One of the most incredible strategies ever to be incorporated with online advertising is article marketing. It has proven to be one of the most effective and cost-efficient.

By writing quality articles that are content-rich, you can reach a lot of people online and convert them to immediate and  long term traffic and customers to your web site. You can also project a credible image, receive free exposure and brand  yourself as an expert to those who come across your articles.

With the internet turning the world into a global village, your article can market you and your products world-wide beyond  your imagination. It gives you the opportunity of getting the attention and interest of potential customers. You become an  expert to your readers. It is also viral. Once submitted, you are no longer in control if your content is of premium quality.
Many publishers looking for good content for their readers would pick your article to use on their blogs, web sites, and ezine without you lifting a finger.



Every quality article you submit to article directories and is accepted to their database gives you and your web site more  exposure.  Now you’re also providing more back links to your site.  And we all know that search engines love those one-way  backlinks.  So, by taking the time to write and submit articles you can easily over a short time generate enough traffic to  your website to make it profitable.

What then are the necessary basic pre-requisite to attracting attention of readers and publishers to your articles?
Here is a step-by-step strategy of article marketing that guides you to achieving the kind of quality articles needed to  generate attention to your web site and business.

To attract attention and generate the necessary traffic to your web site and products your article must be of premium  quality. It should be informative with a minimum of 300 words related topic to your niche or business.


Importance of Article Marketing To Your Home Business.

People are looking for solution to their problems online daily. Their searches run into hundreds of millions daily. This is where you come in. You come in as an expert and provide solution to their problems. Once your articles are able to solve their problems, they will see you as an expert in that niche. Most of them would bookmark your article and may even pass the information on their blogs or web sites to their visitors or friends.

For example, if your business is on internet work from home business, you can write an article that delves on how to use Cilckbank to make massive profits from affiliate programs. This would generate a lot of attention from affiliates who are looking for ways to improve their affiliate earnings.

In addition to posting your articles on article directories, you can leverage the power of web 2.0 sites such as squiddoo. You can post the same articles on your own blogs or web sites. The benefits are so numerous and endless.

Then it is time to submit your articles to as many article directories you can find all over the internet. You can find various article directory sites searching through google. You can equally use article submission software. There are a lot of them on the web and many are even free as long as you are willing to part with your name and email address.

If you are on a budget, you may opt for the free submissions being offered. These may take quite some time to submit to hundreds of article directories each time. It may even take several hours the first time you are submitting your artcle to numerous directories as you are required to register in each of the article directories before any submission is allowed. These are all free to submit to.

There are also paid article submission sites. But if you have money set aside for your article marketing, paying for the submission sites is also a wise investment that brings faster results. They have the resources to submit to hundreds of article directories without you lifting a finger. You can spend the several hour needed to submit your articles to achieve other thing in your internet business.