Contact Us Page

This Is An Easy Way to Create a Contact Us Page in WordPress That Stands Out For Beginners Step by Step. If you want to receive feedback from your visitors, creating a Contact Us page on your web site is an easy, yet important method to achieve that.


Importance of Contact Us Page to your business.

Every website is supposed to include a Contact Us Page. This is the page where your visitors can get in touch with you or find your contact address details.

There are certain elements that should be included on this page in order to make sure that your visitors can easily find the information they need.

Your Contact us page is supposed to be glamorous, since it is a very important page on your website and is typically one of the most visited website pages. Very unfortunately, many contact us pages are poorly crafted and put off the visitors.


I therefore want to outline below the requirements for a Contact Us Page and how it should be set up.

New visitors to your site are more likely to purchase from you when they trust your brand. In the same vein, existing customers are more likely to remain and make repeat purchases or even recommend you to their friends and family members only when they trust you.

When you make it super easy for your visitors and customers to get in touch with you, it helps to build trust with your website visitors. When customers have the impression that there’s a real person or a team of people behind a business who would attend to their needs, they are much more likely to trust you.


Therefore, Contact Pages help to reassure customers that there is someone behind the business, who is ready to listen to their complaints and feedback.

Making it easy for customers to contact you, can in most cases save a sale, or even unnecessary embarrassment and frustration when something goes wrong. Customers want to be reassured that when any unforeseen problems arise, there’s someone at the other end who would be there to help when it is is really necessay.


Finally, being available to attend to the needs of visitors can help convert just a curious or doubting website visitor who is still undecided to a customer.

Sometimes, a customer may delay a purchase because he or she still has some lingering questions that may be preventing him or her from taking a decision. They may need some final important details to take that decision that would bring another sale. If you therefore make it easy for them to contact you, customers can get the answers they need and then make their purchases right away


Why do you want to have a Contact Us page? Choosing the goals of your Contact Us page


It is important to note that every Contact Us page does not serve the same purpose. You must therefore identify the potential audience of your Contact Us page. This will help you to determine what features or fields to include in the Contact Page.

Below are a few common purposes for Contact Us Pages:

  • Support. Help to respond to customers who may need some additional information.
  • Help to resolve the needs of existing customers who are having one problem or the other with their purchases. There may be some customers who want to return a product, or having trouble completing an order or may want to exchange a product.
  • Sales. Help potential customers make a decision, convert prospects into customers and offer a channel for bulk or warehouse orders.
  • Help the media to get in touch with the right person to talk to about your business.
  • Help potential employees to ask questions about your company.


What to include on your “Contact Us Page” To Make It Stand Out.

1. Create A Contact Page That’s Welcoming

You must avoid anything that will give unnecessary series of hurdles to your visitors before they can actually contact you. Make it easy for your customers to actually follow through with contacting you.

You should give your visitors on your Contact Us page the feelings, and let them know that you actually welcome their emails, phone calls, and feedback.

Include on your contact us page a genuine request for customers to let you know if they need anything.

Below are a few examples of what you can adapt to encourage your visitors to get n touch:

  • “We read and respond to every inquiry, please feel free to get in touch”
  • We really do want to hear from you, please, let us know your mind.
  • Our customers mean the a lot to us, so, we would love to hear from you.”


2. Include a Contact Form


Having a contact Us form on your contact page is very important, but many a times I see contact pages that don’t include a contact form. Some contact pages only include single email links which are given to the visitors as the only option to contact the business owners.  By only giving an email link, you are giving unnecessary hurdle for your visitor who must copy and paste your email link on another third party platform before they can get in touch with you.

This will put most of your visitors off.

Some local business even leave only the phone numbers. These days most people are not interested in making a phone call to contact you. They will rather prefer to instantly fill out a web form or at worst email your business. The form on a contact us page should therefore be short and sweet.

The following fields are the normal requirement that should be included:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • The Message

The following Optional fields, may in some cases be necessary.

  • Company  (This is optional and depends on the type of your business and your target audience)
  • Phone number,
  • Website address or any other custom fields that are relevant to your business.

These above fields will help you to identify who is contacting you and possibly qualify the visitor.

The goal here is to provide all the necessary relevant form fields and information that will not be put off your visitors and would not require them to fill in fields you might not even need for your business


3. Explain Why Your Visitor Should Contact You

Give your visitors strong reasons why they should contact your business. If you don’t, most of them would probably not get in contact with you unless it is extremely compulsory and they don’t have a choice. Treat your contact us page the same way you would treat your landing page.. On the contact us page, you need to explain why your visitors or potential customers should contact your business and describe how you can help them solve their problems.

4. Avoid Grammatical Errors

Make sure there are no grammatical errors can put off your visitors. Check through your contact page very carefully before you publish.


5. Include all relevant contact information

Phone Number and Email

You should list all of your phone numbers or emails on the contact us page. If your business has some departments with different contact information it is necessary to include all of them.  Your visitors can then quickly find the right information to get across to the appropriate section without wasting their time unnecessarily, or calling the wrong sections that are not relevant to their problems or needs.


If you have other ways your customers can contact you other than email, it is important to include them on the contact page as well. For instance, if you have a physical location, or a business phone number, or business hours, expected response times or a Twitter account, you should include them in your contact page.


6. Your Location Is Important. List your physical address

The contact us page should list out all of your business locations, or link to a page that goes in to more detail about each location. You should also add a person’s name and phone number to each location. This will help your visitors and potential customers to know who to contact directly to address their needs.

Putting your physical business address on your contact page will give confidence to people who may want to visit your business location. With the amount of fraudulent businesses that do exist on online nowadays, displaying your physical address gives you credibility as a genuine business. Your business will be seen as more trustworthy by some of your visitors who see this information on your website.


7. Include Social Media contact links


Your contact us page should provide necessary information on how visitors to your website can communicate with your business on Facebook, or Twitter, or LinkedIn. Including links to your social media profiles will give your visitors the opportunity and freedom to send a message you on a platform that is convenient for them.

The benefit of giving social media option is that those visitors who were not willing to use your email address or the contact form may end up clicking on the Facebook button you provide on your website and leave you a message through that channel.

Social media has become an important communication channel and a way of life for people to engage with others and businesses. It is therefore important to include it on the contact us page.


8. Add Photos

Adding photos that brands your business will provide visitors to your website with something easy to remember. Photos also make your visitors develop a good trust signal that may prompt them into getting in touch with you.

This may encourage them to get in contact with you or even visit your physical business address.


9. Call to Action

Many Contact Us Pages don’t include call to action. Your call to action may just be as simple as asking your visitors to read your blog. It may be a direction to your products page. It may even be a direction to a free download page or to watch a video tutorial on your site.

Why is a call to action necessary on your Contact Us Page? The strategy is to make your visitors stay longer on your website and reduce your bounce rate in search engines.

You should realize that not every visitor that lands on your contact us page will fill out the form.  You should therefore provide more value that may make them to get interested and stay longer on your site.


10. Inclusion of Google Maps or Bing Maps


This strategy of adding an interactive map may be very helpful to local businesses. Including interactive Google or Bing maps with your physical address can become an incentive to help people visit your business address to make inquiry or purchases.

Having your address displayed upon an embedded Google Maps or Bing Maps will allow visitors to use the Street View Services to actually identify the location where you have your business easily if they should need to visit your business.


11. Give the People What They Want:

There’s at least a reason why your website visitors are on your contact us page.

When you set up your contact us page, make it very easy for your visitors to get in touch with you. When your visitors successfully get in touch with you, increase the possibility of build relationship with them for mutual benefits of both of you.

Avoid asking for too many information on your contact page that will turn off your visitors without achieving their intention of getting in touch with you.

In your contact form, you should only ask for the essentials, the name, email address, and their message. Don’t make it mandatory in your contact form that your visitors should submit their mailing addresses and phone numbers. This will turn them off.


12. Show off Your Personality:

The main reason the users of your website want to get n touch with you on your visit your contact us page is because they are looking for more information about you or your service or product. You should try to reflect your brand and personality. Write your contact us page for your visitors to have a feel of your personality, meet the aspiration and emotion of your target audience.