Quick Start Challenge Testimonial 


Overview of Quick Start Challenge Testimonial

Product: Quick Start Challenge 2018
Product Owners: Dean Holland & Craig Crawford
Launch Date: 2018-September-07
Launch Time: 10:00am EST
Front-End Price: $14.95 Dimesale
Home Page:  www.quickstartchallenge.com
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Rating: 98 out of 100 
Comment: Highly Recommended 



Quick Start Challenge 2018 was introduced to me by an advance online marketer. Based on his recommendation, I did my due diligence, making a little bit of research online about the program. I came to realize that both Dean and Craig are honest and ethical marketers with passion to help others achieve their online marketing goals. These their qualities made me to join. I thank God I did.


Quick Start Challenge 2018 Testimonial  

Quick Start Challenge Coaching is awesome and the method taught in this course works. I earlier wrote on “The Quick Start Challenge 2018 Updatehere about four weeks ago after the week one coaching webinar

I still joined one coaching program this year that added no value. I had to cancel after 8 agonizing weeks. Quick Start Challenge 2018 hands down This program is one of the best training I have ever had.

With all sincerity, my honest Quick Start Challenge Testimonial, is the value of the course provided by Dean and Craig. It was far greater than the value of money charged (Quick Start Challenge Price is less than $15, precisely $14.95).

The five weekly live training webinars and the weekly Q & A’s sessions with Dean about 42 hours later to help members answer any difficulty they may be facing after the webinars, gave so much value than another coaching program I paid over $400.

I would therefore like to really appreciate both Dean and Craig for putting together such a valuable training and giving back to the internet community at such a low price).

I have been involved in many so called make money online coaching and mentoring, training programs for many years, time and time.  I’ve even paid over $400 for a training program that can never compare in any way, far too low to be compared with Quick Start Challenge 2018.

Quick Start Challenge 2018 Has Come And Gone. Congratulations to all that completed the full 5 Weeks program on time and those that are a bit behind on time. It’s awesome you took action!!!!


What Is Quick Start Challenge 2018?


Quick Start Challenge 2018 is designed to train action takers who are willing to succeed in their online business.

It’s a proven 5 weekly training webinar that takes a newbie from the scratch to earning income online. The first week laid the foundation for the Quick Start Challenge 2018 training. It focused on changing the mindset of members positively,  motivating them into taking action, to creating their business website from the ground up and scaling it up the right way.

The training continued to the next phase on how to discover the difference in the types of income streams online to implement it into the newly created internet business website and immediately initiate them for passive income. The right way of choosing products to promote.

Then to a “list building engine” creating optin form to download page in order to build email list and start making commissions at the very same time.  Went further into setting up automated income system with autoresponder mail campaign in order to start making commissions.

Finally to driving free traffic in a smart way as well as paid traffic.



There was a task to complete every week. These tasks moved my business forward as it did to every participant no matter the level of their expertise.

There was a price to win by one of the participants every week running into hundreds of dollars and even a few thousands at times.

There was a great support from the help desk and far greater support by Dean and Craig and particularly the helpful members of the QSC fb closed group. These members are awesome.


Quick Start Challenge Weekly Challenge Program


The most powerful and fascinating but yet the most tasking session of the program was the weekly challenge program, a weekly  assignment for every member that must be submitted and verified by QSC staff, to ensure every participating member built an online business from scratch to making money online within the 5 weeks training program. Every week, a new prize was attached to this session for action takers to win.


Quick Start Challenge Question And Answer Session

There was also a question and answer session after each weekly seminar as well. These Q & A sessions took the online business of many members to the next level before the end of the training program.


Quick Start Challenge Facebook Closed Group


Dean Holland


Craig Crawford


There was a Quick Start Challenge 2018 facebook closed group to interact with members, broadcast information to members and also meant for members to help each other along the way. Many members won’t get to where they are today in their online business without this valuable closed group and fantastic community.

I am happy this Facebook group is going to continue beyond the duration of the 5 week challenge. I am really excited and glad about this. This has been a fantastic community eagerly helping each other.

The Quick Start Challenge Facebook group was very supportive to all participating members. I have made some really great friends in the last few weeks. I’m looking forward to further interaction with the members here and forging working relationships with some in the nearest future.


Dean was passionate about the success of every member, he kept on motivating every member at every opportunity to ensure high success rate, reminding them he who was some time ago trying to figure out and spinning the wheels until a mentor took him through a process that built the foundation that helps him now to make 7 figures.

Both Dean & Craig were never tired of sending regular reminders for the next expected action from members and the next step from them members should be getting ready for in the program. The duo are men of integrity.


Quick Start Challenge Success Stories

During the course, some mentees started earning some online income. In week 4,Paul Carr  made 4 sales from the product he picked as his “surprise” offer for his Quick Start Challenge sales funnel.

In the same week 4, Abdullah Shaker woke up one morning to realize he had earned $183 from Clickbank.

I believe in the coming months there are going to be many outstanding Quick Start Challenge success stories and testimonials with what you taught us for a peanut, less than $20 for 5 weeks and week 6 as a bonus. That’s unbelievable. A million thanks to Dean & Craig. And God bless.


My Final Thoughts On Quick Start Challenge 2018

I highly recommend this internet marketing training program to the following categories of online marketers

  • Those who are just starting out in their internet business,
  • Those who are still struggling, trying to put everything together without success and can’t figure out how to go about it,
  • Those who are yet to build their email list,
  • As well as those with some level of experience trying to move their online business to the next level regardless of the level.

In my own opinion, this program is designed mainly to give back to the internet community. Dean and Craig over delivered.

QSC internet marketing coaching program is structured into easy to follow steps from the foundation up to the point of earning income online.

As mentioned earlier, some of the participants made some bucks during the training, which they possibly couldn’t have made if they had not participated in the QSC 2018.

It’s been a great 5-week coaching program. Kudos to you Dean and Craig.

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