Fliik Review


Fliik Review

Fliik Review – Product Overview

Vendor: Mark Bishop, Ventaka Ramana and Nakul N
Product: Fliik
Launch Date: Thursday, October 29th, 2020  
Launch Time: 11:00 am EST 
Front-End Price: $16.93
Official Website: fliik.net/vip
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: Affiliate Marketing, Software 
Recommendation: Highly Recommend


Fliik Review – Introduction


Welcome to my Fliik review. Some people are at the point of purchasing some products and are looking for product comparisons before making those online purchases. Some want to get the best prices, some are looking for some features and benefits. Some are looking for the best buy overall.

With Fliik, you provide them with comparison videos, show your prospects a full product comparison, and the best deal, that is, product comparison video and product hub in one place, so they wouldn’t have to open another tab or look elsewhere for the information they need.

You’re   not selling anything but just simply giving ready to but consumers on your site the information they need to take their buying decision. You’re helping them out and speeding up the purchase process for them. They will love the needed information you’re providing and appreciate you for this.

You just provide those comparisons. These people are already looking for those products with their credit cards in their hands. All you need to do at this stage to make money without hard selling is to provide the needed information as a product comparison video and then a link to your flick page where your affiliate link is embedded. In the alternative, you have a choice of linking directly to the products.

You just need to use Fliik to help online shoppers by providing them with the information they need.  You simply provide the product comparisons that consumers are looking for before making their final choice.

When you give consumers the information and options that help them in one place, when they are about to make an online purchase decision, they’re far more inclined to make a choice and purchase through your link. When they purchase, you get your commissions.

With this method, you’re simply ‘hijacking’ commissions, legally and ethically, without having to do any selling to your prospects.

In just a few minutes, Fliik can help you to create ‘product comparison videos and product hubs’ that automatically generates passive affiliate commissions every day.

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Fliik Review – About The Creators

venkata Ramana Mark Bishop Nakul K

Fliik was developed by experienced product creators as well as top affiliate marketers Mark Bishop, Venkata Ramana and Nakul N. These three marketers are among the top product developers and super affiliates in the digital affiliate marketing world and on  Warriorplus platform. The Fliik system is therefore developed by supper affiliates who know the best products affiliates need to make money online.


Fliik Review – Features & Benefits

Flick is a cloud-based automated software and affiliate marketing system that provides the information that consumers need through product comparison videos.

This Fliik method is not new and has been an ethical and evergreen marketing strategy of affiliate marketing based on serving product comparison videos to online shoppers. The Fliik software automates the entire 3 step process of achieving this marketing strategy with super high quality videos.

Cloud Based App

Fliik is a cloud based App so you don’t need to download anything. You simply log-in to your personal dashboard and get started.

Newbie Friendly

Fliik is newbie friendly, so any marketer, whether inexperienced or veteran can benefit from using it.

Free Hosting Feature

All your created pages will be hosted for you without any additional or hidden costs.

Fliik Auto Built Product Page Feature

Every time you choose a new product and create new comparison videos, Fliik will auto create a specific product page containing your video, comparable product details and your affiliate link already embedded in the page.

The app also allows you to find the biggest selling, trending products at any given time.

Fliik extracts the video content from the actual platform listings so you don’t need to source anything or appear on screen.

Fliik extracts all of the product details, images and all other necessary information directly from the listing platform via API so you can create great comparison videos with just a few clicks in a few minutes without being technically savvy or any video skills or appearing on screen.

Direct Upload To YouTube

Fliik connects with your YouTube account to upload your videos to Youtube.

Auto Ranking Tags & Descriptions Features

When you upload your videos, the ranking factors from the top videos will be extracted by the app and integrated into your videos. You also have the option of adding any link of your choose to the video description or in the alternative auto insert your product page link. This strategy will increase your views and give you, in additional 100% Free Organically Targeted Traffic.

Fliik Syndication Feature

Fliik includes a built-in syndication feature which will blast your links to multiple high traffic platforms for additional traffic which may be instant in some cases. It will also create backlinks automatically to give ranking boost to your comparison videos.

Step By Step Training

There’s full step by step training inside your dashboard.

The software also automatically executes the 3 step system.


Step 1: Find & Select Comparable Products

Quickly find the best products people want to buy right now to focus your comparison videos on with the Fliik’s built-in product finder feature, the ‘Best Seller / Most Popular algorithm. Then research and choose 2-3 comparable products to compare from the top affiliate platforms like Amazon, eBay and Clickbank

Step 2: Create Your Product ‘Comparison Video & Hub’

Fliik auto creates Product Hub for your site. The App creates review/comparison videos by comparing and including 2-3 products at a time while auto building corresponding product landing pages.

Step 3: Drive Instant Targeted Traffic

Upload to YouTube and syndicate your comparison video with the built-in syndication feature across multiple high traffic platforms for ranking power.

This gives you Syndicated ‘Instant’ Traffic, Organic Search Traffic and also auto backlinks.

Although it’s possible to do all of these steps manually on your own, but it will take some marketing experience, technical skill and money to make the right video if you have that at all. It may also take some months to achieve this manually. Otherwise, you may have to outsource. Yet there’s no guarantee that you’ll get it done perfectly.

But it takes only 3 steps and some minutes to execute the same process with Fliik.

The software does not only execute these three steps automatically, it produces professional video content that your prospects would love for their comparison.

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Fliik Review – Who Is This Product For?

Fliik will be very useful to the following categories of people:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Online Experienced Marketers
  • Online Part Time Marketers
  • Business Owners
  • Product Owners
  • Video marketers 
  • Bloggers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Content creators
  • Freelancers
  • Students
  • Retirees
  • Stay at home parents
  • Or Anyone Who Wants To Quickly Make Money In Affiliate marketing.

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Fliik Review – Pros & Cons  


  • Newbie Friendly
  • Cloud Based ‘Self Contained’ Income System Software.
  • A Proven Formula Without The Need For Any Technical Experience.
  • Your Ethical and Evergreen Comparison Business In 3 Steps and about 10 Minutes
  • Automates An Evergreen Proven Formula That Allows You To Generate Income From Other People’s Products Through Comparison & Options.
  • Self-Hosted Website Not Needed. So, No Need For Web Hosting Monthly Fees
  • Email Marketing Software Not Necessary
  • Video Editing Skills Not Required
  • SEO Knowledge Not Required
  • Articles Writing Not Necessary
  • Quick And Easy To Populate Comparison Videos And Landing Pages.
  • 100% Risk-Free With 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Excellent Training
  • World Class Support

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Watch the Fliik Demo Video Below


Fliik Review –Fliik Pricing Funnel

Front End  Features:  FLIIK CORE


  • Research 100 keywords for Amazon, Ebay And Clickbank
  • Auto create 5 landing pages Every Month with Hosting
  • Create 5 Videos and upload to YouTube & Vimeo
  • Amazon, Ebay video create module which is auto generated via API
  • Clickbank video create module: Create comparison / review style videos using VS image crop tech
  • Video / link syndication across multiple platforms for backlink and traffic

Fliik Front End Price: $16.93

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  • Unlimited Keyword / Product Research for amazon, ebay and clickbank
  • Auto create an additional 10 corresponding landing pages (15 per month with
  • Create additional 10 Videos and upload (YouTube & Vimeo) (15 per month)
  • Add your own Voice Overs
  • Add Watermarks to Videos
  • Schedule videos for future uploads

Fliik OTO 1 Price: $67


OTO 2 – FLIIK Compare

FLIIK Compare enables users to expand on their comparison affiliate business model by building fully stocked WP comparison stores. Each product listed has a comparable product, comparable products are listed and show visitors where to source the best deal live. Users affiliate link is attached to all products via global link set up enabling the store owner (User) to profit from any selection the visitor makes.

This process has proven to be one of the most powerful sales tools online… It works seamlessly while providing the visitor with useful, actionable information.

2 Retailer API Comparison: Amazon & Ebay Included

  • Store Plugin
  • Store Theme
  • Price Comparison Engine
  • 2 Platform API (API: Amazon & Ebay)
  • Live Search & Profit
  • Reviews (genuine product reviews pulled from actual (Amazon & Ebay)
  • Store builder – Create fully stocked stores without any cost
  • Built in Premium product Sliders
  • Full store customization
  • Global affiliate links
  • Store build from keyword
  • Traffic Module – Free traffic to your FLIIK Compare store
  • Training & Tutorials
  • +Plus much more
  • Install on 10 sites / domain to capitalize on multiple niches with dedicated / relevant stores.

Fliik OTO 2 Price: $47


OTO 3 – FLIIK Instant Mega Traffic

  • User Pixel is added to FLIIK sales page enabling them to build a large targeted audience.

Fliik OTO 3 Price: $97


OTO 4 – FLIIK Agency Unlimited

  • Reseller package – Unlimited Sales
  • Full suite of DFY affiliate tools included
  • 2x Traffic Training

Fliik OTO 4 Price:  $67


OTO 5 – FLIIK 1k Week V3

  • 1k Week V3 video tutorial with Done-for-you products. 7 Products
  • Reseller commission on all 7 products
  • All the user needs to do is fill in the blanks, generate and give away high quality pre-configured products. Each product becomes unique to the user after filling in the blanks.
  • Users benefit from an inbuilt promotional structure and high reseller commission percentage for all products.

Fliik OTO 5 Price: $127


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