Many internet marketers especially the newbies very unfortunately, struggle to get traffic to their sites.

They optimize, mostly on-page and very partly off page but never realize the gold in article submission that are interesting, well-written and published with the consideration for providing good content for visitors and properly optimized for search engines is a virtual gold mine for any work at home business owner.


Worse still, so many online business owners seem to think article submission is much complex than it really is. Home business owners especially the newbie often spend a great deal of time with things like free classified sites, traffic exchanges, banner exchanges, forum posting, and many more. The count is endless. Good as they are, combined together cannot reap them the benefit they can easily derive over time with article submission.


They don’t even realize there is a better, easier and faster way to attract laser targeted traffic than all the foregoing put together. The solution is in optimized articles submission that provides quality contents for those who are looking for solution to their problems and goes online for direction. This builds confidence and the probability is very high that most readers would follow whatever links are provided in such articles.


Getting Targeted Traffic With Articles

Beyond this, the search engines bring in quality traffic on the basis of the anchor texts links and main key words within the content. This is a more efficient, easy way to bring in not only free organic traffic, but highly targeted traffic for that matter.


Many ingenious work at home business owners are getting free publicity, traffic, and sales each time they submit very helpful, well-written articles. Most of the articles directories as well as desperate bloggers and content hungry website publishers are in dire need of good content for their customers or visitors to satisfy their visitors needs and build confidence.


Catchy and Keyword Related  Titles

The moment your content page ranks in top ten of Google, you will get lot of clicks to your website

For readers to click on your headlines, you need to write powerful, catchy titles, be specific and also provide relevant titles to your content.

For instance, if your content is on how to optimize websites for search engines, and get it ranked in Google top 10, then the titles of your article should be relevant to search engine optimization.

Once you make that known in the title, stick to that idea. May I remind you that your readers or target audience is interested and searching for information on the topic before the search engine broght them to your site? Anything from that would make them to click away fast from your site.

Getting Targeted Traffic With Articles Involves Introducing  a call to action In  Your Content

It is important to introduce a call to action in the body of your content. This will induce many of your readers to click through the links provided n your call to action. The call to action should not be blatant but rather look like a guide to further helpful resource or information. This is  going to determine whether or not your readers are going to eventually click the link in your content.

Most of the time, a lot of blogger miss out on driving traffic to through call to action, because there is none call to action link in their content.

Within your content, creatively introduce links, which when clicked, would take them to the perfect place for the solution to their problems.

This way, when readers read your article, they would recall what you had told them and click through the links. That’s traffic to your product or products you are an affiliate to.


Write What Your readers Want, and not on their needs

Truth is, your target audience may not necessarily care about their needs. They’re 100% mindful of their wants. Understanding the wants of your target audience will help you to get them stay longer on your website. Getting your acne removed is a need, but getting it removed within a week is a want. Money is a need, but more of it comes from the yearnings to get the better things of life.

That’s why money making products still sell like hot cakes. When you’re writing to your target audience, find out their wants and focus on meeting those wants. You’ll win lifelong customers who will buy from you over and over.


Research related keywords

SEO has always been the a factor in search engine ranking. Google expects that if you’re writing about Microsoft, you should mention Bill Gates.

If you’re writing on how Facebook, you should provide related information on social media, Mark Zuckerberg and Timeline, as your LSI keywords. This will show Google that you’re an expert on that particular topic and will also help your readers.

Before you write any content, research other related keywords and use them to optimize for SEO and and make your content sticky.


12.   Target one specific keyword

Get a “seed” keyword for your article, then research other LSI keywords are for optimizing your article. This is a very good SEO tactics that will help your article to rank for many related keywords starting with long tail keywords that are easier to rank.

That seed keyword will appear in your title, naturally in the content body and also in at least one of the titles. This is the best SEO methods that are still effective.

You;re making the search engine to have a specific knowledge of what content is abount and what they rank you for.

Keywords is still a highly relevant factor in rankings your pages by Google and other search engines. Get targeted traffic by targeting a specific keyword.


Spy On Your Successful Competition  With Google top 10

Getting Targeted Traffic With Articles requires knowing what your target audience s searching for online. Go to Google Search and type in the keyword phrase related to your content.

Then look through the top 10 results and learn from those articles. This is studying your competitors, and then reverse engineer.


Spy on what works in Your Niche

You must be conversant with what’s happening around you right now n your niche. Go through social media, Google trend and get ideas from content that thousands of people shared on social media and left valuable comments?

This is a good indication that the topic is in demand . Work on the idea, expand on that idea and, write a better content that readers would love to read.



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