10 Tips To Successful Freelancing



10 Tips To Successful Freelancing is written to help you get your freelancing career off to a running start if you’re just starting. But you should realize that you need to discover what works for your particular niche.

The life of a freelance worker before the Internet was a very different thing to what it is today. In the past, any freelancer would need great mobility or a very sympathetic pricing plan from their phone company. In order to get around to pitch yourself to potential customers, you would require boundless energy, and an ability to deal with being told “no” face to face or over the phone. So much of freelancing is about speculation, after all. You can try and sell yourself a hundred times and could be told “no” a hundred times – and the chances are that you will get at least fifty rejections even if you are excellent.

Although the Internet offers no guarantees of acceptance, it has made things a lot easier for the freelancer.

There are many sites on the Internet that offer the opportunity for freelancers to pitch to potential customers on specific jobs – a searchable database means that you can even check for jobs that match up perfectly with your own specific skills and abilities. You can name your price and tell the customer how quickly you can turn a job around.

The days of having to get out there, pound the pavement and then be told “sorry, we’re not interested” are more or less over. Not to mention that the Internet provides a truly monumental research tool for the jobs that require a bit of extra knowledge. The internet is nothing less than a launch pad from which to set your career in motion.


Below Are 10 Tips to Successful Freelancing

Freelancing is a powerful way to start working at home when you have a skill that other businesses need to succeed. There are many factors that contribute to Successful Freelancing. Below are 10 tips to follow that can make your freelancing career successful.



Take Advantage Of Your Skill or Expertise

Are you an expert in a particular area? Brand yourself and let your potential clients realize the specialties you offer and the benefits of using your service over others.

This is an advantage over many others. These days, freelance marketplaces are filled with many talented freelancers.  It’s therefore important that you claim as much ground as you can within your niche.

Do your diligence to research and find out who is your target audience. Get connected to them and concentrate your efforts on them.


Create a Comfortable Workspace

It’s important you find an environment you feel is quiet and free from distractions.  An environment where you can be as productive as possible. It can be your bedroom or a co-working space or anywhere in your apartment.  You will need a simple desk set up with all the tools you need.

Then integrate a balanced workday depending on what type of environment you choose to work from. Break up your workday into chunks separated by short breaks to avoid burnouts.


Stay Up-To-Date And Ahead Of Competition

Everything in life is dynamic. So, technology, trends, designs, and expectations are in constant change. The best way to stay up-to-date is by continue learning the latest trends. If you are completely new to the field, you may need to get a mentor, or acquire the necessary skill through a school or online classes. This will maintain your skills and ensure that you remain relevant for new consumers and clients.


Stay Active On  Job Boards And Freelance Websites

Unless you you have become well known and an authority, it won’t be possible to get steady clients patronizing you when you have just started. You need to be register and be frequent on Freelancing platforms.

There are many online which include, Upwork, Toptal, 99designs, and SimplyHired. Check this article for a comprehensive list of freelancing sites.

Over time, this will give you the needed experience to successfully manage the right content to deliver, the prospective clients and pricing.

These freelancing site will give you access to job boards with listings in your area of specialty.  This gives you the opportunity to choose your own projects and display your portfolio. With this, you can start building a steady clientele.


Manage Deadlines

The moment you secure a project, make a plan and the strategy to put your project down on paper. Set the time to complete including any need for revisions. Ensure you deliver before deadline. Time management will ultimately help you to produce higher quality work and better service for your clients.

Manage Your Time

Setting your time is very crucial otherwise you may not be as productive as expected. This is whyyou need to learn how to effectively manage your time


Managing Clients

If you are ever going to succeed in freelancing work, you need to develop good if not excellent communication skill with your clients

It is important to communicate clearly on projects with your clients making expectations and timelines clear.

. Keep Your Clients Updated

Your clients would be interested in the progress of work where it takes quite some time to deliver. It is vital to provide regularly status updates. Keeping your client updated regularly will save you time.

Try To Network

Start networking and create relationships with your contacts and potential clients.

Spread the word about your business in your environment of influence, to the people you are familiar with, who may know others who may need your service.

Join relevant forums or groups and connect with people who may refer you to clients seeking freelancers.

The more positive reviews you receive, the more attractive you appear to potential clients who are in need of your service.

Learn How To Say No

Learn to say no when it seems you don’t have the expertise to deliver a quality service or  may not be able to meet the deadline. For instance, ff you come across a project that don’t have the skill required to deliver the expected quality of service, it’s better and in your interest to reject it.

In order to keep a good reputation and succeed, you must learn to say no to work that  that you are not comfortable to handle.

You should try to turn away any new project if it would conflict with ones you’ve already scheduled so that it doesn’t hinder your ability to get the job at hand done.

It’s better to focus on offers you’ll  be able to handle effectively. This will help you to  build a solid business and a healthy professional relationship with the clients you want to work for.


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