Trying To Get Started Online Without Any Clue? You Don’t Even Know How To Start Your Own Free Home Business Opportunities.

At Last You can Start Your Own Home Business Free Today If You Can Follow The Training In This Program. It’s Not One of Those Do Nothing and Get Rich Quickly Scams.

It requires you putting in your quality and consistent efforts and having a mindset to succeed. Then you are sure to see results you can scale up and make consistent profits.


Learn everything you need to start your own free home business opportunities, Absolutely Free at Wealthy Affiliate University.
Get Access To:
1. Free Training Resource at Wealthy Affiliate University called: Online Entrepreneur Certification,
2. Free Online Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy and
3. Free Webhosting for your website
All Absolutely Free. You don’t need your credit card to start.
No Strings Attached.

This is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme or any of those scams out there, that promise you six figures overnight but defraud you, leave you poorer and frustrated.

If you are looking for  a magic wand, this is not for you.


Wealthy Affiliate Training is for the people who have the goal of having their own genuine work at home business they can nurture and eventually become their own boss making any financial goal they set.

The training gets you started building a successful legitimate home based business starting with affiliate marketing training.

The program trains you step-by-step to earn your first dollar as an affiliate online and then graduating you into having your own top home based business opportunities over time you can be proud of.

A legitimate home based business that gives you the freedom to work from home at your own time making enough money for your family.

Sarah’s Testimonial And Success Story at Wealthy Affiliate University

Sarah-wealthy-affiliate-universityMy name is Sarah and I am French from Bordeaux – world capital of red wine
One of my latest posts (what is affilorama) is already on page 1 and I only wrote it less than a week ago!
All the best to you all
Keyword : what is affilorama – Position : 10 Page : 1
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Keyword : is 24option a scam – Position : 22 Page : 3
Keyword: is ACN a scam – Position : 27 Page: 3
Keyword: how long does it take to make money blogging – Position : 26 Page: 3
Keyword: what is chris farrell membership about – Position : 46 Page: 5
Keyword: what is Herbalife – Position : 55 Page: 6
Keyword: 6 ways to achieve any goal Position : 5 Page: 1
Keyword: profits25 scam or legit URL: Position: 3 Page: 1
Keyword: how do I make money on a PTC site URL: Position: 27 Page: 3
Keyword: wealthy affiliate scam or legit – Position: 30 Page: 3

And many more keywords phrases on Google Top 10 to 30 too numerous to post here.

Sonia’s (SJB) Testimonial And Success Story at Wealthy Affiliate University.

Sonia Wealthy Affiliate UniversityI too have fallen for online schemes that DO NOT work. Wealthy Affiliate is totally different. I am looking forward to meeting Wealthy Affiliate members and I hope to be able to help some of you succeed here in the very near future.
It’s all very exciting to see that my invitations to join Wealthy Affiliate University are starting to get accepted!

What does this mean? Well, to me, it means that people are being drawn and directed to my websites. This means that the content that I have been writing is being read and converting.

To me, this is so encouraging. I’m excited to wake up every morning to a surprise!

I keep on blogging about it but I am going to blog about it again right now….hard work pays off. It truly does! Wealthy Affiliate University really does work! Everything that we learn here is priceless!

I want to tell the world about it and I will!

For those of you who still wonder if you will ever start making money online, you will. You will, if you work hard and put your heart into your business.

Remember my advice, LOVE your niche, love your business, love your content and love your money!

Wishing you success,

Ricardo’s Testimonial And Success Story at Wealthy Affiliate University.


ricardo1-wealthy-affiliate-universityMy name is Ricardo. What a great feeling just to wake up because of God’s blessing upon you.
It’s Saturday morning, you’re up getting ready for another great day of living, just being happy you’re alive. You look on your phone to check you emails and see you have received another commission check from Wealthy Affiliate or one of those other affiliate programs.
This is not your first check, but just want to know how much this one is. Whoa, it’s $376.00. Just because you helped a few along their way.
The feeling you get on the inside when you can express your encouraging thoughts in words that can help inspire, and motivate someone along the way. I hope this will help the newbie, or those having the problem of understanding the process of online affiliate marketing just yet.
When you help them by showing them what they can accomplish, that it can be done. Showing them to learn to copy the right cat and follow in their footsteps. The rewards are there.


Did I mention the morning of Christmas Day as I checked my emails, I received another recurring commission check. All the money I spent for Christmas came back in one check.
That in itself made my year. I’m really excited about the up-coming year 2016. I foresee some great things coming my way.
Now I know I’m on to something big. What a feeling that you know another income stream has started. I now know for the rest of my life I will receive at least this much, and every month after it will increase.
In just a short time I now know that this is another way to create an income from home. Just imagine the way I can leverage this new knowledge into my income stream. This is only the beginning.
I’m truly excited.

Pros & Cons

Pros of Wealthy Affiliate University

  • Wealthy Affiliate University is the best online business training program with a starter course named internet home business coaching certification course, that helps you to starting an online business. Free hosting, training on how to get your own domain name, how to build your own website from the scratch up step-by-step, how to promote your website, how to advertise your home business online, with Low Cost Web Site Promotion, branding strategies. It’s about building a successful home business starting with affiliate marketingwealthy-affiliate-free-starter-mebership
  • Wealthy Affiliate is FREE as long as you want to remain a free member. You only go premium if you want to fast track your success and have access to more facilities. You are at liberty to remain a free member as long as you wish.
  • Looking for a way to earn or bring in extra cash at your free time or full time without having to spend or invest any substantial money upfront, then Wealthy Affiliate is where you should start right now without any further procrastination.
  • You have been online trying to make residual income or at least any form of passive income at home without success, nothing seems to work, and you are likely even frustrated now from all the get rich quickly scams, then Wealthy Affiliate is what you need to help you out of that situation
  • Have you wasted thousands of dollars on those hype up garbage products that are filled with false and bogus claims and promises that do more harm to their victims than any good, then try Wealthy Affiliate now. It is free, you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain from this decision
  • Wealthy Affiliate can help you out with time and your efforts, if you are a stay at home parent who is struggling to make a living online, or get enough money to take care of the the family budget, or even a business owner.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is a community where every member is treated with courtesy. No question is too stupid to answer or be ignored by other knowledgeable advanced members. Willing members are there 24/7 to throw light on every question as long as you can ask.
  • There are a lot to learn in Wealthy Affiliate University. The training covers everything you will ever need to learn to make your first buck online. From personal motivation, to WordPress training and strategies, to keyword analysis, to content generation, social networking techniques and so on. The training  is enormous but there is never any information overload that can get you off track at Wealthy Affiliate University. The training arrangement is flawless. You start from the scratch the way up without any distraction or frustration.
  • If for any reason you are not sure of any step to take, there are eager members willing to help you out of your situation.
  • The training programs are well arranged. It’s tailored to take you hand-in-hand, coaching you from one level to another.
    The video training of every lesson helps you to watch over the shoulder of the trainer who is an expert on that subject while you are made to achieve the same result for that lesson in your own business as you are learning.
  • The training builds you and your work at home internet business up as you make progress while learning.
  • Many sections of the training programs are updated regularly as things change on the internet. As you know, internet is so dynamic with new innovations and technologies every day. At times what worked a year ago is absolutely obsolete online today. If applied may even get your website into trouble with search engines or social networks.
  • Every lesson has numerous comments of members, from probing questions, to answers and even additional information from members to help others to learn from, beyond what has been taught in the lesson.
  • You are expected and encouraged to go to the appropriate section to ask any question(s) on any subject that you need to gain insight or knowledge.
  • Every activity of any section you opt for is automatically dropped in your email box for your attention, either to help you or for you to help others in that sub-community of Wealthy Affiliate University from your own knowledge and experience.
  • At every level of your training, you are encouraged to participate in discussion at that level in order to gain more experience from each other and other advanced members’ participation.
  • The owners of the program, Kyle and Carson are there all the time to help out and attend to questions in person.
  • Advanced Members or even any member who has something to offer are churning out free training, including video training, free of cost to help other members regularly.
  • Free Weekly video webinar from experts where you can register and gain immensely. Even if you miss the webinar, you still have the opportunity to watch a replay later when you are ready and gain insight.
  • You are made to set a financial goal and what you want to achieve from the onset. This is to help you focus until you succeed. You also see the goals of others, their challenges and assistance offered to get them on the right track to success. This serves to motivate you.wealthy-affiliate-university-networking-community
  • In Wealthy Affiliate every member has a Network.  At the click of a mouse, every member continuously generates a free network of eager advanced and new members who receive activities of each other and assist when necessary.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is a community of eager helpful people from all over the world, from new entrants into internet work at home business opportunities to veterans, experts who are earning six figures consistently on the internet and helping each other
  • It is a win-win community, you make comments on other members’ websites to help them tweak for better results. Others also make quality comments to improve your own affiliate marketing home business website(s) if you are just starting out or any other type of work from home business opportunity website if you are an advanced member with your own product website or the like.
  • The training are well organized. Every lesson you complete and take action on its assignment within that lesson takes you a step further to the next level of master.


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Cons of Wealthy Affiliate University

  • Wealthy Affiliate will never make you get rich quickly.


  • Wealthy Affiliate is not for you if you are not yet ready to start and own your own business. The training is a platform to help you follow proven work from home business ideas that make your own business succeed.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is not for you if are are not ready to take necessary action until you succeed.
  • You will need to work step-by-step until you make your first buck and then scale it up using strategies that are readily available. The training is for those who honestly are willing and are determined to make a living online.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is not a (DFY) Done-For-You-Work-From-Home-Business that may never get you anywhere. It is (DIY) Do-It-Yourself-Home-Business-Training. No hype. No matter your level, you are taught to learn step-by-step at your own pace until you succeed.

How much does wealthy affiliate cost

Final Note:
There are a lot to learn in Wealthy Affiliate University. The training covers everything you will ever need to learn to make your first buck online, from Personal Motivation, to WordPress Training and Strategies, to Keyword Analysis, to Content Generation, Social Networking Techniques and so on.

It’s Free. And you don’t even need to part with a dime to get started.


Own and host your first, new home based business website onlineGet Started Here and Build Your Own Free Website Now!

If you need any help or further information in connection with anything I have discussed here, please feel free to leave a comment below or you can still also get in touch with me through my profile at Wealthy Affiliate.


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