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Wealthy Affiliate University Frequently Asked Questions Answered





You may have probably been searching online for how to start your own work from home business and make money from the internet, or looking for affiliate marketing coaching.

You found your way to this page while trying to get more information on an internet marketing training website you came across called the Wealthy Affiliate University.



It’s also possible, you’ve probably heard about some complaints of wealthy affiliate scam and you want to know the truth about wealthy affiliate.

So you want to do your due diligence and would like to know if Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam.

Just like any other reasonable person who is looking for the best way on how to make money online from home, you want to find the best information on the training program and other questions bothering your mind.

You may have been wondering!

What is The Wealthy Affiliate University – Is The Wealthy Affiliate a scam or the real deal?….

Is Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam Or Legit? Does Wealthy Affiliate Work At All?

If It Does, Does It Work For Everyone Including A Newbie Like Me Or For Only The Advanced Internet Marketers?

If The Training Program Works, How Does It Work?

How Much Does It Cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate?

These are just a few of the frequently asked questions I’ve seen coming up over and over on various forums including on social media, and question and answer platforms.

There is no doubt the training works. But How Does Wealthy Affiliate University Work In reality If It Is Not A Hype?

I’m going to honestly give you a review of the Wealthy Affiliate training program here as an insider to various questions.

Hopefully, All Your Frequently Asked Questions Should Be Answered by the time you go through the details provided here below.


Answers To Frequently Asked Questions On Wealthy Affiliate University Review.


  1. What Is Wealthy Affiliate University?

    wealthy-affiliate -internet-marketing-entrepreneurs-kyle-carson

Kyle and Carson

Wealthy Affiliate was formed in 2005 as an internet marketing business training community membership site by two savvy internet marketing entrepreneurs Kyle and Carson.

These two co-owners have a burning passion and mission for all their community members.

Their number one goal is to form a community that would help members become successful in their online businesses.

This is why they are constantly around the WA community to date to regularly give valuable advice and internet marketing tips to members who may be in need of them.

Carson and Kyle are always around helping others in their online business within the community.

Any member can send a message to them, and sure enough, would get a reply.


They are not the type of online marketers that take your money off you and then you don’t hear anything from  them anymore.


How Does Wealthy Affiliate Program Work  

Over the years, the WA community has become the number one online community for creating and growing successful online businesses.


The Wealthy Affiliate University Community

The moment you become a member of this active community and log into, you receive immediately welcoming messages from Kyle, as well as other free and Premium members.

This active live community like Kyle and Carson wants to give you sense of belonging from the start and show you their willingness to help you whenever you are in need of one.

In addition to the online marketing training you receive, the live, helpful and warming community forms the back bone of this internet business training program.

This is why there is no genuine evidence of a Wealthy Affiliate scam to date.





Wealthy Affiliate Membership Levels

There are two membership levels, the free starter membership and the premium membership. You can remain a free member to test drive the program as long as you want.

You can also upgrade to the premium when you are convinced of the benefits of the WA training program.

When you upgrade within the first seven days, you are given a discount to pay $19 for the first month.

Read More on the information provided below.




Step by step training modules

Once you join Wealthy Affiliate you start the training with ‘Getting Started’ training modules.

This training is made for the absolute beginner who is just starting internet marketing with little or no knowledge at all.

It is also suited for those who already have their online businesses running but want to learn how to generate targeted traffic to their sites in order to market their affiliate programs or their own product(s) online the right way.


These modules will guide you step-by-step on how to start your internet marketing from the ground up. Each training module is also explained step-by-step with a training video. You are free to use either or both of the training methods.

These training modules are available for you to go through as many times as you like or when it is convenient for you. You train at your own leisure.


Videos and Webinars

There are other training videos and webinars in the Wealthy Affiliate community. These weekly training videos and webinars and others are packed packaged with powerful and effective internet marketing tips and techniques that you can follow at your own time and pace.


  1. What are the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate University?

There is a weekly live video training webinar that are offered within the Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate by an Internet marketing veteran.


This powerful weekly video training solution is one of the core training at WA and an absolute necessity to skill development for members and internet marketers.


Although I highly recommend this program for beginners, WA provides training for people with different skill levels, from newbie’s up to skilled marketers. Wealthy Affiliate makes the training accessible for everyone, including those who cannot afford to pay high prices for training or have a limited budget.


  1. Can I join Wealthy Affiliate if I’m not technically savvy?

The Wealthy Affiliate Program is for total newbies as well as advanced internet marketers.

The program is made such that it’s incredibly easy to set everything up once you start.


You’ll receive detailed instructions that make setting up your membership and business web site a breeze.


4. What does this Wealthy Affiliate University focus on?

It is basically focused on Internet Marketing Training. There are various types of training that are available to members and it includes everything from Niche Research, Keyword Research, Web Site Development, Email Marketing, List Building, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC), Article Marketing, And Other Technical Training.

There are more than 300 training tutorials and each month in its database. Many other materials are added regularly.

When you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you will automatically be enrolled in the online Entrepreneur Certification level.

This would be the “foundation building” course that takes you through the systematic process of building your own successful online business that earns revenue.

Wealthy-Affiliate -Online-Entrepreneur-Certification-Course


The training is adjusted to suit every ones need and includes: 

  • Video training
  • Tutorial Training
  • Classrooms on specific topics
  • Question and Answers
  • Live weekly training classes
  • Task based Courses
  • Participate in interactive discussions


  1. How do I get started?

Click the link or the banner below to get INSTANT ACCESS TO WEALTHY AFFILIATE HOME PAGE



6. Would I need any other upsell to successfully go through the training?

No, but you still need other resources to succeed in your internet marketing business whether it is affiliate marketing, cranking and selling your own products, multi-level marketing, (mlm) and others, even offline business you need to promote online to your local environment or globally in order to make money online in your business.

You need a very good keyword tool, which you can purchase anywhere on the internet.


However, Wealthy Affiliate has a powerful online keyword tool, at You can use Jaaxy keyword research tool free of cost for the first 30 keyword researches. To use it any further, you have to subscribe for a monthly payment of $19.  This is optional.


Jaaxy does the keyword analysis and competition behind the scene and brings out the best long tail keywords with many having little competition you can use right away if you are new to keyword research.


With Jaaxy keyword tool, you need very little or no further keyword research if you are new to all these techie. Everything has been well been taken care of. Just target and plug in the relevant keywords with the best KQI and SEO from the keyword research tool into your content.


For the technically savvy, you may want to go further to see how the keyword tool arrived at those results using additional keyword tools.

Read more on jaaxy keyword research tool review here, to be fully informed about the keyword tool.


  1. How Can I Become Jaaxy Affiliate?

Yes. Click the link or the banner below to Join jaaxy affiliate program.



 8. How much does it cost to join Wealthy Affiliate?

The question of How much does wealthy affiliate cost is of utmost importance to those who are interested in the internet marketing training program, to avoid losing your free membership due to ignorance!


There are two membership levels, the free and the premium.
a. Free Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership  


costs you nothing as long as you want to remain at this level.

b. Monthly Premium Membership is $47 per month

  1. c. Annual Premium Membership Subscription is $359 yearly. d. However, if you upgrade to the premium membership within the first seven (7) days of joining the program as a free member, there is wealthy affiliate discount of $28. You will only need to pay $19.00 for your first month of membership access.


  1. If I sign up as a free member and then upgrade to Premium membership for $19 within the first seven days, and I later realize that I can’t afford to pay for my monthly premium membership which goes up to $47 the second month and the subsequent months. Can I downgrade back to a free starter membership?

No!!!! The upgrading is irreversible. You will never be able to downgrade. Once you discontinue your premium membership, you will be permanently locked out of your wealthy affiliate account.

If this has happened to you, I sympathize with you. However, you haven’t lost your membership in any way. Everything about your membership is still intact.

Any time you are able to go premium; your membership would be restored.

The only option would be to continue with the premium membership if you still want to continue with the training or your membership will remain locked up and inactive.


This measure is due to the fraudulent practice of some people in the past. In the past some people would join the wealthy affiliate network and immediately go premium for the $19 discount offer. They would copy all the training and downgrade back to the free starter membership.

This is not only fraudulent and unethical but very unfair to the owners and other members who are contributing premium training almost daily to WA.

The owners have invested a fortune on the project as a business, spent a great deal of time to generate the ideas and to create the massive amount of training that is available.

There’s no doubt, they are also paying the contributors who are putting in some hours every Friday on Niche

This is why you are never coerced by the owners into upgrading after the expiration of the first seven days of full access. You have the choice of staying with the limited training for as long as you want to. This is fair enough.


You should consider your financial status before making a choice.
My advice to new members is to stay as free members until they are sure they are financially buoyant enough to upgrade and maintain their premium membership.

They should not be gullible to jump at the introductory offer of $19 only to start negative wealthy affiliate university complaints later online tagging the program as wealthy affiliate scam when they are shut out


  1. Why are the owners, Kyle and Carson not disclosing that once I go Premium, I cannot downgrade to the free membership status again?

That’s difficult to answer. Only the owners, Kyle and Carson can explain why they didn’t make that disclosure in their $19 introductory discount offer.


  1. Are there any up-sell for the free membership or after paying for the premium membership?

No. There is no upsell for any of the two membership plans.

The free membership is absolutely free as long as you want to remain a free member.

Similarly, the premium membership does not require you to purchase any additional services or programs for your training.

The premium membership training costs $47 a month or $359 a year.

However, just like any other business, you need various tools from time to time to succeed in your affiliate marketing business or internet business.


  1. I’ve bought low-quality, Internet Marketing Coaching or Affiliate Marketing Coaching Scam in the past… what makes this different from other scams?

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you will instantly be enrolled into the “foundation building” course tagged Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. This objective of the “foundation building” course is to take you systematically through the process of becoming a successful internet marketer while building your own online business that earns you income for years to come.

Besides the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, there is another comprehensive affiliate marketing training program, The Affiliate Bootcamp available as part of the training program.

In addition to these, are various training programs on Website Development, Social Marketing, Customer Conversion and so forth.
The training program is structured to take care of every level of need. The training is comprehensive.

 It includes the  following: 

  • Tutorial Training That Are Task based
  • Each Tutorial Is complemented With Video training
  • Question and Answers forum
  • Regular free new training in every area of need  from other Advanced members for the community
  • Live weekly training classes every Friday
  • Classrooms on specific topics
  • Opportunity to participate in interactive discussions
  • The wealthy affiliate community members willing to help others
  • Responsive customer support
  • The co-owners Kyle and Carson are readily available to answer questions
  • Questionnaire option directly on your dashboard
  • A live chat box
  • This makes the Wealthy Affiliate by far the most active community online that gives value for the money.


  1. What are the benefits of upgrading to Premium membership?

The Free Starter Membership is with access to creating and hosting two websites on Wealthy Affiliate Siterubix platform absolutely free.

You also have access to 30 free keyword researches, one-on-one-training for the first seven (7) days and Phase 1 of Affiliate Boot camp Training.

With The Premium Membership have access to all the training in the program.

You can host up to 50 of your own domains and websites on Wealthy Affiliate Siterubix server.

You also have access to all the available tools which include siterubix website builder, 30 free keyword research with Jaaxy keyword tool.

You also have access to and Web Sites, Site Backup, Site Health Report, Unlimited Live Help, All The Seven Phases And Modules In Affiliate Boot Camp Training, Unlimited Keyword Research, Double Wealthy Affiliate Commission, Website Analysis, Website Comment Platform, Website Feedback Platform, private access to the co-owners Carson and Kyle and so forth.


Siterubix Website Builder and Hosting

WA Site Rubix allows you to build your own responsive (mobile friendly), optimized WordPress web sites.

WordPress had become the most popular blogging platform online with thousands of plugins and themes to enhance your web site development.

Wealthy Affiliate has over 1600 mobile friendly themes for their members. You can choose to run your web site as a sub-domain on a free domain or your own domain(s).

Just Fill Out Your Domain Name Here Now And Build Your Free Premium Website In less than Ten minutes.

SiteRubix  WordPress Web Site builder.


There is a weekly training session in form of a webinar where you can ask questions. You have access to playback all the previous training seminar in the program.


About The Wealthy Affiliate Community

Opportunity to ask questions from all the members of the community on various platforms provided for discussion, questions and answers.

Ability to connect and chat with other members.

Private access to Kyle and Carson.

Private access to other members for private discussion and many other benefits.

Site Critique by other members called site feedback.

Site comments by other members and so forth.



  1. How long can I remain a free member of Wealthy Affiliate Or Must I Upgrade After some time? What Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost If I Don’t Upgrade Within The First Seven (7) Days.

There is no time limit for free membership. Once you join, you have a lifetime access from the moment you join. You can stay a free member for as long as you want to.


After the first seven days, you are no longer eligible to the introductory discount offer. You have to pay a full monthly premium of $47.


  1. Does Wealthy Affiliate accept members from every country?

No!!!! People from a few countries are not allowed to join the program as free members.



These countries include India, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Egypt. But they can still join as premium members of WA.

However, people from Nigeria have been totally banned from joining either as free or premium members.

As long as you are not from any of those countries, you can easily join free. You can then make payment through Paypal any time you decide to go premium.


  1. My country is not supported by Paypal to make or receive payments, is there any other alternative payment method?

Yes. You can make payment if you have a credit card. (Visa, MasterCard, or any other internationally acceptable valid method of payment.)


  1. Do I need to have my own product(s) before joining Wealthy Affiliate University Program? I do not have any yet.

No, Wealthy Affiliate is a training program. It will teach you everything you need to know about internet marketing. You will be taught how to research profitable niches and buyers’ keywords (long tail keywords) that will help you to set up your web site(s) as an affiliate first and start making money online. How to set up your web site. How to promote your site using some traffic generation methods including social media.

You can then scale this into producing your own products using the internet marketing training acquired at WA to sell your products in any niche.


  1. I Am A Newbie In Internet Marketing, Can I Benefit From The Wealthy Affiliate Training. training is for total newbies as well as advanced internet marketers. The objective of the training at Wealthyaffiliate is to make you become skilled in internet marketing starting from the ground up with emphasis on affiliate marketing at the onset.


  1. Do I Need To Pay Any Additional Cost To Host My Websites?

No! Hosting is part of your membership. At you can create and host your own websites with the WordPress website builder, platform free as part of your membership. As a free member, you can only host two websites as a sub-domain on Site rubix.

However, as a premium member, you can host as many 50 sites with your own domains on WA server.

If for any reason, you want to host your websites with another hosting company, you can always migrate your website even if they are hosted on Wealthy Affiliate server without any problem.


  1. I Learnt Members Are Supposed To Promote The Program To Make Money. Is Wealthy Affiliate University A Multi Level Marketing Program?

No. WA is not an MLM program. It is an internet marketing training program.

In Multi Level Marketing, you have to build a downline to make money online in the program most often or at times offline.

It is not even compulsory you promote the Wealthy Affiliate program. It is a matter of choice, if you want to.

Rather Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive and thorough internet marketing training program tailored towards training you as a member of the community to make money with any affiliate program or your own products or even any business of yours.


It also has the necessary internet marketing tools included as part of the package, like hosting, Siterubix, the wordpress website builder and Jaaxy, an online keyword tool.

You can use Jaaxy free for thirty keyword researches. After this, you must go premium to use the keyword tool any further.


  1. How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate Training Program? How Soon Would I Be Making Money Online If I Join Now?

Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof

This depends on a lot of factors. Your level of knowledge of internet marketing, the time, motivation, money and efforts you are willing to invest in your own business.

Just like any other money making business, you would need to make some sacrifice at the beginning in terms of your time, mindset, motivation, efforts and money.

How good you are in generating your own well written optimized content for your business website would be an advantage.

In the alternative, if you can afford to outsource your content marketing to fast track your success, that would also help?

Otherwise, you will have to do it yourself, take it at your own pace building your business up.


  1. How can I earn from Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program?

Here below is a concise review of the wealthy affiliate compensation plan.



When you invite people to the wealthy affiliate network as an affiliate using your unique affiliate link, you will be able to earn wealthy affiliate commissions when your referrals join and purchase the Premium membership.

Do not sell to the people, rather, give them helpful information that would help them to make quality decision.

They will see the value offered by the WA. 

Many of them will join as Free Starter Members.  These are your wealthy affiliate referrals. It’s a lot easier to upgrade to the premium membership once they are convinced of the value of the affiliate training with tons of free valuable tutorials.


  1. How do I receive my wealthy affiliate commissions.

WA pays your affiliate commissions into your Paypal account.


  1. Would I Receive Prompt And Adequate Help Each Time I Run Into The Wall In My Internet Marketing Training Or Affiliate Business Coaching?

Yes. It’s very easy. If you have questions, there is an excellent support that attends to all problems associated with all levels of membership whether free or premium.

There are also thousands of other nice and courteous members of the community who are willing to answer questions. Many of them are experts earning five to six figures online.

This actually is the strength of Wealthy Affiliate university program. No problem is treated as too small, and no question is regarded as stupid.

In 2015, I left my website opened to malicious attack through my wordpress settings and the loophole on my site was exploited online. I was really impressed by the amount of response and advice given by the members of the community immediately I made my problem known to the at the forum.

Within 24 hours, the technical support pinpointed the cause, informed me on what to do.  As soon as I complied,  the problem was resolved.

Unlike public forums, where members are at times run down by some other advanced members with pride and negative behavior, in wealthy affiliate, you will only find at all times members of the community who are willing to share ideas with you or help one another to succeed with quality response and courtesy.

In addition, the WA support is excellent while the co-owners, Kyle and Carson regularly participate in answering questions.


  1. Are There Any Proof Of Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Yes! Go here for some genuine success stories from real active members. Actually, there are thousands of others.  Feel free to check them out online including wealthy affiliate testimonials  .   
Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories


  1. Is There Any Money Back Guarantee After Upgrading To Premium Membership If I Am Not Satisfied With The Program?

    There is no money back guarantee once you make payment to upgrade.


  1. Why No Refund Policy? Is wealthy affiliate university a scam?

No. Wealthy affiliate is 100% legitimate and one of the best internet marketing training programs you can find anywhere online.

The policy of the owners is very simple.  You can join as a free member and test drive as long as you want, even for years free of any cost.

For the first seven days, you have full access to check out everything in training program free. If you are convinced within that period, you can go Premium and pay only $19 for the first month instead of the normal monthly payment of $47.


That gives you every opportunity to be convinced that you are happy with what is offered by WA, whether the program is beneficial to you or not, whether wealthyaffiliate is worth the cost or a scam, whether you can afford the monthly premium membership payment before you make any payment to upgrade to Premium membership.

If you do not upgrade within 7 days, you will be restricted from some areas of the training program after the period.

However, you can still stay a free member and still have access to your two blogs on wealthy affiliate server and the basic training as long as you want to remain a free member.


  1. I wish to join and pay for a full year. How do I continue on the yearly payment plan after the expiration of the first year?

Very simple. When you join and pay for the yearly membership, your payment plan is automatically is set to bill you “yearly”.

However, if for any reason, you wish to change the membership plan, you can easily go to your dashboard and change the payment settings to any of the alternative options.

You can change to the monthly membership plan before your next payment is due. You can even cancel if you want to.


  1. Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes. You are at liberty to cancel either your free or premium membership any time you wish to.

But as a premium member, you will be billed by Paypal for one additional month anytime you cancel.


  1. What results should I expect from MyWealthyAffiliate Training Program? Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? Does it Really Work?

Wealthy Affiliate is a great training program. It does work very well. But only for those who are willing to invest their time, efforts and some money to build their business and make a success of it.

You are not going to make money instantly with this program. It is not a get-rich-quickly- scheme. It is an internet business training program and you have to treat it as that.

This is why some impatient people get frustrated when they join. They join with the wrong expectation that as soon as they join, they start making money. When this does not happen, they are disappointed and then complain about wealthy affiliate university scam.  All these Wealthy affiliate complaints most of the time are result of impatience to nurture their business, ignorance and other obvious similar factors.

The objective of the program is to train you hand-in-hand, over the shoulder and help you to set up your own internet marketing business and make money online, starting with affiliate marketing.

Some hundreds of thousands of newbies have gone through the program and are today happy, successful internet marketers.

So, you can make it too, if you are willing to give it what it takes to succeed online.

With each step, you build your own premium business web site you would be proud of, host it yourself on their server or elsewhere. Then start promoting like a pro.

Nothing is left out. It is assumed that you are a newbie without any prior knowledge of internet marketing.

Every step is complemented with a video tutorial that holds you hand-in-hand and shows you exactly what you should do to achieve the next goal.

Even, if you don’t understand anything, just post your question(s) and members would guide you through with their genuine solutions to your problems.

The co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson also participate regularly in attending to questions within the community.

So, you are never left alone to struggle all the way to figure it out.

Within a few months, you will become confident to build your own web sites in any niche and gradually promoting it to make money online any time.

Gradually, you will know how to generate free organic and paid traffic to your business website(s) using various platforms.


  1. After searching all over the internet, I would love to get started at last. I believe WA is the place to start.
    I need someone within WA to just guide me on what to do when I’m at loss. Someone I could discuss my problems and my goal with. Someone who could help me with ideas when I have struck a hurdle, etc…
    Someone who can watch over my shoulder when I’m creating my first blog and website. Will that be possible at WA?


WA definitely is one of the best places online to easily get help you when it comes to support.

At WA, we have a community that runs into over a hundred thousand skilled online marketers in every area of the online industry as well as newbies.

However, No successful internet marketer is skilled in every area of internet marketing like Keyword Research and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Creation, Content Generation, Email Marketing, both Paid and Organic Targeted Traffic Generation, Social Marketing, Video Marketing, Podcasting and so forth.

The beauty of WA is that different marketers with different skills are readily available to help with a certain problem when another cannot.

As a community, we work together to support each other. It’s a win-win affair.

All of us are more than willing to share our skills with others.  As long as you can ask, you will always get help. All you need to do is to ask.


  1. Would I be able to make money as a free member of WA or would it be better to upgrade to the premium to make money?

Yes, you can still start to make money online with the Wealthy Affiliates free option if you can dedicate yourself to absolutely follow the training and all the tasks given step by step. But the problem is that you can no longer have access to the full training after the first seven days which would limit your speed for success.


Your level of dedication motivation, the time you are willing to spend on your online business, would on the long run determine whether you will make money or not. The main reason why people fail is not because some of those programs are not good, but because they lack the ability to remain focused. They jump from one shiny program to another without getting any results. They easily get distracted by every fake online promise of overnight success, getting frustrated on the long run with a feeling of failure.

My advice to anyone who wants to become successful has always been, to do your due diligence to pick the most appropriate program to suit your goal. Then stick to that program and give it your what it takes to succeed until you begin to see results.

Obviously, when you upgrade to the premium, you will  have access to the full training, other members training, private messaging for help, online chat, support and so forth.

My advice is, stick to the lessons that are provided in the free membership first. From your experience and with what you have learnt with the free option and what you would be missing if you remain a free member, you can then decide if indeed wealthy affiliate is worth it to upgrade to the premium membership or not.


  1. Would My Web Sites Be Mobile Friendly?

    Definitely yes. There are over 1,600 responsive themes within the platform of Siterubix. Every theme is mobile friendly.

Any visitor to your site anywhere online can use any mobile device whether android or window phones or iPad to browse through your website with ease.

These days, search engines also reward sites for being mobile friendly while Google complains about any site that is not mobile friendly in its search results.


  1. I am still totally new to internet marketing and I am not sure if WA will work for me or not. I also don’t know how to get traffic yet, I don’t know how to get leads. I don’t know how to build a professional website. Will it be worth to spend money to buy this program?

Building an online business does take quite some time, but if you stay focused with the right mindset you will surely succeed.

There’s no difference between online business and any brick and mortar business. It’s basically the same basic process.

  1. First and foremost, you need to set your goals, both short term and long term goals.
  2. You need to map out and plan your strategies on how to achieve your goals.
  3. You need to learn and gain mastery of the skills for your business.
  4. You need to implement what you have learnt by taking action.
  5. You need to stay focused, and avoid every hyped shining offer.
  6. Then you can reach your goals and achieve success with results you can scale up, you can rinse and repeat
  7. Wealthy Affiliate provides you with the necessary step-by-step training and tools for your internet marketing business.
  8. There are very helpful members of the community who are new like yourself as well as other internet marketing professionals at different levels who are willing to help you out anytime you get stuck and you reach out.
  9. With the training, the tools and the available help from the community, there is no reason why you should fail except you are not ready to take action and stick to your business until you succeed.
  10. Once you gain mastery, you will be able to develop your own online business strategy, create your website(s), and drive traffic to your business website.
  11. You will be able to set up funnels that will generate leads for your business and make money.


35. What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal? How Can I Benefit from It?



This is annual Wealthy Affiliate discount program that gives opportunities to members to pay an Annual Premium Membership Subscription of $299 for a year instead of the usual annual membership payment of $359 yearly

For quite some years now, the Black Friday deal has given many people the opportunity to enjoy massive discounting of one-year membership every year.

The deal, at $299/year is the lowest price you can pay for Wealthy Affiliate aside the lifetime membership option that was recently offered to only 100 people at $100,000 apiece and has since closed.


36. Are There Any Better Alternatives To Wealthy Affiliate I Can Join?

There are many alternatives to wealthy affiliate. Wealthy affiliate pricing is even higher than many of them.

But honestly in my own view, there are hardly a few that can compare with the WA. The network is far ahead and better packaged than most of the other alternatives online.

The best alternative internet marketing training membership program I recommend before any other is



Chris Farrell Private Members Only Site.    

Chris Farrell Membership is one of the top most rated affiliate training online service and product for people looking for the best mentoring/coaching to get started in internet marketing.

The private membership web site will show you all the necessary skills needed to make money online.



Watch the short video below to have an insight of Chris Farrell Membership.

Click Here To Learn More About chris farrell membership 


You Can View the Google results of the comparison of these four popular internet marketing coaching programs online.

wealthy affiliate vs chris farrell membership

 wealthy affiliate vs affilorama

wealthy affiliate vs clickbank University

wealthy affiliate vs empower network

When comparing, these three internet marketing training membership sites are among the best online that come handy. They are Wealthy Affiliate University, Clickbank University and Affilorama.

Of the three, Wealthy Affiliate is the best in terms of success stories, ratings and return on investment (ROI)



Wealthy-Affiliate-University Vs Affilorama Search Interest Comparison Worldwide 2004-2017




Wealthy-Affiliate-University Vs Clickbank-University United-States Search Interest Comparison 2004-2017


Wealthy-Affiliate-University Vs Empower-Network United-States Search Interest Comparison 2004-2017







Wealthy-Affiliate-University Vs Affilorama Vs Clickbank-University Search Interest Comparison Worldwide 2004-2016


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