracts and licenses, Production, quality, photography and broadcasting. So it required a lot of preparation To become a global media company, Rather than a company that offers a lot Of great content. When you take content marketing Seriously you will have to start first Appoint someone or take note of the importance of having Official convey the view of the public In the organization. You must have high knowledge From beginning to end, this is the secret.


You must have a main organizer, As the primary content administrator, or whatever you call it; That person in charge of the content, And you have to start from the same point. They must change what they used to do And stop spending money On things will not work. They must also tell themselves every day “I’ll create content” Every hour or two of the day Or its length. Although a huge company must work in it Ten people create content all day. Have you ever looked at the amazing technology around you? In our world she wondered “How do these things work scientifically?” I wondered about that too. I’m Bertonda Thirsten, This is the GE Master Class channel.


No doubt when we started Set up this type of content, It meant to get into the factories And laboratories. They do very important things, you know And then most civilization has changed Resulting in education and development To be up to these stages. Previously it was very difficult to get into factories Or to the customer’s site But now customers sometimes call us To tell us that they have a new amazing story, They would like us to deal with them again to produce them. I really believe it’s a matter of training, It is a skill that brands will have to master. Both outsourced to carry out Or developed talent Within the company to do video recording, Or take pictures I think these things are not As important as mastery of the company For the marketing management process, this is its essence as a media company. It is interesting what some big companies are currently doing About content marketing.


If you look at Marriott and invent them Studio to make their own content, it will look like they are They plant a banner in the ground to say, “Look at us, we are a media company Its goal is to become the leading media In the field of tourism”. That’s what they said already Now they are putting together the foundation to achieve that. I put forward an idea locally and globally called “Either publish or perish” The concept behind this idea is that we didn’t start promoting, We will be excluded from this area and be of no importance or influence. It is the idea that we are today as trademarks We are really media companies, it’s because We are media companies. Marriott focused for global creativity and content studio On content development. And digital projects, we did TV shows, And also movies.


And programs from animated graphics. Great stories come from people Who know how to cut it It is creative people right? So we collaborate directly and chiefly with influencers In YouTube, Instagram and other programs, We also collaborate with renowned Hollywood talent, In the field of production, output and writing to create our content. (Music) Look around you, look at these people. They enter and then they leave We are making it a smooth process. Our biggest business we have already done is Tu Belman (carrying luggage), a short film. We collaborated with a group of Los Angeles Called Sebastian Over Hype. Which is Parkour (Climbing and Running) and also music makers, And dancers and actors, that is their work. The film is filmed for 15 minutes at the hotel.


It is essentially part of the essence of the story. It’s not a complementary thing, No phrase: “Prefer your room card, thank you for visiting us.” Well this doesn’t exist. But you see it naturally during the film. When you give standards to creators And let them do what they do well: tell stories, They will discover how to tell them in a credible way. Programming looks ugly when The company says, “Can you put “Company logo four times for 3 seconds?” Content marketing does not happen overnight.


It is a long, hard work. So you really need to educate your customers, It doesn’t happen quickly, It must be graded And builds an integrated content ecosystem And how to use social channels and tragedies To focus what you want For wherever you want. The brand has to be more than just Being a trademark. We overlook that they are human beings dealing with human beings, is not it? Instead of trying to be temporary, you should be real.


Anyone and any company can Focus with dedication on the audience and what they really care about And try to provide useful to fill that space. Human behavior is the norm Which we play right? Every institution, whatever it is, Be from A to A; from human to human, And from people to people. It is not a trade-type relationship to a trade or a trade of another worker Or T to X, which means a trade of power, It is a philosophy of being useful, Whether you’re a great teacher, listener, or interlocutor, That philosophy is unchanged.


I don’t care what you do, Or what you will do. It’s not about how much, Or what you do. But in perception and education. (Motor car working) Jaysk Bank was one of the largest banks In Denmark, he was paid huge sums For patrons for several years. They no longer want to pay. They were not sure whether paying them was a useful use of their wealth. So they created the Jessic Bank station, And targeted financial consumers, They began to answer questions About how consumers save their money for retirement And how they get current accounts, Savings accounts, and other things about their financial lives. And then they started sharing information As any media company does. We said if we can’t rely on the media, We must become the media. This is what we believe. I’m Pramsil Nielsen. I work as a host and journalist at the Bank of Jessic We started sharing information on TV Since its inception in 2006 And then in 2008 we started to provide them to our customers.


(Speaking a foreign language) Hard work is not in delivering content, But to get the right idea for him It is then approved by the company’s CEO. And so you get what you want. We have summoned us once our CEO said “Um, I don’t like these kind of stories, But it’s okay, I’m still with you as you do. ” You need to have the kind of executives that thinks like this: “Okay, I give you the freedom to do what you want I won’t interfere with it. ” Of course you have a point of view, But he thinks that if you say it as a journalist, People will believe it, And they like it.


This was a long-term process of reaching To what we are today, because people are so skeptical about what we’re doing. Every time we touch on a story, They say, “That’s not what we’re talking about In our sessions. ” “It’s great that you, too, talk about it.” Even if that’s a bad story for us But people talk about it anyway And if we don’t, either Will grow bigger and bigger among them You should talk about good stories It touches the hearts of the audience to be respected When they win their hearts they will take The right decision with their minds Think as a publisher, and provide content Suitable for your audience You must believe that this is the right way, I don’t think it’s just right It is a way to go (Ringing bells) If the content is truly respected by you, It will benefit you That invested in it An investment that isn’t cheap Or easy or fast Content trading is the only trade In this area that I see well deserved leadership Modern advertising practices I am a little upset because of That few of us are trying to do it.


Don’t get tired of it. If you have the right idea, you’ll be able to do special things And if you believe that doing something in some way It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the only way Although you are ready to create and manufacture rules In your field. I think the real future is a welcome one. What I mean by that is the field of content marketing itself It will expand even more now A closer look at what we have Over the hundred million years characteristic And in the type of information That we have given to those who preceded us, based on the way we They dealt with the content, we will realize that it will be Fuel that drives our future. The number of companies that manufacture New products for the presence of platforms Content marketing works for them And because they see new opportunities, a wonderful number Storytelling helps to deal with the world And understand it Content with a supporting story Be easier to consume and remember And more attractive I think it’s an essential part of what we do I think we are going in this direction Long term It is more concerned about the ability of an organization’s identity Emotion, communication and sharing emotionally With individuals rather than thinking In methods about how we will be able to do these things It is like planting a banner in the ground to say: “We give you this, join us” Brands must be in this new age Of an intrinsic story Because it’s the only thing that will stay Steady, distinctive and unique Among all kinds of other means.


The only way is right To do content marketing; is to have content story. (fireworks) Or they can assume that Everything is understandable and clear But do you know what they say about the assumption? It doesn’t always work. (Exhilarating music) You can not consume more information .. (stutter) Excuse me, let me (re scene) The second scene Brandt, get this out of here, come on Expel them all Shout at them (The boy screams) (Laughter) Get them out of here, they are very close to us They saw you coming to them Chuck Niros was a funny guy And wonderfully, I had a model for him A group of gangsters with beards carry weapons And things like that I put them in a blender Dad drives a Ford truck I am Chevy and we both admire John Deere Don’t laugh, this is serious Chuck! This looks like ..


Um Total Gym Total Gym I said Chuck I think Total Jim’s work Really succeeded She looks really pretty and wears great clothes That’s what I think Will be the future of content marketing She will grow up one day and marry a handsome boy And have a family that’s cool Did anyone really understand this nonsense? Translation: Team Translated @ autrjim .