20 Article Submission Tips For Massive Traffic And Profits.

  1. High-Quality Informative Articles.

Make sure your article content is highly informative and very useful to your readers. Articles directories will approve your articles instantly since they need such quality content to remain relevant and stay at the top.


  1. Follow Article Sites/Directories Submission Guidelines



Before submitting any article for the first time to any article directory, go through the guidelines and ensure you comply to their rules each time you submit articles.

For example will not allow more than two anchor texts back links in an article body while some directories will not allow HTML code.


  1. Article Directories

Find as many article directories as possible through search engines to submit to. You can type in, and the following: “submit article” “your article keyword + submit article” “article directory + niche keyword” Type “article directories + article keyword” in the search box of search engines. Go to relevant forum to search or ask questions.


  1.   Submit To The Most Important Article Directories First

You should always submit your articles to the top 20 or top 30 most important article directories such as

Squidoo.Com, Livejournal.Com, Tumblr.Com, Buzznet.Com, Ezinearticles, Articlebase, Isnare.Com, New-List.Com, Articlesbase.Com, Goarticles.Com, Articlecity.Com, Articlesfactory.Com, before submitting to other thousands of article directories if at all.


  1. Avoid Duplicate Content Penalty

You must never submit exactly the same article you use on your own website to article directories. These articles may be indexed in the article directories before your website if they have more authority than your site. Search engines would crawl them more frequently and may pick and index the same article on those search engines before visiting your site with their bots.  Your own article on your site would be treated as duplicate content by search engines. For this reason you must always spin your articles before submission.


  1. Your Email Address And Spam

When submitting articles, avoid publishing your email address with such articles. Email harvesters are used every day to collect emails online. You will begin to receive thousands of unsolicited emails. SPAM! – or you may make a separate email account for this purpose.


  1. Avoid Submitting Short Articles

Another of the article submission tips is you must ensure any article you submit to article directories is more than 500 words as a policy. Most article submission directories frown at very short articles especially lees than 300 words as such articles are regarded as spammy with no valuable information for their readers.


  1. Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your article body with your keyword. Put your keyword in your “Article Title”, within the first paragraph of the body of your article and towards the end of your article. Use Closely related and LSI keywords in your articles.


  1. Quality Of Your Article(s)



Make your article valuable, informative and unique. You can include reference tips from experts on your niche or from authority sites or from yourself, useful strategies that are valuable, important techniques that would solve the problems of your readers , case-studies that can be applied and get results, analysis helps your readers to see you as an expert providing valuable information that can help them take the right decision, You can even add relevant and quality opinions and commentary of others in your articles, it would give your articles more authority.


  1. Use Of Grammar

One of the most important article submission tips for massive traffic and profits is proper use of English grammar, check your spelling, and sentence structure are very important.


  1. Avoid Promotion Or Advertisement In Article Body

As much as possible, avoid using promotion or advertisement in the body of your article, instead put your promotion and advertisement in your resource box.


  1. Avoid The Use Automated Article Submission Software

Avoid using automated article submitter for article submission. Many a times, articles are not submitted to the appropriate categories by these software. This means your articles may never be seen and read by those who really need to read them.

This would deprive your articles of the right exposure to readers and those who may share them on their niche sites or others who may want to share the information with their friends. You should always ensure your articles are submitted under your own account and your name instead of using any automated service and software that may not be able to do that properly.


  1. Spin Your Articles

Do not submit the same article to all the top 30 sites. You should spin the article to various versions and check for accuracy before submission.


  1. Submission To Relevant Article Directories

It is important to submit your articles to relevant article directories with your backlinks to your site. Your site would get a higher ranking from search engines. The right people would pick your articles for reference, information and some would even share it if it is valuable and informative


  1. Avoid Too Many Anchor Texts Backlinks

One of the essential article submission tips is most article directories frown on too many anchor texts backlinks to your sites. Do not use many backlinks in your articles.

The higher the number of the backlinks in your articles, the higher the probability of rejection of your articles. Two backlinks in each article are more than enough to give you enough back links from various article directories to your website(s).


  1. Importance Of Consistent Article Submission.

You should submit articles to article directories regularly. The more your articles are circulated over the net, the higher your expose and traffic to your sites and affiliate or products offers. he higher your rankings in search engines.  You will be regarded by your readers as an expert in your niche. The confidence and trust would bring in more traffic and money to your internet home business, Beyond this, you will continue to reap the benefits of the submitted articles for a long time.


  1. The Use Of Bio

Your Bio must be properly written to call your readers to action with relevant anchor texts backlinks to your websites or your affiliate promotion.


  1. Compelling Article Title

Your article titles must be catch and instantly attract the attention of your readers or else your content no matter how valuable would never be read. Visitors would click away if you don’t arrest their attention immediately


  1. Length Article Title

Your Article Title should always as short as possible but not more than 60 characters where possible since most Search Engines don’t allow more than 60 characters for content title in search results


  1. Submit Unique Article

Make your article unique. Many article directories check for plagiarism before approving any article on their sites to avoid duplicate content penalty from search engines. Your article may never be approved if found as already indexed on another site


  1. Relevance Of Article

Make the content and description of your article relevant to the title.

Once these article submission tips are considered and adhered to, you will comply with most article directories guidelines and get your articles accepted most of the time.