PDF Submission is one of the most popular Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies which are used by webmasters. PDF sharing is the vital technique of SEO, where you can convert your blog content and other content files into pdf and share it in different pdf sharing sites.

It is a technique used in Off Page Optimization to build backlinks to websites. PDF Submission is used to create backlink from PDF Submission sites or PDF Sharing sites by sharing or submitting pdf file on different websites those allow pdf submission to other sites.


What Is A PDF File?

A PDF (Portable Document Format) file is a file format that has captured all the elements of a printed document as an electronic image that can be viewed, navigated, printed, or forwarded by you to someone else. You can create PDF files using Adobe Acrobat. Acrobat Capture, or any other similar product.



Therefore, any content created and published in PDF format and submitted to online PDF Sharing sites is referred to as PDF submission.


There are so many PDF websites available for sharing your PDF file. Search engines can read PDF same way they read HTML. These sites are frequently updated and hence search engines crawl these sites very often.


Getting backlinks from such sharing sites with optimized targeted keywords will get your site ranking for such keywords, diversify your link building and bring more traffic to your site.

There are many popular PDF Submission websites where you can submit your PDF and get backlinks within a minute.

PDF submission may have some very good results on your search engine rankings, if you can provide quality content that would likely to be downloaded and shared by the readers.

PDF sharing sites are similar to Web 2.0 sites in terms of Search Engine Optimization. Although, this SEO technique may not give your website the strongest of backlinks, but still powerful enough to increase visibility and diversify your site backlink building.


Benefits of PDF Sharing Sites

1.      PDF Submission gives quick SEO result

These documents sharing sites get indexed very fast, because most of these websites have backlinks from thousands of authority blogs sites, articles directories and social media sites.

Therefore when you submit your content to them, you get your PDF document indexed quickly  with instant SEO benefits and ranking result.


2.       This technique generates traffic from these Documents sharing websites

Millions of people online visit these online sharing sites every day for information. So, if you have can provide useful information in your content and submit to  these sharing sites, you can get visitors to your site from these sites easily. Therefore, these online document sharing sites can help you to get a lot of organic traffic.


  1. Promotes Your Website

It promotes your website by submitting PDF documents to various sites.


  1. It Gives Your Site Visibility Through Your Content

Pdf submission promotes your page content by giving visibility through these submission sites.


5.      Generate High Quality Backlinks.

With PDF submission you can promote your content as PDF format and get backlinks your Website. When you do PDF Submission for your website, you will get a variety of high quality backlinks to your site.


  1. Higher Domain Authority of your website

It will also help in improving the Domain Authority of your website.


Process Of  Submission

This brief PDF Submission guide will help you to know how to submit your PDF files.

  • Make sure that your PDF is actually a text file, not an image, so that search engine bots can actually read and index your file.
  • You must optimize your content using keywords in your content, title, URL, and ALT tags just like any other content you want to optimize.
  • Add some backlinks containing your keywords inside your PDF file.



The following are the best 25 Free Dofollow PDF Submission Sites List For 2015 with high PR you can submit PDF files to.



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