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Commission Gorilla V3 Review 2021 Best Bonus Builder


Commission Gorilla V3 Review 2021 Best Bonus Builder

Commission Gorilla V3 Review 2021 Best Bonus Builder – Product Overview

Product Name Commission Gorilla V3
Creator Promote Labs Inc
Launch Date September 17th, 2017
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Price $49
Official Website
Product Type Sales Funnel
Niche Page Builder
Suggestion Strongly Recommended
Refund 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee



Commission Gorilla V3 Review 2021 Best Bonus Builder – Introduction


Welcome to my Commission Gorilla V3 Review 2021 Best Bonus Builder. Are you an affiliate marketer or an online marketer trying to generate online income? Gone were the days when you can just build a website and start making money immediately. Things have changed and become very sophisticated to generate good targeted Traffic & Conversion that result in sales.

Successful online marketers particularly the super affiliates all have proven systems which they improve on all the time and rinse and repeat over and over again to make six-figure affiliate commissions regularly and with their launch jacking of new products they promote.

All super affiliates without any exception now add value to every product they promote.  In addition to other ethical bribes, they offer their prospects, they include valuable bonuses that would enhance the usage of the products they are promoting. They then showcase the bonuses created on engaging bonus pages and drive traffic of their prospects to them.

Within the bonus section of their pages or on their bonus pages, they show their visitors the bonuses they are going to receive if they decide to purchase the recommended products through their links on those bonus pages.

Most of the time the visitors will respond and purchase through the provided links because of the added value they would enjoy.

The strategy of adding bonuses works and increases affiliate conversions and commission 5 to 10 times most often.

But creating bonus promotion pages and bonus delivery pages can be a pain in the neck especially for newbie affiliate marketers and others who are not technical savvy. They may have to outsource this process.

This is where Commission Gorilla V3 becomes a vital tool in your affiliate marketing arsenal.

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Commission Gorilla V3 Review – What Is The Commission Gorilla V3?

Commission Gorilla Version 3 is a completely drag-and-drop web-based application and an affiliate promotion page (bridge page) builder you can use to create attractive and engaging bonus promotion pages and delivery pages with ease. These Bonus pages will enable you to offer more value to customers and help increase conversion. You don’t need to download or install this on your device.

What does commission gorilla do? Commission Gorilla V3  incorporates a bonus management system boosting your conversion and automates affiliate marketing strategies with in-depth reporting and analytics features. These features reduce the time and effort you need to create attractive, engaging bonus promotional pages and incorporate other marketing processes that will increase sales affiliate commissions.


Commission Gorilla V3 Review – About The Authors

Commission Gorilla V3 is the third improvement in the Commission Gorilla series. The product was created by two product creators and some of the best online marketers in the industry in the persons of Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason. They jointly own PromoteLabs Inc through which they promote all their products.  They have been operating in the online marketing industry for over 15 years.

They are Top 5% Sellers on JVZoo Marketplace with more than 30,000 sales of their products Rating

Top 10% Affiliates on the same marketing platform and have been on top of the leaderboard of many launches with hundreds of sales.

They have to their credit 5 Product Of The Day (POTD) Awards from some of their past products

Some of these products included DynoPost GopherSplit Test Monkey.

Please read further to get the powerful features of this App in my Commission Gorilla Version 3 Review.

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Commission Gorilla V3 Review 2021 Best Bonus Builder – Features & Benefits

Below are some of the powerful features integrated into Commission Gorilla to help you Boost Commissions easily.

Drag and Drop Promotion Page Builder


Commission Gorilla has a simple Drag and Drop WYSIWYG editor. With the editor, you can build attractive pages without any technical knowledge.

With the Drag and Drop feature, you can customize your pages to look the way you want, drag in images, insert videos, add social sharing, text blocks, and even create custom call-to-action buttons fast without ever touching a line of code.

You just need to drop in your on-page elements, select bonuses from your library and save the page. Whenever you make any changes it will instantly be reflected across all pages hosted on the Commission Gorilla server and your self hosted and WordPress integrations

This gives you speed and convenience. Making a bonus block is easy, it can be a simple image upload, or you can use the built-in WYSIWYG editor to build a custom block from scratch.

Automated Bonus Delivery

When you create any bonus page, Commission Gorilla will automatically create a delivery page for the page at the same time. You can even drag and drop any pre-written text to create pages even faster.

As a time-saving feature, the software will automatically build a hosted bonus delivery page for you, simply direct your buyers to this page and they can access their bonuses.

Bonus Library To Store Your Bonuses


Included are 4 different bonus block layouts for you to choose from. You can create and save an unlimited number of bonuses in your library so they’re always available for your use whenever you need them for any new promotion.
The bonus library in Commission Gorilla makes it easy to also save download/access information to automatically build out your bonus delivery page and store all your bonus blocks in one place

Unlimited Free Hosting

All your pages will be hosted on Commission Gorilla’s servers at no extra cost. This is a great saver if you don’t have a website of your own. If you want to host your bonus pages on your own WordPress website, there is a feature that allows you to integrate your Commission Gorilla pages into your site using a plugin.

Run Up To 20 Simultaneous Promotion Campaigns.

In addition to creating your affiliate promotion pages fast, you’ll have the ability to run up to 20 different promotional campaigns at the same time

Cloning Pages

If you want to want to replicate any of your pages that’s performing well you just need to use, the ‘clone’ feature. With this feature, you can easily clone any bonus page, by editing it and making it ready in a few minutes.

Import of Any Commission Gorilla Page

If you have another Commission Gorilla user that wants to let you use his or her page as a template there’s a training that shows you how you can take any existing user’s Commission Gorilla design and have it ready to go in your account easily.

This will allow you to tap into the design of any other Commission Gorilla user instantly if you just don’t have the time or just starting out with the design.

It involves 3 steps:

  1. Clicking Import In Your Account
  2. Pasting In Your Import Code (you get this from another CGV3 user)
  3. Seeing the New Page Cloned In


Detailed Statistics

Commission Gorilla offers detailed statistics on its dashboard. It helps you to easily find the high and low-performing pages. With these statistics, you can take appropriate actions.

10 Done For You Bonuses Already Included


You can get Started Immediately With 10 Done For You Bonuses Ready To Use On Any Promotion. These are 10 ready-made bonuses that you can plug into Commission Gorilla right away.

With this, you can get started right away without having to come up with your own bonuses.


8 Ready Made Bonus Page Campaigns For High Converting Products (and growing)

Also included are 8 Done-For-You Bonus Page Campaigns For High Converting Products that can Bring In Commissions Instantly. Or Use As Inspirational Time Savers For Your New Campaigns…

And 7 different ready-made bonus pages that you can simply clone, add your affiliate link to, and start making commissions.

Once you have these pages, you can personalize them as you like.

Social Share Feature


Once you’re satisfied with your editing, you can easily start promoting the bonus pages you created with Commission Gorilla with the built-in social share buttons.
Included in Commission Gorilla V3 are Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & LinkedIn sharing options for you to use immediately for instant traffic.

Affiliate Gorilla Video Training

When you sign up, you’ll get access to these bonus training videos in the members’ area immediately

This is a 10-video-in-depth training, which will show you how super affiliates generate mind-blowing commissions and get traffic on demand.

These Silver Edition training videos will compliment your Commission Gorilla V3 purchase and give you a headstart on successful affiliate marketing

By the time you’ve gone through this training, you’ll know exactly how super affiliates set up their business and how you too can do the same

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Commission Gorilla V3 Review – Pros & Cons


  • 100% Newbie Friendly And Easy To Use.
  • 100% Free Page Hosting.
  • Saves You Time With Less Effort
  • Cloud-Based, Therefore No Installation Needed
  • No Need Of Designing Or Coding
  • Automated Bonus Delivery
  • WordPress Integration
  • Saves Money.
  • Affordable Pricing.
  • Create Bonus Pages In Just A Few Minutes
  • Video Training To Give You Head Start On Your Affiliate Marketing
  • Ready-Made Bonus Page Campaigns
  • Detailed Statistics For Your Marketing Promotion
  • Social Share For Instant Traffic
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • Can’t Run More Than 20 Simultaneous Promotion Campaigns Unless You Upgrade To Pro Version
  • Commission Gorilla does not offer a free trial to test drive but has a 30 days money-back guarantee in the alternative.


Here’s What Some Marketing Pros Are Saying About Commission Gorilla V3Commission-Gorilla-V3-Testimonial


Commission Gorilla V3 Review – Who Is This Product For?

Commission Gorilla V3 is a must tool for the following groups and any other online marketer who may want to create promo pages in the process of enhancing the value of any product offered to prospective buyers.

  • Online Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Website Owners
  • Local Business Owners
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Video marketers
  • Business Owners
  • Product Creators
  • Content creators
  • Email marketers
  • SEO pros
  • Freelancers
  • Cpa Marketers
  • Ecommerce Business Owners & Amazon Affiliates
  • Advertisers


Commission Gorilla V3 Review –  Demo Video

Play The Demo Video Below To See Commission Gorilla V3 In Action.

Commission Gorilla V3 Demo Video

Commission Gorilla V3 Review 2021 Best Bonus Builder Testimonials





Commission Gorilla V3 Review 2021 Best Bonus Builder – Pricing Funnel

Commission Gorilla V3 Front End


The powerful Features of Commission Gorilla Developed To Help You Boost Commissions Easily

Drag & Drop Promotion Page Builder.  Built-in WYSIWYG editor to build a custom block from scratch.

Bonus Library To Store Your Bonuses

4 different bonus block layouts are included for you to choose from and you can create and save an unlimited number of bonuses in your library so they’re always ready to use when you need them for a new promotion.

The bonus library also saves download/access information to automatically build out your bonus delivery page.

Built-in Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & LinkedIn sharing options for you to give you instant traffic.

As a time-saving feature, the software will automatically build a hosted bonus delivery page for you, simply direct your buyers to this page and they can access their bonuses.

Commission Gorilla will automatically create all the bonus delivery pages for you any time you create a page. Then, How much does commission gorilla cost? Commission Gorilla price is $49 One time.

Commission Gorilla V3 Front End Price:  $49

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OTO 1: Commission Gorilla V3 Pro

Below is a summary of the features of Commission Gorilla V3 Pro Upgrade

With this feature, we’ll move you from the suite of Commission Gorilla pages.  You’ll be able to create as many affiliate promotional pages as you like without any limitations at all

With the Commission Gorilla V3 Pro Upgrade, you’ll be able to make more money out of your promotions by grabbing your visitor’s attention with ease while increasing scarcity.

Add Countdown Timers To Your Pages:

By limiting the time your bonus is available you’re encouraging your visitors to take action right away or they risk missing out on a great deal.

Use your attention bars to highlight a bonus, remind visitors about deadlines, link to demos or videos – You could even use them to link to other promotions or lead capture pages.

Add Exit Pop-Ups To Your Pages:

Send leaving visitors directly to the offer page (via your affiliate link) it can easily ‘save a sale’, send visitors to a squeeze page to build your list, you can even show another bonus offer.

Get Unlimited Commission Gorilla Pages:

Download & Host Your Pages On Your Own Domains

Add Custom Code To Any Of Your Pages Using The Built-In Custom Code Option Remove The Powered By Branding Option

Click To Read The Full Information On Commission Gorilla V3 Pro

Commission Gorilla V3 Pro Price: $67


OTO 2: Commission Gorilla V3 Instant Bonuses Monthly

This upgrade will allow you to instantly fill your New Bonus Library with Ready-Made Bonuses without the hassle of creating them yourself

Get 25 Ready Made Bonuses Today. And 2 Brand New Bonuses Added To Your Library Every Month.

Everything Is Already Done For You – From research, graphics, bonus copy, and even product delivery – you just simply plug in and play.

All Future Updates Are Free – You’ll never be embarrassed by giving your buyers an old outdated resource. We’ll always ensure your bonuses are up to date and fresh.

You Can Add To Pages In One Click – It’s as simple as tapping your mouse and these bonuses are primed and ready to go!

Click To Read The Full Information On Commission Gorilla V3 Instant Bonuses Monthly

 Commission Gorilla V3 Instant Bonuses Monthly Price: $67 Then $27 Monthly


OTO 3: Commission Gorilla V3 Sales Page Bypass

The Sales Page Bypass Add On Truly Allows Anyone to Ramp Up Commissions With Less Competition.

With the Sales Page Bypass, you can sidestep all the launch ‘sheep’ and see an increase of 50-100% in conversions and sales using this top-secret promotional strategy.

Link Directly To the Vendor’s Cart without any messy code. The Sales Page Bypass will transform your regular affiliate links into direct-to-cart sales links by scanning the vendor’s sales page and building the link for you.

Eliminate Every Single Possible Page Leak

Tap Into JVZoo and Clickbank (Others Coming Soon)

Video training for your affiliate marketing business is the shortcut and system that will take your affiliate business to the next level. These videos will show you how to become the most respected and top-selling affiliate your niche has ever seen.

You’ll find out how to get more traffic, how to grow your list, and how to convert even your most lukewarm prospect into rabid buyers – these are the customers who follow all your recommendations and fill your bank account with cash.

Click To Read The Full Information On Commission Gorilla V3 Sales Page Bypass

Commission Gorilla V3 Sales Page Bypass Price: $47


OTO 4: Commission Gorilla V3 Review Block 

With the review block add-on, you can create more stunning pages in your Commission Gorilla account.

You’ll have for your traffic promotional bonus pages and reviews that are absolutely eye-catching without a single line of code.

Just click to add a block to your promotion page, use the simple editor to build it out and customize your settings to match your page, and then drag and position the block to anywhere on your page.

Click To Read The Full Information On Commission Gorilla V3 Review Block

Commission Gorilla V3 Review Block Price: $47


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is Commission Gorilla Easy To Use?

    ‘Ease of use’ has been the #1 priority all throughout the development of the software. There is nothing to install, just create your account and log in to begin making your pages.
    You can preview the results as you go along and can go back and edit live pages in your dashboard with the drag and drop builder anytime you choose.

  • Does Commission Gorilla V3 Review 2021 Best Bonus Builder work with WordPress?

Commission Gorilla is a web-based software application (SaaS). But if you have a WordPress blog or multiple blogs, no problem.
There’s an included WordPress plugin that connects to your account and allows you to integrate all of your Commission Gorilla promotion pages directly into your blog. It’s really easy.

  • 100% FREE Page Hosting Really?

    Yes, by taking action now and investing in the app today you’ll enjoy no further increase in your annual subscription for as long as your account remains active.
    All your promotion pages shall be hosted for free with no strings attached.
    In the future, the system may switch to much higher recurring fees so act now to guarantee this valuable advantage.

  • I Need To Download Files Or Host My Own Pages?

    Commission Gorilla is developed to help you get more sales and commissions without any fuss, downloading, uploading, and installing, so you’re covered for unlimited visits to your pages, unlimited bonus deliveries all hosted by us.

  • What If I Don’t Have Any Bonuses To Use?

    No Problem. You can have access to 10 done-for-you bonuses that you can plug into your Commission Gorilla account right away. That way you don’t have to come up with your own.
    This will get you started right from day 1 as soon as you log in.

  • I’m A Vendor – Can I Use Commission Gorilla Too?

    If you want to use Commission Gorilla to create & manage promotion pages for your own affiliates to promote your products there is a bonus page export/import feature. However, the export feature is a PRO version upgrade so you’ll want to make sure you upgrade to the PRO level to utilize that option.
    You’ll then be able to manage ready-made promotion pages, give your affiliates an import code to upload into their dashboard at Commission Gorilla so they can start promoting your offers, with the bonuses you supply and in just seconds. Save your affiliates time and guarantee great results for you. Create your account now and put Commission Gorilla to work for you.


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