99 Backlinking Strategies



Backlinks can increase your traffic, sales and search engine ranking. You’ll discover 99 different types of backlinking strategies for SEO and Traffic to your website. Tactics you could use to acquire those those backlinks from other high PR web sites. These backlinking strategies can increase your website  Page Rank.


1) Article submission websites are one of the great backlinking strategies. You need to write quality articles and submit to article directories to get backlinks.




2) Another of the most popular backlinking strategies is forum post backlinks. You can post your content or participate in a discussion with you can use to get backlinks in your resource box.


3) You can get traffic exchanges backlinks or bartered backlinks. You may need to trade your time to get backlinks.


4) You might get free classifieds backlinks or emoticons backlinks. You could submit your ads to get backlinks.


5) You could get press release backlinks or example backlinks. Press release is one of the most powerful backlinking strategies online.


6) You may get resource box backlinks from article marketing backlinking strategies or description backlinks.


7) You can get email backlinks or giveaway backlinks.


8) You might get free ebook backlinks or web brochure backlinks. You could submit your free ebooks to ebook submission sites to get backlinks.


9) You could get web site directory backlinks or competition backlinks. You submit your website information to web directories and await approval. In some case, you can get instant approval.


10) You may get joint venture backlinks or eclass backlinks. You can trade backlinks with your joint venture partners who in turn distribute to their partners to get backlinks.


11) You can get free software backlink.


12) You might get pay per sale backlinks or targeted backlinks.


13) You could get tell-a-friend backlinks or discussion list backlinks. Your parners exchange your link to get backlinks.


14) You may get page review backlinks or membership backlinks. .


15) You can get product review backlinks or keyphrase backlinks. You may review something to get backlinks.


16) You might get pay per click backlinks or search box backlinks. You could buy something to get backlinks.


17) You could get free report backlinks or webinar backlinks. You might author something to get backlinks.


18) You may get answers backlinks or teleseminar backlinks. You can negotiate something to get backlinks.


19) You can get keyword backlinks or incentive backlinks. You may keyword targeted backlinks.


20) You might get pay per lead backlinks or testimonial backlinks. You could endorse something to get backlinks.


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21) You could get search engine backlinks or endorsement backlinks. You might fill out something to get backlinks.


22) You may get customer support backlinks or success story backlinks.


23) You can get auction backlinks or opinion backlinks. You may publish something to get backlinks.


24) You might get micro blog backlinks or instant message backlinks.


25) You could get blog guest post backlinks or link broker backlinks. You submit your articles for guest posts to get backlinks. This is one of the most powerful backlinking strategies if you can write or outsource quality  articles in your niche.


26) You may get free ebook backlinks or paid backlinks. You can enroll in something to get backlinks.


27) You can get blog comment backlinks or shopping cart backlinks. You may write quality comments on blog posts to get backlinks.


28) You might get reciprocal link exchange backlinks or third party affiliate backlinks. These types of backlinking strategies is to exchange your link with another webmaster to get backlinks.


29) You could get subscriber backlinks or parked domain backlinks. You might barter something to get backlinks.


30) You may get squeeze page backlinks or news backlinks. You can report something to get backlinks.


31) You can get opt-in form backlinks or announcement backlinks..


32) You might get download backlinks or event backlinks. You could submit ebooks or software to download sites to get backlinks.


33) You could get freebie backlinks or offline backlinks. You might give something out  to get backlinks.


34) You may get mini-site backlinks or virtual world backlinks. You can distribute something to get backlinks.


35) You can get video backlinks or product directory backlinks. You may submit your vieos to video submission sites to get backlinks.



36) You might get audio backlinks or price comparison backlinks. You may submit your  audio files to podcasting submission sites to get backlinks.


37) You could get video sharing backlinks or mobile site backlinks. You might film something and submit to get backlinks.


38) You may get photo sharing backlinks or embedded backlinks. You can submit photos to photo sharing sites to get backlinks.


39) You can get file/folder sharing backlinks or publisher backlinks.

40) You might get signature file backlinks or product rating backlinks. You could sign something to get backlinks.


41) You could get message board backlinks or swap content link. You might get signature on these sites to get backlinks.


42) You may get chat room backlinks or bookmark sharing backlinks. You can bookmark something to get backlinks.


43) You can get banner backlinks or industrial directory backlinks.


44) You might get auto responder backlinks or high PR site backlinks.


45) You could get survey backlinks or groups backlinks.


46) You may get poll backlinks or BBB backlinks. You can answer something to get backlinks.


47) You can get petition backlinks or web site traffic ranking backlinks.


48) You might get sponsored backlinks or template backlinks. You could link to something to get backlinks.


49) You could get donation backlinks or link pages backlinks. You might donate something to get backlinks.


50) You may get charity backlinks or ad campaign backlinks. You can purchase something to get free backlinks.




51) You can get legal notice backlinks or top 10 list backlinks. .


52) You might get social networking backlinks or error page backlinks. .


53) You could get social post backlinks or coupon backlinks.

54) You may get newsletter backlinks or classified ad directory backlinks.


55) You can get content backlinks or shareware/freeware backlinks. You may share your content something to get backlinks.


56) You might get advertorial backlinks or outsourced backlinks. You could get ads deal  to get backlinks.


57) You could get cost per action backlinks or freelance backlinks.


58) You may get contest backlinks or music backlinks. You can startto participate in conteststo get backlinks.


59) You can get sweepstakes backlinks or sale backlinks.


60) You might get affiliates program backlinks or gift backlinks. You could giveaway something to get backlinks.


61) You could get affiliate contest backlinks or avatar backlinks. You might participate in contests to get backlinks.


62) You may get affiliate recourse page backlinks or thumbnail backlinks.


63) You can get rss feed backlinks or instant commission backlinks.


64) You might get widget backlinks or short url backlinks.


65) You could get app backlinks or animated backlinks. You might produce apps and submit to get backlinks.


66) You may get blog plug in backlinks or 3d graphical backlinks. You can install something to get backlinks.


67) You can get contextual ad backlinks or case study backlinks.


68) You might get side ad backlinks or white paper backlinks.


69) You could get pop up backlinks or resources backlinks. You might publicize something to get backlinks.


70) You may get exit ad backlinks or resell license backlinks.


71) You can get corner ad backlinks or mlm backlinks.


72) You might get internal backlinks or excerpt backlinks.


73) You could get external backlinks or online game backlinks.




74) You may get pay to play backlinks or transcript backlinks. You can furnish something to get backlinks.


75) You can get pay per view backlinks or presale backlinks.

76) You might get viral ebook backlinks or preview backlinks.


77) You could get podcast backlinks or upsell backlinks. You might submit your audio files to get backlinks.


78) You may get social page backlinks or screen shot backlinks.


79) You can get tagging backlinks or thank you page backlinks. You mayuse the power of tagging to get backlinks.


80) You might get question and answer backlinks. You could get backlinks from Yahoo Answer.


81) You could get ad tracking backlinks or payment plan backlinks.


82) You may get flash backlinks or one-time offer backlinks.


83) You can get link farm backlinks or web site award backlinks. This is one the the backlinking strategies that can bring Google penalties to your site.


84) You might get image backlinks or credential backlinks.


85) You could get graphical backlinks or continuity program backlinks.


86) You may get background backlinks or resume site backlinks.


87) You can get product backlinks or online catalog backlinks.


88) You might get service backlinks or dimesale backlinks. You could organize product dimesale to get backlinks.


89) You could get inbound backlinks or online map backlinks.


90) You may get outbound backlinks or co-op ad backlinks. You can network something to get backlinks.


91) You can get fan page backlinks or beta test backlinks. This is easy type of backlinking strategies from Facebook.


92) You might get ezine backlinks or technical support backlinks. You could submit articles to ezines to get backlinks.


93) You could get text backlinks or partner backlinks. You might acknowledge something to get backlinks.


94) One of the powerful backlinking strategies is to get bulletin board backlinks or firesale backlinks.


95) You can get newsgroup backlinks or graph/chart backlinks. You may advertise something to get backlinks.


96) You might get webring backlinks which is one the popular  backlinking strategies online. Another similar of such powerful backlinking strategies is quote backlinks. You could quote something to get backlinks.


97) Getting yellow pages backlinks is yet another of the popular and powerful backlinking strategies in addition to web cam backlinks. You might tag something to get backlinks.


98) You may get picture backlinks or cross promotion backlinks. You can photo something to get backlinks.


99) You can get profile backlinks from many high PR sites or from business profile submission sites backlinks.