Review Of Article Architect Introduction.

In this Review Of Article Architect I’m giving an Alternative To Article Architect since supporting to Article Architect has been suspended.

Welcome to the Review Of Article Architect. Article writing can be time-consuming, so I have always been on the look out for programs that can assist me in my  information research for my article writing, organizing, spinning and publishing to promote my internet business. I wanted  a software that can help me to churn out quality articles easily and much faster while showing me the word count and keyword density of my articles as I am writing.

Quite honestly, it’s been difficult getting one with all these features until I came across Article Architect. It has all  the features except the spinning functionality. These features have helped me to save a great deal of time in my article  marketing. I’m glad I made the purchase.

Article Architect is an information research and article writing program developed by Jay Jennings to easily create and  publish articles even if you don’t know much on that niche. The software will allow you to write an article, post it to  your blog, or publish it to your web site, submit to article directories and even announce it on Twitter, without leaving  the program.

With Article Architect you can create projects for your articles. You can get them organized by topics and categories. You  can also do your keyword research on Overture and Google without leaving the program to have the necessary ideas for  articles writing. You can also have an idea of how profitable the article you are about to write is.

You can generate attention grabbing article titles that can easily attract the attention of readers with the in-built  headline generator. You can also track the visitors to your various articles to know the performance of each article.

You can then rewrite each sentence you have generated in your own flavor to have a unique article.

Review Of Article Architect: Keyword Research

With Article Architect you can do keyword research targeting specific keywords or phrases for every article.
It displays the number of times a keyword is searched on Overture while it also shows the number of competition for the keyword on Google. You can do keyword analysis on each of the keywords you choose. You can dig further on each keyword which helps you to get free, pre-qualified, targeted traffic to your web site. You can also add your own keyword list if you wish.

With Article Architect you can research for your articles from various resources to choose the content you need for your article. It provides you with various resources that contain your keywords.
You can save each of your projects with the keywords you are targeting for that project.

Multiple Niche Projects

With Article Architect I am able to create different niche projects for my articles marketing and get all my articles organized for each niche project.

Text Area To Write Your Articles

Article Architect also has a text area where you can write and arrange your articles.

Copy and Paste Function

You can copy text from other web sites and paste with the copy and paste function.

Drag and Drop Functionality

With Article Architect you can drag and drop blocks of text which you can use to write your own articles.
With the software or program you can even save the web site addresses of the contents you are using for your articles. This is a powerful feature that helps me to easily track the source of my information whenever I am writing.

Powerful Headline Generator

Many at times I find it a daunting task to come up with attention grabbing headlines that can easily grab the attention of readers to my articles. Article Architect has a built in headline generator which helps me to create such attention grabbing headlines.

Article Architect has a fill-in-the-blank system that helps me to create headlines fast. I fill in the blanks and it comes up with the headlines I can choose from. All I need to do is to tweak the headlines to my own taste until I am satisfied if at all I think it’s necessary.

Keyword Density Functionality

Article Architect has the keyword density functionality. I love this feature so much as I am able to meet the requirement of some article directories without having to leave the Article Architect interface. With this functionality, you can control your article keyword density as you write your article.
A little green bar moves along to indicate the keyword density of my article as I write.
I just fill in the percentage of the keywords phrases I intend to target and Article Architect keeps the track of the density for me.

Word And Character count Functionality

With Article Architect you can easily Keep track of the word count of the article you are writing.
You can also keep track of the character count of your articles.

Review Of Article Architect: Spell Check And edit Functionality

Article Architect contains spell check functionality. It has a built-in spell checker for your article projects, so you don’t need another word processor.
You can also edit the words of your article content with the software.

Multiple Bio For Each Article

With Article Architect you can create many bio boxes for each of your projects and store them along with your keywords and articles. You can even assign a pen name to an article.

Article Submission

Article Architect comes with a submission wizard that is loaded with some article directories which you can remove or even add your own chosen article directories if you so wish. This allows you to submit your articles to as many article directories as you want.
Once your article is ready, you can submit your articles with the submission wizard. It has a click and paste feature for your username, password, title, author, category, keywords, summary, article body and resource box. With these you can submit your articles and Article Architect will provide you with the submission information.

Tracking Functionality

Article Architect allows you to keep track of your article marketing performance at a glance. With the tracking functionality you know the status of each article. It will keep track of your username and password for each article directory. You can track each article by sending you a reminder on uncompleted projects, recording the date the article was written, the submission date to directories and the number of unique visitors and page views. It allows you to also keep a record of money you have generated through each article.

Email Facility

You can use Article Architect to email your article to any email address of your choice.

Sonic Snooper Contents
Article Architect has Sonic Snooper incorporated into it. If you subscribe to sonic snooper, it allows you to pull contents into the software to create your articles although I am not subscribed to this feature.

Review Of Article Architect: Uploading Feature

The export feature allows you to post your articles to your blog or publish to your web site web sites. You can even schedule your posts to add to your WordPress blogs on a regular basis. You can also announce your posts on Twitter and can
keep track of the views.

Video Tutorials

Article Architect has a series of videos tutorials that walks you through on how to use the software. These videos take you through the learning curve.

Review Of Article Architect: Price Tag

The software is a little pricey if you are just starting out and cannot afford to throw cash around. The price tag of the article writer is $97. This one-time cost includes a 60-day money back guarantee which gives you the opportunity and all the time you need to try it out.  The cost also includes all future updates free of charge, so you don’t need to bother about paying for any future upgrade.

Review Of Article Architect: Free Lifetime Updates

With Article Architect you get free updates for life with any new feature added in the future free.

If what you are looking for is an information research and article writing software that can allow you to create more than one project running at a time, that can assist you to churn out quality optimized articles faster and easier, that can also help with your keyword research, that can assist you on information research for your articles, with keyword density, word count, spell check, tracking and uploading functionalities that will allow you to publish your content to article directories with ease then Article Architect is worth your trial. You have plenty of time to try it out and see if it satisfies your requirement. You even get free updates for life.

Non Availability Of A Built-In Spinner

Article Architect as powerful as it is, does not have an in-built article spinner feature. You still need an article spinner to spread your articles effectively distribute unique articles to various article directories.
Read the full article through the link provided in the resource box to get the details on the best article spinners on the net.

Whether you are just starting out writing articles or you want to improve your article marketing this software is important to add to your marketing arsenal.

Click here to view Article Architect Videos and click here to view Article Architect sales page

Review Of Article Architect Pros And Cons


Keyword research feature
Tracking Functionality to check your Article marketing performance
Copy and Paste Function
Article Submission
Email Facility to email your article to any email address



Article Architect software has no built-in spinner

The Software is no longer supported by the creator


PLEASE NOTE: Article Architect Is No Longer Supported Or Sold While Article Architect Alternative,  “Instant Article Wizard” Has Improved Significantly Over The Years. Read More On Instant Article Wizard Here



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