Instant Video Wizard 2.0 Review

Instant Video Wizard 2.0 has just been released with a lot of improvement. You Can Now Easily Create Videos In Only 60 Seconds.


With Instant Video Wizard 2.0, You Become A Video Expert In Minutes And Create High Quality Videos In 60 Seconds Flat Without The Learning Curve Even If You Are A Newbie.

Instant Video Wizard 2.0 Makes You Become a video WIZARD in minutes!

You Can Use the videos You Create yourself or sell them to your clients.

Whichever way you prefer, you’re only a few clicks away from becoming a video marketing expert and huge profits with video marketing on steroids.



The new improved Instant Video Wizard also has a revamped user interface and several other new and powerful features.
One of the new features is Instant Video Wizard 2.0 can now schedule LIVE events in YouTube to achieve multiple top 10 rankings in Google and YouTube for your videos.


Summary of Instant Video Wizard 2.0 Features

Powerful features included in the Instant Video Wizard 2.0 Package are the following:

·Easily Create Videos in Only 60 Seconds

You can convert any article into a video in as little as 60 seconds.

·Database of 132,000+ PLR articles.

IVW has a database of 132,000+ private label rights articles that you can freely use as-is or modify the way you want to avoid duplicate content and dissatisfaction from viewers and then convert into videos. The database includes hundreds of categories.

·Massive Royalty-Free Content Catalog

Royalty-free 485,000+ images, 115,000+ video clips and over 100,000 music tracks for you to use with Instant Video Wizard

·Adobe After Effects Clips

You can add amazing intro/outro/logo clips to any of your videos with dozens of configurable Adobe After Effects templates

·Advanced Filters and FX

Access to dozens of image, video and audio filters. This feature allows you to easily set exactly the right tone and mood for every moment of your video. Only IVW offers advanced image filters.

·Square Video Support

With Instant Video Wizard, you can easily create videos for video submission sites as well as popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to maximize your reach and revenue potential. Unlike YouTube and most other video submission sites which use the traditional landscape (16:9) video layout, social media sites work better with square (1:1) videos because most of their users watch those videos on their mobile devices. Instant Video Wizard gives you the opportunity to control the two different platforms.

·Instant YouTube Uploads

YouTube is the second largest search engine online. It is also the third most visited site on the net, according to Alexa and SimilarWeb.

Recent statistics released by Google confirmed that more and more users are turning to YouTube as a search engine.

With Instant Video Wizard, you can upload your videos to YouTube with a couple of clicks. You’ll be amazed at how fast and easy it is to start generating traffic and revenue since video content is more engaging than a page of text and can be much more informative and get more click-throughs.

·Videos In 15 Languages

Instant Video Wizard can convert any of your videos into 14 other languages beside English language with a few clicks.  This feature gives you additional 1.2 BILLION more potential viewers and customers outside English speaking market in seconds. This additional traffic can massively increase your potential revenue from your own products or affiliate programs with one-time very little effort on your part.




Read Instant Video Wizard 2.0 Testimonials:

Instant-Video-WizardEd Seward:

The search is finally over!

“I own several different video editors as I am a sucker for the shiny new object when it comes to video editors. I love to play with them. I own or have tried most of the ones sold in the last two years. None of them has done everything I would like to see in a video editor so I have kept searching.

The search is finally over. I have been fortunate enough to beta test Instant Video Wizard for a few days now and it is indeed a real wizard. I have finally found a video editor that does text to speech, allows me to add other videos into the video being produced and provides a rich selection of images to use in the videos. Or allows me to import my own images, which I like.”


Instant-Video-Wizard-testimonialMeg Learner:

It’s Great Fun! “I have had great fun using Instant Video Wizard.

It would be fair to say that I have not used video much in the past, even though I followed an online tutorial for the major provider for nearly a year, I just found it too complicated and I never got a single video up online with it. BUT, with IVW, I have created 15 videos so far.

One of the web pages on which I put one of the first videos I made has had an estimated 25% increase in visitors since I put it up and there has been an increase in the amount of adsense income from that site also.

I can see that this tool has enormous potential, it is easy to use, has lots of options, but is not complex and it makes it really simple to upload to Youtube.”


Instant-Video-Wizard-pricingCorey Morehouse:

500 videos in 5 days!

This is a revolutionary software where you can crank out hundreds of videos a week!

During beta I hit my goal of 500 videos within 5 days! You dont even need to use the advanced settings if you don’t want to!

Upload your transcript and generate your slides… upload your video to Youtube instantly!


Instant-Video-Wizard-reviewsSteve Melton:

I rely on it for all my video needs!

“Intuitive, “out of the box” is often a trite statement but when talking about Instant Video Wizard it is a fact. Creating several dozen videos in multiple niches has proven IVW is a winner. Do you find you are frustrated after using multiple video creation tools and being disgusted with the time sucking learning curve? Instant Video Wizard is a solution to your video creation woes.

Literally, after a 6-minute introduction video you will be able to create incredible unique videos “out of the box” the “Big G” absolutely adores.

Desire to kick it up a notch and make a few tweaks. Great, simply watch the complete 30-minute walk through tutorial, and you are a Pro. Your new “channels” are amazing!”



Instant Video Wizard Pricing:

Instant Video Wizard (IVW 2.0) Monthly Payment is $97 USD

Instant Video Wizard 2.0 Launch Price is $67 USD Every Month if you buy through my link.


Instant Video Wizard Review – Launching October 2nd, 2017