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Pinwizz Review


Pinwizz Review

Pinwizz Review – Product Overview

Сrеаtоr: Rudy Rudra
Рrоԁuсt: Pinwizz
Lаunсһ Dаtе: October 3rd, 2020
Lаunсһ Тіmе: 10:00 EDT
Оffісіаl Webѕіtе:
Frоnt-Еnԁ Рrісе: $17
Воnuѕеѕ:  Воnuѕes
Nісһе: Software, Pinterest Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Traffic
Ѕuрроrt: Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Rесоmmеnԁеԁ: Ніgһlу Rесоmmеnԁеԁ
Rеfunԁ: 30 Dауs Money Back Guаrаntее


Pinwizz Review – Introduction


Welcome to my Pinwizz Review. Pinterest is the fastest growing Social Media traffic source for any business with over 300 million monthly active users. Pinterest Is a powerful tool that can be used to drive floods of Targeted Traffic with ease to your websites or any other offer.

However, the best way to use Pinterest is to build a community of followers first and then begin to communicate with them in relation to the niche or brand. This will further  boost brand visibility and online reputation without stress.

You need technical skills to gain a mastery of this  and see tangible results. To achieve this manually and see results coming in also takes a lot of efforts and time.

Available tools in the market has one shortcoming or the other. Some are unnecessarily pricey, despite the limited features that require you get additional software to complement each other to meet your needs.

This is where PinWizz comes in as a perfect solution. When you read through my PinWizz Review, you will see why it’s a must tool for your affiliate marketing, internet marketing or any other make money online.


PinWizz  Review – What Is PinWizz?

PinWizz is a cloud-based software that leverages the power of Pinterest for 100% free traffic on complete autopilot.. It can generate laser targeted traffic with ease to any link easily.

The app is a unique technology that automates the complete process of driving quality buyer traffic from Pinterest to your offers. It helps you to work effortlessly with multiple boards across multiple IDs.

With this app you can easily comment and put your affiliate or product links in others Pinterest accounts. It includes an Image editor that will enable you create highly engaging images for Pinterest.

It gives you access to millions of stock images. With PinWizz, you can easily search and automatically find powerful content from Pinterest in just a few clicks and then capture unlimited audience attention.

Pinwizz is a Pinterest Traffic Automation Software That Gets Attention-Drawing Pins, Adds Them To Your Boards and then Generates Traffic To Your Website or Affiliate Links.


PinWizz Review: PinWizz Automation Features & Benefits


·         Do tasks faster and better with automation.

Pinwizz comes with Pinterest Automation Technology. The Software allows you to Get Free Automated Traffic With Pinterest All From One Central Easy To Use Dashboard while  Pinterest Training Is Also included



·         Search for Boards With Highest Repins

·         Automates Pinning, Automates Repinning, Automates Likes & Engagement

Search boards of other people and easily check the highest repins to easily follow or unfollow them






·         Work Effortlessly With Multiple Boards Across Multiple Ids

PinWizz gives you the ability to managing your pins, the  power to organize your boards without any stress. It makes it possible for people to easily access your profile or explore your ideas.





·         Schedule Pins Actions Across Multiple Boards

This feature allows you to work effortlessly with multiple boards across multiple IDs by scheduling your pins effortlessly & reaching out to your audience without ever worrying for doing it yourself.







·         Automates Content Discovery

The App Searches and automatically finds powerful content from Pinterest in just a few clicks.










·         Fresh Visual Content Delivery

The App Skyrockets your audience who remain glued to your content using the power of visual content to get maximum traction for your offers and get best results with your Pinterest marketing efforts.





·         Image Editor

Easy-to-use Image editor to create highly engaging images for Pinterest







·         URL Link Shortner

Use the advanced link shortner to create your big link into a smaller one without the banning issue








·         Scale Like The Top Gurus Do & Put Your Links On Other People Pinterest Accounts.

Easily comment and put your affiliate or product link in others Pinterest account with ease.





·         No Need To Work From Scratch

Use this power of this awesome piece of technology to automate everything & scale your projects.





PinWizz automation



·         No Additional Cost Needed

Reduce your dependency on third-parties that suck your hard earned money and give no results whatsoever.






·         Niche Finder

Finds pins in any niche and repins them to your boards.

·         Unfollow Automation Feature

Unfollow automation for profiles that did not follow you back

·         One Click Ease Of Use

Automatically follows niche targeted profiles

·         Millions Of Stock Images

Capture unlimited audience attention with millions of DFY Pinterest images for your audience and target market.

·         Complete Video Training Included

Easy to understand step-by-step training videos included

·         All-In-One Business Booster

Includes advanced Pinterest automation features

·         A Push Button Easy Solution

Search and automatically find powerful content from Pinterest in just a few clicks.

·         The Software Is Very Easy To Use  And Perfect For Everyone.

The App is 100% newbie friendly and an easy-to-use software so no complex tech hassles required to succeed with this tool.

·         100% Free Social Traffic

·         Powerful Keyword Search Tech

·         Complete Reporting That Keeps You Updated

·         Pinterest Exclusive Training

·         Software Training

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PinWizz Review – Pros and Cons  


  • 100% Newbie Friendly & Easy-To-Use Software
  • Easily Work With Multiple Boards Across Multiple Ids
  • Automatically Follows Niche Targeted Profiles
  • Easy-To-Use Image Editor To Creates Highly Engaging Images For Pinterest Tha Capture Audience Attention Instantly
  • Search Boards Of Other People And Easily Find Out The Highest Repins To Easily Follow Or Unfollow Them
  • Find Pins In Any Niche And Then Repin Them To Your Boards Easily.
  • Unfollow Automation For Profiles That Did Not Follow You Back
  • No Dependency Or Additional Cost Of Your Hard-Earned Money For Third-Parties Needed.
  • All-In-One Business Booster With Most Advanced Pinterest Automation Features
  • Easily Comment And Put Your Affiliate Or Product Links In Others Pinterest Account With Ease.
  • Capture Unlimited Pinterest Audience Attention With Millions Of Dfy Pinterest Images For Your Audience And Target Market.
  • Search And Automatically Find Powerful Content From Pinterest In Just A Few Clicks.
  • Use The Advanced Link Shortner To Make Your Long Links Shorter & Attractive.
  • No Need To Work From Scratch, Use The Software Technology To Automate Everything & Scale Big.
  • Easy To Follow, Step-By-Step, Over The Shoulder Training Videos Included.




PinWizz Review –Who Should Use It?

  • Affiliate Marketers,  
  • Online Marketers
  • Cpa Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Ecommerce Business Owners
  • Email Marketers
  • Business Owners
  • Product Creators
  • Freelancers
  • Make Money Online
  • List Builders
  • Or Anyone Who Wants To Rank Their Site On The Top Results Of Google


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PinWizz Review – Earning Proof




Watch PinWizz Full demo Video below:

Pinwizz Demo Video

PinWizz Review –PinWizz Testimonials

Here Are Some Real Results That Users of PinWizz Got In The Last 6 Months



Testimonials Videos



Pinwizz Review – Price funnels:

Front-End : Pinwizz



Drive automated laser targeted traffic from Pinterest in the next 10 minutes to any blog of your choice or website  or any affiliate link without paying any recurring monthly fees.

Below are some of the Major features of PinWizz:

  • Work Effortlessly With Multiple Boards Across Multiple IDs
  • Easily Comment And Put Your Affiliate Or Product Link In Others Pinterest Account
  • Easy-To-Use Image Editor To Create Highly Engaging Images For Pinterest
  • Search Boards Of Other People And Easily Check The Highest Repins To Easily Follow Or Unfollow Them
  • Search And Automatically Find Powerful Content From Pinterest In Just A Few Clicks
  • Find Pins In Any Niche And Repin Them To Your Boards
  • Use Advanced Link Shortner To Convert Your Big Link Into Smaller Ones Without Any Banning Issue
  • Reduce Your Dependency On Third-Parties That Suck Your Hard Earned Money And Give No Results Whatsoever
  • Drive Unlimited Targeted Traffic To Your Blogs, Websites, Affiliate Offers Etc With No Restrictions Ever
  • Get Max Audience Glued Using The Power Of Fresh Visual Content
  • Included Step by Step Video Software guide
  • Exclusive Pinterest Step By Step Training Videos
  • $100 Case Study Video How you can earn from Pinterest

When Pinwizz is launched at 10am EST October 3rd, the starting price will be $17. The front end price will then continue to increase by 0.01 cent every 60 minutes until the end of the launch when the final price takes effect.

Pinwizz Front-End Price: $17

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OTO 1: Pinwizz Unlimited

This upgrade will help you to unlock unlimited features and get maximum traffic, sales and profits effortlessly with  the push of a button

Here are some of the major features of this Upgrade:

  • Add Unlimited Accounts
  • Add Unlimited Pins
  • Exclusive Pinterest Training
  • Easy-To-Understand Software Video Training
  • Included Step by Step Video Software guide
  • $100 Case Study Video How you can earn from Pinterest


Pinwizz OTO 1 Price: $37


OTO 2: Pinwizz Pro

This upgrade will give you some more advanced features which include:

  • Get 300% More Traffic & Sales Faster & Easier With Zero Tech Hassles Ever
  • Schedule Pins Actions Across Multiple Boards
  • Get Max Audience Glued Using The Power Of Fresh Visual Content
  • Be The Best By Creating A Well-Chalked Out Pinning Schedule & Send Pins To Multiple Boards Hassle Free

Pinwizz OTO 2 Price: $47


OTO 3: Pinwizz DFY

When you upgrade To PinWizz Done-For-You Edition, you will Get Additional 500%  Traffic, Sales & Profits Without Any Expensive Fees On Various Marketing Tools  Or Spending Time To Do Many Of These Essential Processes From Scratch.

Here are some of the Powerful features of This Upgrade.

  •  Instabuilder Included – Ultimate Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder-
  • Ready To Use High Converting Lead Capture Page To Get Max Leads Boost Your Affiliate Promos With Ready To Use Bonus Page
  • Easy & Effortless Autoresponder Integration To Send Max Emails To Your List
  • 100% Optimized Blog With Premium Review Themes
  • To Analyze & Promote Hot Products Premium WP Rocket Installation
  • Fully Branded Social Media Account And All Done-For-You Graphic
  • Material Super Engaging Logo & Favicons to Boost Your Brand Identity and Many Other features.

Pinwizz OTO 3 Price: $197


OTO 4:  Pinwizz Exclusive

  • This Upgrade Will Help You To Use The Power Of Engaging Visual Content and  Convert Random Visitors Into High Paying Customers With A Low One Time Investment
  • Millions Of Stock Image Download In One Click Included
  • Exclusive Viral Pinterest Training And Other Features Also Included.

Pinwizz OTO 4 Price: $47


OTO 5:  Pinwizz Reseller

With Pinwizz Reseller Upgrade you get Complete Resell Rights to PinWizz Today. This will enable you to  Generate A Cool recurring Monthly Income which may start In The Next 48 Hours

These are some of the major benefits from Pinwizz Reseller Upgrade.

  • Start Your Own Profitable Software Selling Business Instantly Without Any Huge investment
  • No Need To Invest $10K-$50K For Product Creation And Marketing Purposes
  • Customer Service And Support is Done For You. So No need to start struggling to Manage Customer Service And Support.
  • Keep 100% Profits Yourself

Pinwizz OTO 5 Price: $97


My Final Thoughts

I hope this Pinwizz Review has given you adequate information that can help you to take the right decision.

You should click the sales button now to purchase if you believe this product is right for your business before the price goes up. Besides, you have nothing to loose if you test drive and realize, the product is not right for you as there is 30 days money back guarantee.

Finally, if you need and further information or want to leave any views or comment, feel free to leave your comment below.

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