One of the major benefits of Article Marketing to an Internet Marketer is the ability to post your own written articles on  articles directories with little cost or free of cost most of the time.
Article marketing is important to people from all walks of life, regardless of the type of business or profession involved.


Importance of Article Marketing To Online Business

Everyone on the internet is looking for one type of information or the other whether they are online to purchase a product or to get enough information for a research or project or any other reason. Thousands are online every moment to get the necessary information that would help them to make the right decision before buying some products.

Students need ideas and information for various reasons including their projects. Internet marketers need information daily to move their business to the next level from newbie to seasoned marketers.




This is an advantage to any blogger, online marketer or anyone in any capacity or profession that has quality information that is useful to online surfers. Therefore, anyone with adequate knowledge on any particular subject, who want to share such knowledge can take advantage of article marketing to make money online when their articles are posted on such article directories.


Articles directories are a great platform to put your knowledge out in front of people many of whom are your target audience for your online business.
By posting your articles on article directories, hub pages, other marketers websites in form of guest posts and blogs including and, your articles and offer would be exposed to people who are interested in your product or service.


Any quality article you post makes the readers to see you as an expert on that subject. This would give them confidence in you to listen to your offer. In many cases, many of them will click to any link of your offer on your website.


In article marketing you don’t have to be an expert or highly proficient as an expert writer to write an article. That knowledge you have is still very useful to others who are desperately in search for such information on the internet. If you decide to write an article on a subject, but you don’t have an adequate knowledge on that subject, you can always research it online. Practice makes perfection. Writing quality articles regularly makes it easier for you to become proficient over time.




Where you still feel inadequate to write on a subject, you can always outsource the writing job to others who are expert writers online.
There are many web sites where you can hire writers who can research and write quality articles for you on any subject. You can outsource on websites such as,,,, and many others.


If you do decide to outsource the job to someone, it will cost you some money, but you can always make your money back over time when the articles begin to generate free organic targeted traffic to your website(s) where you are selling your own product or service, or other peoples’ offer or affiliate links.


As long as your article is informative, and gives some valuable information to your readers, on the subject, and you can also get the articles distributed to many websites where those who are looking for such information can have access to them, you are on the way to start making money online through content marketing.


As an internet marketer working from home, you decide to write a good piece of an article in one of the niches on internet marketing such as traffic generation, or lead generation, or email marketing, or pay-per-click (Google Adwords).

You can then post this valuable information online on various websites relevant to your market or niche.
Online surfers looking for information will eventually see and read your article. Once they are confident that you have a good knowledge on the subject, they would definitely want to know more about you and how your knowledge can help them. They will click through any link you provide in your article to get further information.


This is where the signature box becomes very useful and profitable to your business with article marketing. Most article directories allow the writer to put at least two links within the body of their articles. Some even allow more links.

This is where placing a signature file at the end of every article you write with a call to action becomes handy. There should be a powerful signature with a call to action which must include a link to your offer or website or blog.

For the purpose of (SEO) search engine optimization, one of the links should also have a keyword phrase you are targeting pointing back to your website. The search engines will pick these keywords as backlinks to your site when the content is indexed. This is a great advantage for your website.


Many of the people reading your articles would eventually take the time to click through your links and visit your website because they want to get more information from a source they regard as reliable.




Some content sites even share the profits they make with the article authors who supply them with the content that generate income for them. A good example is Each author collects a percentage of the money made from Adsense on the pages of their content.


There are thousands of article directory sites online that can be of help in your article marketing. Some of the best are ezinearticles, goarticles, and others, for you to post your articles. Post on as many websites as you can and you’ll reap the benefits later. You will receive free targeted organic traffic to your web site for a long time to come from article directories and even search engines that index your content on such article directories.


If your articles are great, some other webmasters are going to pick your articles and post them on their websites for their readers. This will give you free backlinks to your website without you doing any further work.


This is more exposure for you and your products or offer. The beauty of it, everything is going to be done once and you enjoy the rewards of free organic traffic and exposure for several years to come.


Samuel Ifekoya