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The truth is This is actually very difficult to do Honestly, in such a I don't believe in the world of many things. I only care about 4 to 6 pieces. Important matter Those are what I want to talk about. The first one, the most important one is I want everyone to understand More important than anything else I just ended up with some interesting ones. Strategic meeting When I think about our last few hours When did you discuss what? I believe very seriously Everyone present here Including myself, they are greatly underestimated. How special today is How special is the maturity of the Internet today? How special is the opportunity? I got up this morning and sighed. Never before I was serious But if you watch TV news all day, You may not agree with my point of view But I am convinced Now we are human The best era ever existed I tell you what to ask Internet thing Bigger than you think Internet thing When you are old Our grandson, great grandson How did we spend this period? The Internet is bigger than we think More than our cognitive range It’s the internet, I’m not talking about Facebook, or social media.


Not Instagram, not Podcasting The internet is human Greatest invention We are in it It’s just the beginning of it. Can't understand how big it can be My most shocked is nobody I mean no one. Can block anyone from entering this game It’s amazing for me. Our great-grandfathers They all laugh What we think is very difficult A lot of people Because Instagram and Facebook It’s a joke to change their algorithms and cry. They are all free software. Facebook and Instagram are free However, we are crying and complaining that their algorithm has changed. I thought so Whole house Connect us all together Whether you are an entrepreneur Still working for others Whether you are excited or not Still deeply hit Link a thing for all of us Yes we need action Against our goals Whether it’s a financial goal or a legend in your life No matter what, one thing takes us Linked with attention I ask everyone a point of view taken home after the end of this meeting Understand Is the same as real estate attention Is the door to any thing you want Before you tell me how good you are How good are you selling? You need my attention Before you tell me anything You need my attention Everyone in the house needs to understand This device holds all the attention of our society.


You may not like this reality very much. You go out and see that people and people don’t talk. You are very sad What do you think? But the truth is that it will not be changed. This thing has attention If you are sitting in this room Still haven't figured out how to put the article Voice, video is released on various platforms on this device You are basically irrelevant and so When you think about sitting here, stand here I don't want to inspire you for an hour Let you get excited, then next Thursday You don't do it I am not interested in this kind of thing. I honestly Seeing the faces of so many viewers I am only looking for a person. Can understand how great an era is now Then you need to make great efforts to keep up with the times. I tell you I honestly The sentence that made me the most fucking in the introduction just now is I am very proud, perhaps more proud than anything. I joined my family business. Established a good business for my family I'm very proud I really like the time when others say this.


It’s easy for you to come, you took over a $3 million business directly. But they don't know my story My dad gave me a small shop selling wine. 3 million turnover, 10% profit After I took over, I worked 17 hours a day. From 22 to 34 years old, working for my mom and dad's business When I was 34 years old I quit my daily business. 0% of the assets of the Wine Library I don’t have any money in my bank card. This is my story I'm very proud If you are a descendant of immigrants Nothing is better than when you and your parents made the account clear.


You can't get closer, but I am now goose bumps. You testify Really fucking is goose bumps the best But when the introduction begins The host said “He took his father's business” “From 4 million to 60 million US dollars” indeed Very solid praise Also my biggest regret If you can come back, business words I can put the Wine library Brought from 4 million to 2.5 billion dollars Spend the same time I tell you why I tell you this is also the only thing you need to pay attention to.


In my entire speech I will tell you carefully. Now my mother is listening carefully I don't know if you are taking notes? I don't know how you laugh at my stuff. But I promise that what I am going to talk about in the next three minutes is Now the most fucking thing I Make my dad’s business from 60 million to 60 million Without the help of extra money Business has just started turnover of 4 million The profit before various expenses is 400,000 US dollars We are directly without money Your salary is paid, the rent is paid I don’t have any My first year's market budget On the 14,000 money block Whole year Market budget I can do it. This can also live because of three core reasons In 1996, no one had a website So the website is a good idea Second: I created an email ad. Young people present may not understand But you have to understand when people come to our store. I don’t even know how many mailboxes they have. I asked “Do you want to join our mailing list?” They said “willingness” I asked, “Your email address is 啥?” They say “” I said, “You fucking jokes.” That was very frontier at the time Very early But I have already started to send email notifications.


How many people are in their careers? Engaged in email marketing Put your hands up My mail had a 91% open rate in 1997 and 1998. why Not because of how good the content is. The email says to buy this bottle of Merlot. Because other people are not sending emails. I bought the virgin land very cheaply. Because no one else is doing that The last point is How do I really make a big business? When Google AdWorks was released I used this service So I am the first result of searching for red wine. Also the first result of searching Cabernet and Napa Valley At that time, everyone was still sending physical mail to people.


Magazine and radio advertising I played the game of Google, and Google became Google. understand? I will explain your biggest mistake to you now. Everyone here is making this mistake. Including myself, I am the one who should not be the most committed. Everyone here Are not producing enough social media content Didn’t spend enough money on social media to advertise Everyone is not outputting enough content Did not spend enough advertising money Because you have to understand what is going to happen Let me give you a clear explanation Buy ads on Instagram and Facebook now This is what everyone in the room should do.


Lots of I also beg you Don't do that, try it. People who don’t have the results and then feel that Instagram and Facebook ads are useless The return rate of basketball to me is zero. The return on basketball to LeBron is hundreds of millions of dollars. We also treat each other honestly Used Instagram and Facebook ads But it has no effect Raise your hand Stand up straight I want everyone to see it. Don't be lazy For everyone's sake Look at you carry on Don't sit down first Everyone has a look These people are very bad I am joking. Please sit down please friends Please understand a fact Everyone who stands up I am not kidding. Instagram and Facebook help you Either because you hire someone Or you can't This is no debate They are effective and effective Effective fear Scared to the founder Have to sit back in front of the National Assembly honestly I will laugh at some people.


Some people eat with me Old CEO, and I talked for half an hour Facebook is killing our democracy Then the next half hour Tell me that I can’t sell it with it. It seems like everyone is afraid of it But you don't believe it can sell things Brothers, this is since TV commercials. The most effective advertising product So when I saw a lot of people standing up Please educate yourself You have to understand why it is good You can spend $25 to $50 each time on it. Come and feel if it works. In addition, the biggest mistake in this room is You are confused You didn’t figure out what brand and sales mean.


The most basic problem in business now is I am surprised that you don't understand, because I understand by nature. I realized that, oh, I am fucking. People don't know the brand and sales The person who just stood up Ads don't work for them They spend money wanting to make a deal Not made They stand up and say no use But what they didn’t realize was First the level of the creator is a variable If I stand here, have all your attention This is a victory But if this speech is rubbish, I have nothing to gain. I got a negative impact If you are disappointed, oh, he is not so good at the scene. Oh, he is stupid, oh, what is it? It’s a waste of time It’s like an ad Can you put it in front of me? Use a reasonable price, but if you impose an sale on me Then very annoying You have lost If you haven't convinced me yet Why is your banana jelly better than others? God, what am I saying? What is the banana jelly? Who do you want to open a banana jelly company? I knew it If you didn't convince me your banana jelly Better than your competitors You won't buy Please understand this Let me give you a brief explanation This is why I think this is the most important Everyone here needs to spend money Whether you are a lawyer or a financial consultant Sports coach, dietitian I don’t care if you are fucking someone to build a road.


You need to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. They are the most affordable place of attention at the moment. Let me tell you why I stood here today and regretted the beginning. Didn’t spend more money advertising on Google AdWorks Each of you will regret it after four years, I promise you Nothing else, I will give you this advice. I actually have a very selfish consideration. Very selfish consideration I put you on the platform without spending money on it. It’s very important to say that it’s been a long time. Because I want you to remember after four years. When you don’t spend enough money When you realize How was it right when I was there? Fuck, I knew I would listen to GaryVee. Now, Facebook and Instagram ads It costs about 3 to 8 dollars per thousand people. 3 to 8 dollars You can appear on the screen of a thousand people Not a thousand people can see You also know how you slide the screen.


The next 5 years When the world's largest companies Like Nike, BMW, IBM realized How bad is TV commercials? Then how good online advertising is, they will pour a lot of money into it. What will happen like that? There will be a story about Google happening to me. I used to spend 50 cents per click to buy red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon. Pinot Noir Now their cost per click is 4, 11, 18 dollars. Accumulate less Similarly, the effectiveness of advertising is actually declining. I just started publishing three years ago. When advertising on Facebook and Instagram The effect is better than now Because now you have received more ads. You forget it when you slowly look at it. Email open rate fell by 30% from 90% This is a game of police and thieves. Also a game for cats and mice When everyone is aware of what they should do And when it starts to work, the environment will become noisy. This is this game Now where your content is published Phone bills on Facebook and Instagram ads Is the same as real estate When some people know they need to buy Or are you hesitant to enter this new era that is coming soon? They generally don't buy Their friends bought Appreciated The change did happen Then they become very sad Later, there was another opportunity to invest 150,000.


But they missed a smaller investment opportunity than 150,000 They refused again After 6 months, it is still appreciating Now it has risen by 300,000 Then you said, oh, I’m fucking. Just because you rejected the opportunity twice This is the story of me and Uber. I rejected Uber twice the angel round twice How many people have read or have Crush It, my first book If you go back and look I said in the foreword I thank my family and one person, Travis. Uber's co-founder that's it I refused the angel round of my best business partner twice It was a $4 million valuation at the time. He is one of my best friends Then his company is now Uber The check I made at that time was about 20,000 to 50,000 US dollars. If I opened a check I opened normally Vote for Uber Can now have $400 million I am not sad I really don't I was serious I really don't care about money.


I care about playing this game freely. Understand if you are a pure-blood entrepreneur Everybody here You are not playing for money You are playing for the game. I am actually happy to refuse Uber twice. I'm serious I am chilling for 5 minutes. Let me judge you right away. Is it a real entrepreneur or a fake? Are you playing for this game? Still want to earn some money to sell a watch and so This is the story of Uber. I used to reject some investments. As a result, they become worth a little Then I will not vote for it again. Because I have emotions in it, when I refuse it, it only costs 4 yuan. Now it costs 60 bucks, I don't even want to invest. I thank God, I changed this idea.


Because when Uber came to me again, I invested. Not very early and not crazy, of course I also made a lot of money Also made the right decision Because I put my personal emotions aside do you understand Many people have not done their best on social media. Because your friends have more fans than you You have no humble heart to start from the moment. From a very low starting point You just don't do it because you have already tried it. No effect in the past, you didn’t understand What is happening now is very simple Attention is the only important thing No matter what you do I was born in the USSR I was with a group last night. Fun Venezuelans are playing Scorpio This is very fun. Who is from Chicago? Who is from Sweden? forget it Who is from Texas? can New Jersey Good Ok Row Belarus grandfather Friends, I don’t want to say much. Life is very basic 99% of the audience What I am doing is because They value others more than their own ideas.


If I sit down with you one-on-one I can figure out every stupid thing you are doing. I’m going to figure out what you’re doing to please someone. Or want to prove that someone is wrong This is the biggest mistake you can make. If you learn a little from this event today When your brain can calm down And don't worry about other people's fingertips That is, when your life will change.


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This is harder to do in this new era. Living under the eyes of the public Really I like to have a burden on my shoulders. I also like to take 245 people in my class. My 243 transcripts are released I think this is very interesting and exciting. My task now is to create more wealth and success. More than all my classmates add up But that should not be the reason why you do things. So there are still a few things I want to break through this meeting today. The first is why you are doing what you are doing.


Because a lot of personnel from a defensive perspective Doing things I think every day How to make a content or a conversation Let you start thinking about yourself For yourself How many people saw the Russian version of the Lodge 4 Very interesting Born with me in the former Soviet Union of Belarus No relationship at all I like him very differently. At the end of the movie, the most interesting thing It’s what Drago said after losing. Rocky won with Mike How can I still be friends? Useful for the first few minutes But more importantly, what Drago said He said, “I didn't play Lodge for my country.” “I am playing for myself” I was a child when this movie came out. But I can't forget it forever.


Many people look at my content I know that I often say I don't care about the cynicism you lost to me. My failure is just my failure I welcome you when I fail. Jokes ridicule me I have a good news. My mother doesn't care what you say 啥 I just said this topic. Because I think Facebook and Instagram Very cheap, I want you to spend more I am convincing others to sell the house. Rent an apartment Invest the rest of the money in your own business Should be when they bought a 6 bedroom house In fact, no one can use 6 bedrooms. We just need 3 rooms for the fuck. Everyone is doing things for the outside to see them. You wear clothes for others You show off You pretend This is the most fucking mistake you can make. I only care about my own voice for a long time. Because I am very good at tutoring and my growing situation Immigrants and poverty The greatest advantage Just from the beginning Others think that you have lost The disadvantage is that you take it for granted that you should have what you have.


Who has children? Put your hands up can Do you want to really help your child? Then don't protect them. Eighth trophy Will cause silly things I have lost all my life. Is the greatest thing that happened to me. I cry every time. My mother is very happy This is a very simple two-pole game In life and business, you are either Is offensive or defensive Many of you are here thinking that you are in the middle. Sitting steady There is no middle You are either moving forward or backwards There is no middle in the reality of our lives.


For me, education is key But it is not the education that everyone in our society understands. Fucking current school system Go fucking But this does not mean that education is not important. What did I do in the 5 minutes I just started speaking? I am trying to educate you Listen to the bastards. Listen well If you are not producing text, video or pictures Upload on Instagram, Facebook, podcasting, YouTube, Linkedin Then you don't exist in that world. Your business does not exist listen listen Don't set the wrong performance standards Not how many likes and fans you have I have a wonderful feeling.


If you have 1 like and 1 fan But you got what you were looking for Whether it is emotional or financial, you will be very happy Don't be fooled by microscopic small-scale competition. People always tell me I have 1 million fans I said “then then” “What did you do with this 1 million attention?” “What do you want to get, what is your goal?” Having said that, do you want to make money? Good, I wish you success You want to change the world, bless you I don't want to talk about your ambitions. What I care about is that you know you in May of 2018? Do you care about you in May 2018? People always say “Galiway” “What is the next big platform?” Stupid, I don’t know My mother is not awkward. I don't know what the next big platform is. I know which one is the best.


I know that YouTube is very good now. I know that Facebook is very good now. I know that none of you have used me to do more, and I have not tried my best. Although I have 22 full-time employees doing this I only had one person to do my personal content three years ago. If I spent millions Employed 22 full-time employees Just do text, audio and video I can feel it on the stage. I am still not enough Where are you still fucking? This is the most selfish speech I have ever done. I am serious I inserted a deep flagpole on the ground. Tell you if you send it once a day on Instagram Then you should send it four times.


If you haven’t sent a Twitter, start sending If you don't have a Snapchat story yet Because Instagram also has this feature. You are a fool Guess what? You all did this. Attention is the asset, everything you want Why am I building VaynerMedia? The reason I built it is I want to build a star of attention When needed Help my mother cure a disease Help my good friend become the governor of Florida Help me sell shoes or turn you into a jet team fan Even though you still don’t realize But this is what I am doing now. It's ok Go check out the picture of my last three Instagrams. I like you, this bastard gives me a lot of color. Don’t mess with Negative consolidation is very powerful False positive can lead to sadness This is also the problem of our society now. Your self-esteem is built on How much do you like? are you kidding me? No doubt now, it’s the past The second best opportunity in the Internet age in 20 years Opportunities are on 3 to 4 apps on this phone.


We are not doing enough Do more I don't care what your past content is. What ads have been made on various platforms No matter what is past Educate yourself Go home, search on Google How to send Instagram ads Go home and play on Google How to post ads before Youtube videos Based on people's search history in Google Go home and give 100 net red letters Ask how much they want Willing to send you an advertisement No matter what your fuck is selling Become an executor as soon as possible Do you know how many people are in this room? Have your own ideas for Facebook and Instagram But have you never used advertising? Always only look at the surface Not done enough I really said that it is not enough.


This speech is the most selfish Because I have a bright banner Tell everyone in this room Need to post more on social media Should be focused on there Also the location of cheap attention Also 100% reach your goal Methods No more No ads Only the content directly in front of you I am working hard, you can also see it. Try to squeeze out any useful points I teach you free of charge. Who is the first 5 or 6 years of Google advertising? Largest advertiser Amazon Amazon Amazon now There is no doubt that it is one of the best in the world.


The most powerful company Of course Bezos did a lot of great things. But don't confuse it with a very important step. They are squatting on cheap attention Do you know who is betting? Muhammad Ali Who else? Elvis Presley and Beatles And all the people you have heard Do you know why you know who Martin Luther King is? Because he is a media expert At that time, many people were doing great things. He just knows how to let the media notice him. I beg you to be smarter. Trouble you to be smart Today, you are all these winners all day. Commentary When you sneer at the Paul brothers When you are laughing at all the fitness nets When you sit on the couch and laugh at others Those people are crazy about “grabbing the ground” on social media. Then it will be used to do what they want to do So you laugh as much as possible. Few people are actors I tried to convince a person in this room. Begin execution 1 person in 10,000 people I don't need everyone 1 How many people are there? How many people have success in varying degrees But you didn't put your money back into your business.


This is the greatest age Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of your profits Holidays and designer bags Why not make a profit Spend more on Instagram and Facebook ads Because I don't need to buy a Porsche. I am trying to buy Porsche. this is me I don't want to impose my ambition on you. Don't want to add my career plan to you I just want you to understand a fact I have only one reason for standing here. Because I was educated very well since I was a child. But I am also very mobile. Because I have always cared about one thing. Not money I care about my attention. Because once you have your attention You can do everything Do you know why P Diddy can have his current status? Because when TRL owns all American teenagers Attention time He came out of his bad boy's office Go to the scene of Carson Show Go every day Because he is very smart Do you know why Will Smith is doing? What does he do on Instagram? Because he is very smart Because as a big movie star Not the same as 20 years ago.


No attention of the same magnitude Friends, the change has come. The Internet is coming You may not want to work hard no problem But this fitness is the same You can't just watch How to do push-ups You have to do I will say this. Because they reminded me that time is almost So be it Don't cheer Remember, I like to drink it. I am going to flash his mother now.


Let me just position it. I see it this way. 400 billionth I know some of you know that I often say this. I just don't want to understand It’s impossible to become an individual. Everything you can do Nothing is more great and harder than this fact. And you are just lucky You can't believe this is a person. The data My problem is that since you have won the most difficult lottery win What are you doing with it? Because many people in this room I am not forgetting yesterday’s things. Yesterday, my mother is over. So if I can leave a word High and low combination I spent a lot of time here. Very aggressive to encourage you Do something practical It’s not hahaha, la la la joking. one thing Multiple advertisements, more production content, stupid This is what I want to say. but I am optimistic and optimistic Is a good strategy I just want you to understand No matter what you are complaining about Your grandparents are worse than you.


No matter what your fuck wants to say Your grandparents are more unhappy than you. If you don’t take the chance Not in the new world If you win, you are rubbish And you need to recognize this fact You need to go home and look in the mirror If you are not excited Not winning according to your own definition I tell you this will help you. I didn't want to cheer you up. I want to win I have no harm to me. I need you to win I want you to win Why not If you are not winning now You are losing You are better than others. I can understand that feeling.


I know a little bit But I still have to say No one is stopping you Only people No system No government Nothing at all This era is here. I tell you, it’s already here. I don’t care who you are, What is your grandfather's last name? Internet no matter where you come from No matter how much your zip code is It doesn't matter Start executing Understand that no one can stop you Because of various excuses Are all reasons for not going to action I need people to leave the complainer Do you know why I am very happy? Let me just say that. I don't complain Because I don't expect anyone to give me anything. Really Looking forward to being a disaster Exhale your body as soon as possible. Go to educate yourself Whether you are buying short sleeves Still life style or your view of real estate No matter what you do Facebook, Instagram Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube.


Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, podcast this is the truth No matter how you win Entity mail, phone, collective mail Still other messy No matter how good you win Because I have tried and understood them The land here is more fertile When you are an executor And understand how it works The rate of return will become very large I promise This opportunity is decreasing every moment. Because once Budweiser and Nike Wait a moment, this is what I want to say. how many people how many people just now In addition to live sports events Look at Netflix Stand up, if you basically only watch online TV Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Very fucking surprised Don't sit down first All in front See where I look friends ABC, CBS and ESPN have no business to do it's over Please sit down. Should be ended for me 80 billion US dollars Spending on TV commercials However, no one looks The next 3, 4, 5 years Big company in the world Will slowly understand Money will come Some places I mentioned just now That would mean your ad Will rise from 4 yuan to 80 dollars You won't be able to Coca-Cola, BMW competes, so please remember what I said.


Take your romantic The wishful thinking of how the world should work Throw it in the trash. Then start executing Live once Do something I love you too I am a high school teacher. I want to educate my children about kindness. Must go Sorry Love you guys .