The Benefits Of Facebook Marketing To Your Business Is Enormous. Facebook has over 1.4 billion users visiting it every day. This makes the social networking platform the largest social media platform today.

The reason you as a marketer can’t afford to ignore the potential reach that the Facebook can give to your business.

The number of Facebook users are growing exponentially. This means the amount of people you can reach through Facebook becomes almost limitless. Here are some of the reasons why Facebook Marketing is the best way to improve your onlne marketing:


Some benefits Of Facebook Marketing To Your Business

1.Facebook Is Cost Effective with High Return On Investment


It is cost-effective and boasts faster return on investment. Because of Low Marketing Exepenses, Facebook marketing is a very accessible entry point for start-ups. Just by creating a public page for your brand, you can jump start your promotions and publicity schemes for free. The fees only occur when you start signing up for sponsored ads, which depend on the length of the exposure and type of ad you want to acquire.

There are now more than 2 million active advertisers on Facebook. The popularity, impact, and cost-effectiveness of Facebook ads has made the site one of the most popular online advertising platforms in the world, and its upward trajectory seems likely to continue


2. Massive Exposure on Global Scale For Your Home Business

Ability to Target Potential Customers for Your Home Business. Huge Database of Customers For Your Home Business.  In 2015, Facebook had a share of 22% of WORLDWIDE mobile Internet advertising revenue. That means almost one-quarter of all advertising revenue generated from mobile Internet ads in a single year went to Facebook. This implies a huge database of customers for your business.


3. Easy Access To Traffic Metrics

The good thing about paid ads is that the results can be observed right away through specific metrics like reach, number of people who viewed and more importantly, the increase in your site traffic. You can filter the people according to demographics, to aim at your specific target market. The good thing about social media is that you have the information about the users, ready at hand. This is ideal for local marketing, especially when you need to target a specific age range and geographical location. For sponsored ads, the link is designed to appear to people who liked similar or related pages.


4. Easy To Get Feedback

You can easily see how people respond to your posts. With every post you create, viewers can send their insights and suggestions through the comment section. Whether it’s a constructive criticism, a positive review or even a rant, Facebook allows you to hear out your customer’s demands and needs, so you can have more room for improvement. It can be a good threshold to getting “viral”. If there’s something very special about social media, it’s the fast paced cycle of fads and trends.


5.Opportunity To Share Your Videos and Increase Web Traffic For Your Business

Videos are the most-shared content type on Facebook. In September 2014 alone, Facebook users watched a collective 1 billion videos every day on the average. Today, that figure is more than 4 billion – and 75% of these video views occur on mobile devices.

On average, videos receive 89.5 shares per video, significantly higher share counts than photos or text-based posts

6. Opportunity For Facebook Viral Traffic

Any video or photo posted online can have a good chance to circulate around the net. Facebook is very flexible when it comes to reaching out your audience. It can offer sponsored ads, or ads through recommendation. It can promote any form including events, offers, pages or external links. It can also be designed to fit mobile browsers, especially if you’re promoting a mobile app.



7. Useful important Insights About Your Competitors.

If you want a platform where you can freely check your immediate competitors, Facebook is the best way to do it. Through the ‘Pages to Watch’ feature, the site allows you to see the trend behind a certain page’s growth and posts. This might not be fully valuable, but it can help you set a benchmark on how to assess your brand’s success in marketing.

8• Posting On Facebook Daily Facebook Can Yield Good Engagement

Facebook can be an interactive platform for your marketing programs. You can ask your followers to answer a quick poll, to fill up a sign up sheet, or even for promos. Facebook can even support a third party website embedded into your public page.

 9. Increase Awareness with the help of Facebook likes.

Liking and sharing are excellent tools for a business in achieving multi-level marketing. This is very powerful and helpful to your business. Once a page is liked by many of your followers, more people will receive updates made by the business. Their friend on facebook will also be able to see them and get directed towards the page.


10. Facebook Marketing will Improve your SEO ranking.

Social Media Marketing will improve Your Business. When your page is a popular link on social media and your posts are frequently being shared by your followers, search engine recognize your site better. This is why client engagement and link sharing in social media is very powerful.