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Kovert Review


Kovert Review

Kovert Review – Kovert Product Overview

Creator Venkata Ramana & Mark Bishop
Product Kovert
Launch Date Thursday, January 20th, 2022
Launch Time 11:00 am EST
Official website kovert1.com/kovert-live
Front-End Price $17
Bonuses Yes
Skill From Newbies To Experienced Marketers
Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche Software, Traffic
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе


Kovert Review – Introduction


Welcome to my Kovert Review. Establishing an internet business or online marketing has become a major way to make money online and even enjoy passive income for several years now.

Many are creating and selling digital products. Some others are making money online selling physical products through various online marketing platforms. Others are affiliates to these product creators and the successful ones among the affiliates are making six figures every month.

But there are always the difficult learning curves, joining the bits together before one can make a dime online. The reason many products creators are churnning out Done-For-You packages in the past few years. But many of these DFY products often require so many other tools, technical experience and monthly recurring expenses to even set them up and get them running.

My product review today is to help you make money easily from Google Docs documents just by giving away free documents to your prospects.

This is an entirely new way of earning income online that has been profitable for even newbie users. The new system is called “Kovert

As you read on, you will learn in this Kovert Review, how you can be making passive income every day with a low one time investment of $17, an initial setup of about 2 hours which any new beginner can easily do without any previous technical experience.  Then rinsing the system with only five minutes a day work or sometimes a week and still earn recurring profit online.

I therefore suggest you this Kovert review till the end.

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Kovert Review – What Is Kovert?


Kovert is a system that is designed to help people make money online by using Google Docs. It involves giving away specially formatted Google docs (or PDFs).

This process works by giving away a PDF document which triggers the next  automated stage that instantly begins pitching, and selling on the user’s behalf using two phases:

  • Phase #1 focuses on one lead product and works / sells using a combination of elements.
  • Phase #2 takes the same prospects through a series of automated campaigns designed to pitch and sell multiple products on the users behalf (through their affiliate link).

Kovert does not require any existing assets, list or experience or any technical knowledge about any specific niche to make it work. Anyone that ahs access to internet, smart devices, and can connect to Google Docs can use Kovert

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Kovert Review – About The Creators


Kovert was created by Venkata Ramana and his partner Mark Bishop from United Kingdom who are are popular vendors at WarriorPlus Marketplace.

They are highly experienced online marketers in digital marketing including software developers for many years now, with numerous launches and webinar .

They have launched 17 digital products with over 66,000 Sales in addition to tremendous sales on JVZoo.

Venkata & Mark are reputed for producing high quality products on Warrior Plus. The duo are currently top 10% vendors with high ratings by many of their customers and marketers.

Venkata also has some other hot products and services on JVZoo. He has helpied many online entrepreneurs to become successful in their niches

Some of their previous products included Omni, Fliik, Raiid, Cyclone, Vidinc, Raiid, Empire, Fliik, Funnelxpress, Vviral, Arvo, Vs Evolution, Teazer, Trendds, Ecompare 2.0, Videosumo, Blox, Hookum, Vidbiz etc.

I therefore trust that Kovert cannot be an exception.


Kovert Review – Features & benefits Of Kovert



 Kovert Review – What Are The Features & Benefits of Kovert?

·         Get Full Access To Kovert System

Full access to the Kovert members training area.

You get full access to the real system that is ready-to-use.The Complete Kovert System from start to finish that will help you to succeed without spending days trying to figure out software.

·         Weird ‘5 Minute’ Google Doc System

You will only need less than 2 hours to get the setup done with this product.

Kovert is known as the weird “5-minute” Google Doc system, as you will never have any need to stay all day long to get any results after the initial setup.  You will only need to work with the system for about 5 minutes, a week, and the system will automatically do the heavy lifting for you.

·         Video Training

Step by step training videos created by the vendor, 14 videos detailing the whole process including PDF & documentation (1 PDF & 1 Checklist / Task Sheet) that will teach you how to use Kovert effectively, make money with it

·         No Selling Needed – All You Need To Do Is Giving Away Google Docs For Free

You don’t have to sell anything. Kovert  is a “weird” system that does not require anyone to sell or buy anything to make money.

All you need to do is to just give away the Google Docs to your customers for free and let the system do the selling for you.

·         UserMaking $173.33 Daily

Many of the uses are already making around $173 every day without hard work.

If you can be consistently, you might beable to achieve the same results with Kovert.

·         In-Built Traffic

You won’t have to figure the traffic out for yourself . You will not have to buy traffic because you can use the same instant buyer traffic I use inside Kovert.

You can use this traffic to work with, send documents, and make money automatically with the help of the Kovert system.

·         No Videos Creation Required

You won’t need to create videos, or work endless on Social Media. 

·         No Email List Needed

You won’t need an email list or any existing assets.

·         $5,184.88 Case Study

·         One Time Low Price

If you get Kovert during the launch,  you’ll pay only $17 for a lifetime access.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

You also get a full 30 days to try Kovert yourself totally risk free


Kovert Review – How To Use It

You Need 3 Main Steps With 1 Weird Google Doc To Get Results Within 3 Days

Step 1: Get Access To Kovert

Click any of the buttons on this page to get full access to kovert at the lowest price because the low price you see right now is temporary.

Step 2: Log-In

Watch and follow the step by step training to create your Kovert project.

It will only take you about 2 hours to set a project up once and then it only  requires 2 – 5 minutes input per week to run continuously.

Step 3: Activate The Traffic Source

Once the Kovert traffic source is activated, the automated system does the rest for you.

 You can the see results flooding in, in 1 – 3 days – from scratch.


Kovert Review – Pros & Cons


  • 100% Beginner Friendly
  • Suitable For Everyone
  • No Website Required
  • No Content Creation Required
  • No List Required To Succeed
  • No Need An Email List Or Any Existing Assets.
  • No Technical Knowledge Or Experience Needed
  • Passive Income For Google Doc Given Out Free Of Cost
  • Set Up The System Up Once, And Maintain With Only 2 – 5 Minutes A Week
  • You Just Give Away The Google Docs And The System Does The Heavy Lifting.
  • Step By Step Video Training , PDF Documentation & Checklist/Task Sheet
  • $5,000 Case Study Included
  • Walk Through Until You See The Results
  • No Video Creation, Or Spamming The Social Media To Get Results With The Software.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee



  • Requires The Purchase Of Upsell To Enjoy The Full Features Of The System.


Kovert Review – Who Should Use Kovert?

 Kovert would be useful for anyone who wants to make money online, including the following:

  • Newbies Online Business Owners
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Digital Product Marketers
  • Ecom Store Owners
  • Social Marketers
  • Video Marketers
  • Local Business Owners
  • Work From Home Moms And Dads
  • Retired Adults
  • Students
  • Freelancers

Make Money Online And Any Other Online Marketers


Kovert Review – Earning Proof




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Kovert Review – Testimonials



Kovert Exclusive Bonuses




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Kovert Review – Pricing Funnel

Kovert has 1 Front-end and 4 OTOs as shown below

Kovert Front End:

Full access to the Kovert members training area.

The Complete KOVERT System from start to finish (never seen, or done before)

Step by step training videos (14 videos) – Detailing the whole process

PDF & documentation (1 PDF & 1 Checklist / Task Sheet)

Full setup explained

Instant targeted traffic existing users are using.

$5,184.88 Case Study

Fast Start Checklist. This reference guide will walk you step by step through the process of starting your first lead-gen building campaign. If you’re ever lost or confused about what to do next you can just start here and go through the steps one by one.

Sales Rank to Book Sales Calculator. If you’ve ever wondered exactly how many products someone else is selling all you to do is type in their sales rank and bam!… now you know. I use this tool daily to spy on my competition and evaluate new niches to get into. Now you can use it too!

Disclaimer Templates.

Special Customer Only Webinar

The first 50 students will also be getting these additional modules:

Giveaway 1: Cougar Commissions

This is a complete breakdown of how Dawud Islam constructed his affiliate campaigns. It teaches everything from choosing offers, reviewing the product, adding custom bonuses, initial and follow up emails – plus free traffic training.

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OTO 1: Kovert 5K Campaigns

5K Kovert-Campaigns

  • With Kovert 5K Campaigns Upgrade, You Will Hav Access To
  • 10 Ready-Made And ‘Profitable’ Copy & Paste Campaigns.
  • Case Study #1 – An Extra $561.40 In 7 Days On Autopilot
  • 10+ Congruent Products With Approval Codes
  • Ready Made DFY Phase 1 (Initial) Campaign.
  • Case Study #2 – An Extra $174.65 In 2 Days
  • Full Video Instructions (Even The Basics)
  • Initial Campaign Is Formatted For Phase #1 While The 10 Ready Made Campaigns Are Formatted For Phase #2. Each Campaign Is Copy And Paste Ready.

Kovert 5K Campaigns Price: $47


OTO2: Kovert Ultimate D.F.Y

Kovert-Ultimate DFY

This upgrade includes:

4x Ready Made: Professionally written Google Docs

4x Ready Made: Fully formatted switch pages

4x Ready made: Fully formatted Pitch pages (With video)

4x Ready made: Fully formatted Pitch pages (No video)

4x Ready made: Pitch page videos (With voice)

4x Ready made: Pitch page videos (No voice)

Step by step training videos – Detailing the whole process

PLUS: Customers get my $5,199.80 project *Fast action takers

Kovert Ultimate D.F.Y Price: $97

OTO 3: Kovert Traffic MAX – (Price: $37)


This upgrade will give you the following:

  • KOVERT MAX: The Secret To Turning Small Profits Into Big Money.
  • The Vendors’ Personal High Yield Traffic Sources.
  • Full Instructions And Links Included.
  • Stealth: Quickly Find Additional Winning Sources – Which Already Makes Money For Others.
  • Stack And Test New Sources – The Process I Use (And Teach) To Find The Best High Yield Traffic.
  • Full Video Instructions.
  • PDF Instructions Included.

Kovert Traffic MAX Price: $37


OTO 4: Kovert Ultimate Agency

Kovert-Ultimate Agency

When you buy the Kovert Ultimate Agency upgrade, you will have access to:

  • Reseller Edition With 90% Commission
  • Uses The Kovert System To Re-Sell
  • Ready Made Editable Google Doc.
  • Ready Made Pre-Sell Switch Page Code
  • Ready Made Pitch Page Code
  • Ready Made Pitch Page Video
  • Initial Email Campaign – 5 Ready Made Emails
  • Full Video Instructions (6 Tutorial Videos)
  • Kovert Ultimate Agency Utilizes The Kovert System To Promote And Re-Sell Through The Customers Affiliate Link.
  • Package Includes All Of The Elements In The Ready Made Format. All You Need To Do Is To Add Your Affiliate Link Which Will Enable You To Set Up And Implement Your Reseller Package Within An Hour Or Less.

Kovert Ultimate Agency Price: $77

Kovert Review – Freaquently Asked Questions

Q. Is This Real Or Yet Another Theory Based Idea?

  1. I can categorically state that this system is not only 100% real, but used by myself and others due to its straightforward approach, simplicity and due to the fact that it works from scratch in days.

Q. What About The Traffic?

  1. A system without traffic is not a workable system. Inside Kovert I’ll show you where we get our buyer traffic (all Kovert users use this traffic), I’ll show you the results, and I’ll explain how to start sending the traffic into your own Kovert system so you can give your Google Doc away to hundreds, even thousands of people instantly from usually 1-3 days.

Q. Is This Another Loophole?

  1. Definitely not. Loopholes and quick fixes come and go on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and when they get closed down, you will have wasted time, and probably money. Kovert is a real ‘Ethical’ and Evergreen business model. Those who implement this system and get results in 7 days will be able to use the same process 5 years from now. This means once you know how to do this, you will always be able to use it.

Q. Is This Really That Easy?

  1. Yes. Kovert is designed specifically to be ‘Low-Tech’, easy to understand and apply. It was developed over a 6 month period for the creators in order to make money online from scratch (I.e. by not using existing email lists or existing assets) and without ongoing effort.

Note: you will need to set the system up initially in approximately 2 hours. You only need to set it up once, after that it’ll take you 2-5 minutes per week to keep it producing results.

Q. Do You Guarantee I Will Make Money With Kovert?

  1. A. I guarantee that if you follow the instructions inside the Kovert members’ area and implements the system as instructed then you will get results. I cannot legally, and will not guarantee figures, income, commission specific or otherwise because it is illegal for me to do so. If you are in any doubt, and cannot afford $17 (which is never at risk if you do as instructed) then this isn’t for you.

Q. What If I Don’t Have Any Experience?

  1. You don’t need any experience to use the system. As I’ve mentioned several times on this page Kovert is a system designed specifically to work 100% from scratch. And when something works from scratch without any existing assets, then everyone has an equal chance of achieving the same results when they implement the exact same system.

Q. Will I Need To Do Any Work?

  1. Many people don’t look at their online endeavours as being business models, but the reality is; anything you do online in order to profit is a business model. An online business is a business no matter how big or small, and Kovert is not different.

Anyone who wants to achieve results with Kovert will need to follow the instructions, set up the system and implement it as instructed.

There is around 2 hours work to do initially which only needs to be done once, followed by 2-5 minutes a week after that to keep the system working and generating ongoing results.

Q. How Fast Will I Get Results?

  1. Based on existing users after setting up and implementing the Kovert system, they usually start seeing results within 7 days.

The results and the time it takes to achieve those results is not dependent on any previous experience or on any existing assets they already have or not, but on implementing the system as instructed.

The quicker a user implements the system, the quicker he or she can expect to see results.

Q. I Want Kovert But

  1. Everyone has their own reasons for doing or not doing something, and in this case buying or not buying, the cost, the work involved, lack of skill, lack of tech ability, you name it.

If you’ve read this page all the way through you’ll see that I’ve gone completely overboard with Kovert to remove every barrier which I know from experience holds beginners back.

Take another look – there really are no barriers, and you risk nothing

Q. How Do I Get The Full Discount?

If you want the full discount as shown on this page along with the additional bonuses added to your account instantly then you will need to purchase now.


My Final Thoughts

I want to thank you for reading through my Kovert Review. Hopefully, this review should have given you enough information to make your buying decision.

Kovert is a solid system that will work for you at whatever level of make money or online marketing you may find yourself now.

All the risks are on the creator with the 30 days money back guarantee. This gives you enough time to test drive and decide if Kovert is right for you.

Without any doubt,this is a good opportunity to get passive online income. So don’t hesitate, invest in this product before the price goes up


To Your Success.

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