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Digital Download Underground Review

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Digital Download Underground Review – Overview

Product name Digital Download Underground
Vendor James Renouf &  Debbie Drum
Front-end price $11.99
Release Date September 30th, 2021
Release Time 10:00 EDT
Niche General
Recommended Very High
Skill levels needed All levels of  skills
Support Effective Response
Bonuses Yes
Refund 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


Digital Download Underground Review – Introduction

Digital Download-Underground-Review

Welcome to my digital download underground review.  Many times, making money online doesn’t have to be hard or take ages to learn the ropes.  The process doesn’t have to be so complex and time-consuming. Sometimes, it can even be fun.

Suppose you have a system, you need just a few minutes to make each item, and you get paid day after day for it.

You may be thinking perhaps these are NFT’s. Definitely not. Though, millions are being made with NFT’s, but then, there is a lot of luck involved in the process.

Unlike NFT’s, this is a predictable process that has nothing to do with getting paid in cryptocurrency.  It gets you paid in real cash.

This happens because there will always be a need for people out there to consume these tiny digital downloads you can easily make to capture these digital moments for simple moments in life.

These moments in life could be someone having a new baby, a wedding ceremony, congratulating someone for a promotion, birthday, thank you note, or even inspirational quotes.

Once you can make a simple PDF with simple notes, graphics and titles, it can be fun to start making money online with little competition.

This is a new marketing concept. And your tiny digital downloads are ready for those people whenever they are having those special moments.

These items could take just from seconds to a few minutes to make bringing in sales every moment of the day from free traffic. It is a passive income strategy that enables you to get paid over and over again after setting it up once.

Assuming you’re typically making $20 an hour for your time, it would definitely take you on the average 500 hours of work to make $10,000. But it takes just less than 60 seconds to make a thank you note that can produce $14,364.

It’s a system where thousands of dollars in profit can be made instantly with literal minutes of work.

It requires no expertise or experience. An absolute beginner to marketing or make money online can make real money running into $1,000s with it. Seasoned marketers can also take advantage of it. It also works anywhere in the world.

With Digital Download Underground, you are capturing digital moments and giving people simple moments in life, something that’s of real tangible value. Digital download underground can therefore get you consistently incredible results.

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Review Of Digital Download Underground – What Is Digital Download Underground?

Digital Download Underground is a passive income method of creating and selling simple digital downloadable products for simple moments in life.

This digital download is just some simple graphics, words, and titles that meet the expectation and emotions of the moment in life.

This strategy allows you to save people’s time by either giving them the messaging or experience that they want.

You don’t need any design skill or have to be a graphic designer to make these digital downloads.

With Digital Download Underground, you will get your very own digital download that gives you the exact steps and process to make this happen for you.

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Digital Download Underground Review – About The Creators


Digital Download Underground was developed and brought to you by James Renouf and Debbie Drum.

James Renouf is a popular affiliate marketer and a top WarriorPlus vendor who has been in online marketing for over 10 years. He has come up with many innovative strategies never put out in a product before.

James has launched 51 Products on WarriorPlus marketplace alone with over124,257Sales.

His previous successful products included Worldwide Traffic Hack, Internet 3.0 System, Zero Risk Crypto, Free Daily Crypto,  CoinDrop, Crypto Vakuum, NFT Exposed, Avatar Crusher, Hybrid MLM, Let’s Get Ranked, Lead Vakuum, Group Bomb, The Missing Link, Show Up 2 Profit, DPOD – Digital Products On-Demand, Hidden Traffic Hack, Boostrr, Captiv8r, Trojan Horse Traffic, Stripped Down Sales, Xposr, Pluckr, Crypto Kitties Exposed, 3 Figure Monetizer, Traffic On Tap, Crypto Cash, Traffikar, Sneaker Arbitrage Profits, Thin Air Profits, Ecom License Factory, International Disrupter, Nine Figure Fresh, Video Ads Hacked, Social App Secrets Exposed, Gift Cards Exposed, Social eCom Soiree, Fully Automatic, Crowdfunding Revelation, The Radical Shift, Instant Mobile Magnet, Sticker Stampede, Mobile Stream Revolution, Global Traffic Monetizer, Traffic Tree Monetizer, Virgin Untapped Traffic, Live Action Profits, W James Renouf’s – The Next Big Thing Is Here And Now, W James Renouf’s Crypto Mania, W James Renouf – Rainmaker 1.0

He also has over 70% ratings on WarriorPlus marketplace from his past products from thousands of happy and satisfied customers.


Digital Download Underground Review – Features & Benefits

Digital Download-Underground

Once you purchase this product, you will get all the necessary information that will help you to start, get up, and running immediately.

You will be provided with everything you need to create unlimited digital files. How to sell these digital download files to make recurring passive income over and over again with one setup.

This technique works because the people who buy this digital download are different from the typical people you sell products to.

In addition, you’re also giving them an emotion, and an experience with such little effort.

We all know that people buy with emotion. That is what you’re giving people. You spend a few minutes of your time creating something that gives thousands of people a smile.

This strategy literally makes it easy for you to make money online no matter the level of your online marketing. You simply do that and you get paid.

Set up these little Digital Downloads once and get paid over and over again.

Digital Download Underground will help you to create products like these:


Digital Download Underground-Autum-Trivia

This little trivia game gives people a question sheet.

You give the buyer the answers.
This made a staggering $29,342.85


Digital Download Underground-corona-virus


Digital Download Underground-corona-virus-2

Have You Ever Heard of Covid?
Well, you could make a quick little digital download

for someone to use however they want and make Bank.
This little images made over 6K and still counting



Digital Download Underground-Password_tracker

Many people are repeat buyers of these simple digital downloads



Digital Download Underground-baby-shower-emoji-game

This baby shower emoji game brought

in an incredible $239,722.50


We all know about emojis so, you simply allow people to download a picture of emojis in this case and make $1000s.

What makes this so powerful is that so many people are interested and want these items.

You keep the price cheap at $1 that people don’t care about spending and start making sales after sales on autopilot.

You then reap the benefits when you sell thousands which quickly adds up.

Digital Download Underground shows you exactly how to get in front of this crazy market and set it up yourself.

As soon as you click the buy button and make the little investment, you will get access to this system that shows you exactly what to do.

You just set it up once, sit back and the payments come in without any money out of pocket and paid traffic.

The system works for any niche of your choice.

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Digital Download Underground Review – Pros & Cons


  • This Takes You A Few Seconds To Make
  • But You Get Paid Over And Over Again.
  • These Payments Come In 24/7
  • You Set It Up Once and It Is Hands-Off.
  • No Fulfillment requirement.
  • No need to spend time or invest in Support.
  • Set It And Forget It system.
  • Thousands Of Dollars In Profit Can Be Made With Literal Seconds Of Work
  • Can start on a shoe-string budget. No Out Of Pocket Money needed
  • No Website Needed
  • No Experience needed
  • Fancy or expensive Tools are not necessary
  • No Paid Traffic needed
  • No Videos required
  • You can Be Completely Anonymous
  • No Artistic Ability Is needed
  • A newbie To Marketing Or Online Marketing Can Crush It With This.
  • It’s also ideal for Seasoned Marketers.
  • You can Do This From Anywhere In The World!


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Review Of Digital Download Underground – Who Should Use It?

This is a product for both new and old online marketers from anywhere in the world.

However, the following groups below will benefit immensely from Digital Download Underground:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Online Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Product creators
  • Business owners
  • eCom + Amazon Affiliates
  • Freelancers
  • Website Owners
  • Publishers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Any other kinds of online business


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Digital Download Underground Review – Pricing Funnel

Digital Download Underground Front-End

Digital Download-Underground-Price

This product is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to start making money in his or her online marketing business without the hassles of spending money over and over and time trying to figure out the process.


This system, allows you to create unlimited digital files in a few minutes and make sales that can run into $1000 passive income.

Digital Download Underground Front-End Price: $11.99

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Digital Download Underground Upgrade 1 Price: $29

Digital Download Underground Upgrade 2 Price: $29

Digital Download Underground Upgrade 3 Price: $37

Digital Download Underground Upgrade 4 Price: $49

Digital Download Underground Upgrade 5 Price: $97

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