Making Passive Income Online with Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing  Strategies For Making A Passive Income Online

There are many more people (the publishers) who want to make money through affiliate marketing programs on the internet than the number of people who have one product or the other (the merchants) to sell online. Many of these people who have burning desire to make extra income online are perpetually cemented in the idea stage. They don’t know how to achieve Passive Income Goals for Financial Freedom or what to do to bring their desire or idea into realty.

Affiliate Marketing Is A Great Way To Making A Passive Income Online.

The truth is that, there are thousands of Internet business millionaires who are purely into affiliate marketing business, who do not have a single product of their own they sell either online or offline, but are still making a lucrative income every month to take good care of their families. Though, having your own products have its own advantages but it has a lot of huddles to even get the product ready and to market the product.


Many are lost day dreaming of becoming the next hotshot and they want to create the next Facebook or Google without taking the necessary steps to articulate their ideas. They are paralyzed by their inaction and the delusions of grandeur and geek stardom that they are passionate about without ever taking steps on the perfect opportunities to earn money that abound everywhere online.



Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing Programs

  • Affiliate marketing has created more money than most big tech big data ideas. As a cohort, affiliate marketing earns billions of dollars per year. Within the bubble of the Internet affiliate marketing is the easiest way to start making money.
  • You do not need to create or purchase a product, you simply advertise and market someone else’s product and they pay you a commission or a fee for the leads that you produce. It’s the quickest way to make money on the internet and it requires the least amount of overhead.
  • It is also cheaper to run an affiliate marketing business than trying to create your own company with your own products. Mesh this way of earning money with solid marketing skills and you will find success.
  • Sales generated for affiliate programs can easily be tracked and compiled to pay commissions to every affiliate at no extra cost.
  • Affiliate marketing program provides an easy opportunity for affiliates, the website publishers and owners to create additional sources of income. Affiliate marketing links, banners provided by merchants for their products to individual affiliates generate instant commission whenever there is a click through and sale.
  • Unlike product creation, it does not require a sizeable investment on the part of the affiliate to start making money online.
  • The affiliate does not have to worry about product creation, launching of products, costs of copywriting, marketing graphics, customer support, book keeping, related headaches since in affiliate marketing, the merchant handles it all. All the affiliate needs to do is promote the product and make his commission out of the sales generated by him.
  • An affiliate marketer enjoys the benefits of becoming his own boss and working at his own time and pace. He may decide to work  for only a few hours at times having more time for his family and other pressing issues.
  • An affiliate marketer is not limited by his location. He can generate steady income 24/7 wherever he may be located in the world.
  • An affiliate marketer can still maintain his present work or business and have the affiliate marketing  business as part time. In this case he is making extra income to supplement his regular income and improve his financial position.
  • Affiliate marketing does not require so many resources to start. Just with a laptop and an internet connection, an affiliate can work virtually work from anywhere even while on a business trip, or enjoying a vacation or a honeymoon.
  • Affiliate marketing program is a win-win affair for every body involved. From the merchant to the publisher to the network and also the customer who is able to make the right decision on the basis of the information provided by the publisher.
  • It helps the merchants to gain a wider coverage that would have been impossible with their own efforts and marketing resources to sell their products and services, resulting in more customers,  more sales and more money without any effort from them. They are leveraging the efforts of others to make so much money.


Two Types Of Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate marketing programs are run in two main ways. The two main different types of affiliate marketing programs are:

(1) Pay Per Lead

(2) Pay Per Sale


Pay Per Lead Programs

Pay per lead programs do not require that the customers pay anything. It only requires that their information is captured so that the business can then market to them directly. You act as a link or the middle-man who connects the two parties together. This introduction can be done in several ways.


It can be done via email marketing and telling someone about the product and presented them an affiliate link. When they follow that link and leave their email or some other type of information you are credited with the lead and you are paid a referrers fee. You can market these type of offers through social media, SEO or video marketing.

Pay Per Lead is often preferred by newbies because it seems easier than create sales.


Pay Per Sale Programs

Pay Per Sale is exactly how it sounds, you are paid by creating sales. Most of these programs have the same exact mechanics as pay per lead programs but you aren’t paid a commission until a sale has been made. These programs are often more lucrative than lead programs but they require that you can get more traffic and present it to more people.


On a final note, affiliate marketing is a great way to make a ton of money on the Internet. Like all things that are worth your time, it does have a learning curve and it does take some time, persistence, dedication and efforts to make money online.

There are super affiliates who are making five and six figures every month without creating or marketing a single product of their own online. They market other people’s products and make their commission that afford them to live a life of financial independence.  Many people will eventually achieve their financial goal and  success, marketing the products of other merchants (people and companies) without ever creating any products of their own.